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  1. Got some flexible plastic air ducting with aluminium lining. Is it safe to go in the cage to use as ferret tunnels? Just wandered if anyone's had problems with the aluminium as my ferrets scratch and bite a lot.
  2. Anyone with a vasectimied hob that they'll put to my Jill? Need to take her out of season. In Wiltshire. Will travel within reason.
  3. So I presume the answers no; don't send an in season Jill down a hole. I thought as much but seen as the book I read and the net research I've done hasn't touched on this particular subject then I thought I'd put the question out there. Try and save myself a bit of time. But don't worry. I have a few more really stupid questions that'll come later. You'll love em
  4. I have a ferret in season. New to ferrets/ferreting. I'm letting her have her first season then might get her snipped later. Is it ok to send her down warrens while in season? I only ask cos she's going mental trying to get out. Dying to hunt.
  5. Recently got 2 jills for the first time. Both are now in season with a swollen thing (vulva????) underneath. I've been told to leave them and let them have their first season. Then get them snipped later. What do people think?
  6. Just got a couple of ferrets. Want to make an extra cage for them. What thickness of mesh is best? I can get a good deal but it's 0.6mm thick. Like chicken wire which they'll probably bite through???
  7. Thanks. Interested in the working whippet too. Got a lurcher but wanna go down working whippet lines in future.
  8. I know this isn't a buy and sell sight but i'm after 2 ferrets to go with my lurcher. Will be well looked after. Polecat types preferred. In Wiltshire.
  9. After 2 ferrets for working with my lurcher. In Wiltshre. Will be worked and well looked after.
  10. I would but it's too soon. Gonna have to wait at least 3 months before getting a pup. Let me know if anything a available come April
  11. Rabbits only. Ferreting and lamping. A bit of terrier appealed for the tuffness of it but I reckon a pure whippet will be tuff enough. The speed of the pure whippet appeals.
  12. I know, but there's so much to choose from...definitely won't be a Chiwawa. Although they'd be a good size for rabbit holes...
  13. To those who work whippets - what do do you think of pennymeadow whippets? - the working strain. Some are bred for racing - some for show . Want a working whippet bitch next Spring/summer to go with my lurcher.
  14. My dog was very itchy and it took ages to sort it. The culprits were too much protein and grain in food. Now I,ve got food proportions right and he's on a grain free diet. That might not be what's wrong with yours but just saying why mine was itchy. Also - coconut oil rubbed into its skin once a weak is excellent. It's zapps skin parasites.
  15. Yes, have a dog. He's never worked with ferrets but has been around them and is well used to them. I'm pretty sure when he realises that ferrets mean rabbits he will love em. Cant get photos the right fecking way up!
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