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  1. I'm good thanks I like my fingers lol
  2. Hey thought I'd update I've decided not to follow through with this idea of trying to train/study mink in an enclosure more than happy with my ferrets.

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    Hello I have various colour figure 8 harnesses for sale £4.50 each or 2 for £8 plus postage Can do orders for more if wanted.


  4. View Advert Figure 8 harness Hello I have various colour figure 8 harnesses for sale £4.50 each or 2 for £8 plus postage Can do orders for more if wanted. Advertiser james-t Date 27/10/21 Price £4.50 Category Miscellaneous  
  5. Thought it was a odd looking ferret . I'm going to back off this while doing more research into wildlife organisations studying them already hopefully get some where with that. Thank you all very much for your input.
  6. Thank you all the advice I'll definitely line with plywood and the door is going to be like those used on aviary locking one before opening the second with a polycarbonate sheet over the mesh so no grip at all on both doors. Luckily no one too close to me has chickens. If it ever did get out it probably wouldn't be too far got a stream close by so hopefully would just be there if there isn't any already.
  7. More then happy to wait the enclosure I'm planning to do is basically a brick shed with a welded mesh door and concrete floor. The licence is a blurry area as they need to be able to inspect the enclosure and animal. Thank you very much for the advice regarding trapping a kit. The determination comes from looking at wild caught animals that have been tamed over time for the pet trade so it may take breeding a few litters to get that natural fear/aggression down.
  8. I'm taking everything said on board even more if it falls through it's a great animal to try to understand more. Would certainly get me moving lol but I think the most important part would be how to design the enclosure with a divider of some sort to prevent that happening
  9. Thank you for pointing out I admit that I did have some tunnel vision also I'm going to contact the local council to discuss possibilities regarding the licence and conditions all they can do is say no. All exercise and enrichment would be in an enclosed area with no possible escape points on private property.
  10. Yeah I've looked at that but not sure if there's any mink farms here in the UK. I am planning on getting his book too as much info as possible before I get one. The gloves are welders gloves that he uses I've used before with aggressive snakes and iguana. Got to look at the bases that wild mink aren't handled at all and farm ones aren't handled on a regular bases got to earn their trust enough if all goes well it's what I've learnt with most animals. I know a stretch of river ran by a angling club that has a lot of mink around their fishery so will talk to them see if they can hel
  11. Might have to give it a try I like a challenge
  12. Could you recommend any good traps don't want one that would fail on me and I'd probably bait with some fish I use for pike fishing. I wouldn't be killing it I know I'd need to get a license to keep them as technically they are dangerous wild animals. Been watching the mink man on youtube looks like it would be a better use for them then a new coat
  13. Hello just curious if anyone in here traps mink near Derbyshire as I'd like to study their behaviour in captive surrounding trying to understand them more for possibility of training. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
  14. Thank you both looking forward to learning a lot on here.
  15. Hello from Derby UK I'm new to the hunting world but always had a thing for targets shooting. Interested in fishing, fish keeping, reptiles and ferreting also new to ferreting
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