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  1. I'm very lucky I'm a nightmare for not shutting them properly when I've been down and it's quite rural where I live behind the house is a dyke and acres of fields they even got in with my chickens before but didn't kill any some highly trained ferrets
  2. Both back no idea where they go but they've gotten out a few times now and have got themselves back
  3. The chicken coop hasn't held up so well today just got in and they've literally broken out, put some food out hopefully they don't go far it's not the first time these two have escaped
  4. I've never liked the idea of hutches mine have always been in converted sheds or chicken coops hate working at people's houses and seeing rabbits stuck in hutches that usualy never come out of it
  5. Might do yet if I find another one I like to buy I got rid of loads and just kept that one a while ago as it was the only one I used and would rather someone have them and enjoy them than sitting in my kitchen draw
  6. Anyone up for a catty trade had this made by Martin whippet real nice steel core with orange and black it's very well used with no fork hits must be about 6 or 7 years old now is but grubby as it lives in the van and is used daily will give it a polish I'm after a nice pickle fork ideally
  7. What temperatures is that for you there mate
  8. When I just had girls it was fine I've got a big hob we got from a rescue place in there and he's a right stinker got nuts bigger than me aswell would swap him for another jill but my little girl loves him
  9. Does anyone else spray there hutches This stuffs nice and keeps the stink away clean out poo every evening at feeding time and give the corners a little spray a must now I've rebuilt the bigger hutch too close to my patio
  10. The bottom ring does seem to be the trickiest part everything's quite neat until I tie it on at the bottom
  11. That is different to how I've been trying
  12. Thankyou made another one last night going to go for a bigger one tonight
  13. Is that for a castration or a vasectomy though
  14. I was just going off the booklet that came with the stuff but I was supposed to get from 11 the 16 meshes then carry on and go back to 11 I only done one row at 16 so it is abit short will try again tonight and go abit bigger
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