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  1. What are peoples opinions on yearly booster inoculations.
  2. How old is to old me and my mate are 64 and still at it
  3. I keep them outside in the back yard, in front of the kitchen window. Do you thinks the light coming from the kitchen good cause it to happen.
  4. Couldnt believe it checked my ferrets yesterday morning and one of my jills is in season
  5. Just checked on my ferrets this morning and one of my jills has come into season, two of them were early last time middle of January but never had one come into season this early.
  6. Admin should start a sticky/pinned post with any help or advice that might be of use to members to help them fix certain problems with their mk1 or mk3 locator
  7. I was wondering if they were the same
  8. Does anyone know the thread and size of the screws that secure the lid on the mk1 box
  9. Let us know how you get on with it jimmy , hope it turns out to be a good investment.
  10. Should start a page / stickie on here for anyone who has any tips or information that would help someone fix their own mk1 or mk3, also for any links where you can obtain spare parts to replace any that are broken.
  11. Will deben still be doing the repairs on the mk3 or are they going to cut it loose like they did with the mk1 and offer no support.
  12. They will be good for open ground but I bet they are a night mare when youve got to crawl through a double hedge to net up, I think ill stick with my bag
  13. If you want to spend all day waiting for your ferret to surface, or go home and leave your ferret behind good on you , but imo ferret finder is a must will put more rabbits in the bag and save you a lot of time.
  14. I contacted the police because the field is in a place where it is only a matter of time before some do gooder phones up and reports me and I dont need the hassle. so now when I go I phone 101 and let them know im there
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