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  1. Still miss the magazine, every month, thought somebody like dave sleight or darcy, might have kept up writing in a smaller style mag, over the yearsthere were some very talented lads contributing articles to it,any body know how dave harcombe, is fairing up health wise, like him or loathe him,the man did a damn good job of producin g that mag every month for years, i know were well governed on what we canwrite about on field sports these days, but we have all got to tread carefully to preserve whats left of the sport we love, take care lads and try to keep one step ahead.
  2. spotted a pembrokeshire corgi the other day, havent seen one in years, mate of mine an irish lad, i used to work with on the roads had one, a real bad tempered little sod, but what a great guard dog he was,we used to take him ferreting and he was some dog for hunting and marking holes, only little legs but strong as an ox, maybe there are still a good few about, but i have my doubts, think they used them for herding cattle years ago in wales,the fella who had it was amazed that i knew a bit about them.
  3. well said phil, never a truer word spoken, some damn good threads on this forum , completely wrecked by childish crap, over the last few yrs noticed a lot of good knowlegable lads dropping out of the forum and not bothering to post anything,the writing is definetly on the wall for this forum, and yes iwill expect the narrow minded comments in response to this post.
  4. i khow exactly where your coming from dinosaurs, and i wish you all the luck in the world for your future yrs on earth,i had a touch of cancer a few yrs ago, and if it wouldnt have been for the dogs,great family and mates, iwould have sat in a chair and give up, gradually im getting back to a fair level of fitness,luckily there are a few rabbits starting to show themselves again,so hopefully there will be something to get pup started on when its ready,might even consider getting another ferret, keep going is my motto, use it or lose it,take care mate, genuine dog men are a dying breed,best day
  5. dont give up completely on the dogs mate, from the posts ive read off yours you come over as a genuine lurcherman of the old school, my old deerxgreyhond is now 11yrs old, and im in my late 60s, but just got myself a nice young 4mth old pup, just to keep me active and keep my mind active,i know dogs take lots of time and dedication to get them right, only time i will cease having dogs is when icant walk anymore or die,would you not considedr a whippet or something later in life, never say never,lifes for living.
  6. are you for real fellah, only thing id be given your patterdale for rat urine is a jab for lepto, obviously you have never seen a dog infected with this disease carried by rats in their piss,nearly lost an adult lurcher to it, a while back, lucky he survived, always get my dogs innoculated against now, cheaper than losing a dog and a wedge of dollar on vets fees.
  7. both looking well, what age are they, looks nice land to run on,wont be long now till they get a run,shortest day coming up 22nd june,atb.
  8. absolute cracking piece of work, love it,dare i say it looks a lot like an english deerhound, lol, none the less your work only gets better,will this be up for grabs any time soon, atb.
  9. lovely old photo, of an age sadly long gone, bet the dog pictured put plenty on the table and kept the owner in food for the family, time and era i would hazard a guess that it was a strong collie x greyhound, as was favoured by the old warreners and poachers, a breed that has stood the test of time, from those days till now.
  10. Cant believe its 40 yrs today, that the falklands conflict began, seems to me just like yesterday, just thinking about all the lives that were lost from british forces, lost a couple of classmates to it, those lads would have been 66yrs old now, if they would have got home, sad that they never knew family life, i remember and salute them all. rip.
  11. Sounds like a good handy cross ,never thought that the wolfhound would have added nose to the mix, but if he suits your needs thats all that counts, any chance you good put up a pic, be nice to see him. atb.
  12. How right you are bird catcher about the decline in green finch numbers, havent seen any for years, still see the occasional yellow wagtail, another bird that is fast declining round our way is the skylark, the moors used to be alive with curlews and lap wings, miss there haunting calls, whilst walking the high groundsin dead of winter, oystercatcher is another, sadly a sign of the times, with loss of habitat and predators, changing times indeed and not for the better.
  13. Had a nice early morning stroll today,beautiful sunny and frosty with the old dog, walked a piece of ground ,ive lnot been on for ages,decided to count the rabbits i seen and started,there were 41 rabbits on it sitting out in the sun, fingers crossed they will get a good breeding season through the summer,nice to see them making a come back, as for the song birds, i blame there decline in my area on the amount of birds of prey that i spot on my travels, lots of buzzards on the increase along with harriers, sparrow hawks, kestrels. and peregrines, nice to see them , but they are getting every
  14. price of fish and chips, these days is a joke,bought some for tea the other night charged£8-50, remember the days of sitting in chippy, ordering chips, peas, sausage, pot of tea, and bread an butter for 1s/6d, wouldnt like to pay for a family of 4 these days, used to be a cheap meal to fill up on, me mam used to give us a basin to take in as kids, and it get it filled up with chips for next to nothing, good old days, when people had nowt but all looked out for each other,price of food only going to get worse.
  15. Not really my type of lurcher, but all credit to you, they arein excellent condition for the age they are at the moment, going to be real powerful dogs , when fully matured, atb.
  16. am i missing something nere,just looked on newmount link, doesnt say its £9-99 to buy and £4-95 to rent, maybe im a bit stupid but thats how i read it.
  17. anybody watched it yet, what he charging for pups these days, getting harder and harder, to find genuine working stock from proven working deerhounds, any lads on here got any pups or know of any forth coming litters, that are going to be bred soon. atb.
  18. nice collection of usefu[ looking dogs there owen, bet you had some fun over the years with them, thanks for posting pics,atb.
  19. fantastic night windwise for getting up to them, but a hell of a full moon,waste of time for lamping, just like being out daytime, waste of time, plus makes hard work fot the dog, and good to make rabbits lamp shy,alright if you just want one for the pot.
  20. you may as well stuff a couple of white mice down the holes mate, seen a few trying to work stubborn rabbits, wouldnt give them hutch space.
  21. during my working life i paid into 3 different pension schemes, but never invested in a personal pension, took my first pension at 60yrs after 18 yrs paying into a superanuation scheme paying tax weekly on it, got taxed again on it when i took as a lump sum all wrong,the other 2 company schemes i paid into were a defined benefit and a defined contribution scheme same thing, paid up full stamp all my life, came out of work once in my life, for a few weeks,some struggle to get dole at that time, swore i would never sign on again arseholes.
  22. getting out and meeting folk ,topping up the pension would be good for you mate, only thing i can tell you is you will probably be hammered by taxman on earnings, i finished work last year, got offered 8wks temporary work with my old company. made good money on the 7day week, got taxed 20%,had to pay more tax on my small monthly pension, and when i got my final lump sum payment, paid another wedge on that, hoping to get a decent rebate this year, alright if you can get cash in hand, but had to go on the books, already asked me about doing a bit this summer, dont know will it be worth it or no
  23. thats at a lovely strong looking animal, how old, is it a first x deer-grey,my type of lurcher, atb mate.
  24. it must be people with a good knowledge of stock, to be able to handle these animals and get them transported up, nothing but pure scum, the world is a sad place.
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