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  1. My only real worry about the work of running dogs being banned is that the breeding of them becomes very risky and possibly ends. Coursing greyhounds are a recent example. I've heard whispers they still exist but I've never come across any. I hope to god rabbiting with whippets isn't ever made illegal. Racing made illegal???!!! Oh feck!!! At least the good old Kennel club will breed lovely whippets and greyhounds and pedigree lurchers for £1000 a piece that will make lovely pets. Just don't ever let them off the lead. They might chase something. Anyway, if you need cheering up again, give me a
  2. Has anyone any experience of a working Podenco?
  3. The sprain and this probable (but not certain) brake we're 2 separate incidents. I've set the wonky toe myself. He gets rested for a long while. No vets. Sick of being ripped off. Bye.
  4. He had a X ray not long ago. Turned out to be a sprain. Cost £1400. That's why I'm on here will look into PDSA. Thankyou.
  5. What's the Best thing to do with a broken toe?? Front left leg, inside toe. Done because of a sharp turn at high speed. Obviously lots of rest needed but just wandered if anyone knew of any home remedies? Sick of massive vets bills. Thanks.
  6. Will be after a bitch sooner or later. Must be good teprement and good working lines. Fawn is a good colour. I know they say colour does'nt matter but...fawn blends in well.
  7. Is that chalk under the soil? Whereabouts in the country are you?
  8. Ok. That's good to know. Thanks. Not in any great rush to get a bitch. Spring is good. Got a good beddy whip grey (throwback to Saluki). All rounder but best as a courser.
  9. Is anyone breeding good working beddys these days? I'm no expert but from what I can tell, things seem to have gone down hill over the last 10 years...?
  10. For the moment just want to get know people who are breeding good dogs. Would be dubious about high prices.
  11. Anyone recommend anyone who breeds good beddy whippet greyhounds? Might be after a bitch next Spring/summer.
  12. About to get my first air rifle. Was thinking a GAMO GX-40 PCP. I'll be getting a scope and silencer with it. Question: can I fit a lamp to it for rabbiting at night? Can u get a lamp that will go on most scopes? I've got lamps that I use with the lurcher but can't see them being much use with an air rifle. Don't want the big budget stuff like infra red/heat detection for the time being.
  13. Yep, would be interested. Whereabouts are you? M.
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