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  1. If you want to spend all day waiting for your ferret to surface, or go home and leave your ferret behind good on you , but imo ferret finder is a must will put more rabbits in the bag and save you a lot of time.
  2. I contacted the police because the field is in a place where it is only a matter of time before some do gooder phones up and reports me and I dont need the hassle. so now when I go I phone 101 and let them know im there
  3. Where are people getting their airgun shooting insurance from and what are you paying also what do you get for your money
  4. Just got another permission for shooting rabbits with air rifle, as its adjacent to public land and right of way the farmer said if I get any bother from police tell them to contact him, been in touch with local police and they said carry my permission letter with me at all times, this i dont have can anyone give me some advice regarding the situation I am in. Have I got to have my shooting permission in writing
  5. What homemade recipes do people have for rat baits, so that you can shoot them with air rifle
  6. Is there anyone in the north east who can service a bsa super 10 regulator and set the power
  7. Keep the jills clean they should be ok will take there selves out of season as the nights close in
  8. Are the mothers sisters , how will you know what kits are off which jill or arent you bothered
  9. Seem a bit short for quickset net , I think you need them longer so they sit in the top of the basket
  10. Are those heights for a quickset longnet system
  11. What lengths do you prefer for your quickset poles
  12. Can you buy the outers already made up
  13. Making a quickset what length do people cut there poles
  14. What size (diameter) running lines do you prefer on your long nets
  15. Its great when find items you forgot you had
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