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  1. Is Paul Sullivan still doing work on the mk1 boxes
  2. My son is getting his two lads , 10 and 8 fishing gear for chrismas, he took them boat fishing the other week caught 68 mackerel and a 5lb ling between them, they loved it, over the moon
  3. I could be wrong but according to certain people on facebook Paul Sullivan is no longer repairing them
  4. Ive had a look cant see any scar, didnt bother my jill when she was in season, should I be able to feel them if they are inside
  5. My mate bought him from the local mart when he was a kit , im wondering if he has been neutered
  6. Can anyone recommend a seller for brass eyelets and snare wire
  7. Got a young hob about twenty months old and his balls havent dropped is this common
  8. And not forgetting the angora
  9. What pellets are you using in the rapid
  10. Yeh ill be able to put it back together ok , the problem ive got now is I ordered a new oring / seal set , they came in a packet all mixed up nothing saying which seal goes where one or two are obvious but might struggle trying to match some of the old distorted smaller ones.
  11. Finally got it out without damaging it , very gentle persuasion with light hammer and soft punch
  12. Ive seen the stripdown ive took all the screws out banged it about and still no luck, I dont want to be to heavy handed and make a mess of it, ill have another try of thinking a way of getting it to move, theres a video on you tube but its the multi shot and guess what it doesnt have a pellet tray
  13. Just going to say who the f---s this les neon
  14. Ive got my fn12 single shot stripped down as I am wanting to fit a detwanger/depinger and also give it a service, ive removed everything and am left with the air chamber with barrel and breech still attached have removed all of the grub screws and screws , now my problem is how do i removed the pellet tray to access the screw that holds the barrel/breach to the air chamber
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