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  1. Yes,I'm his dad & I'm currently looking after some of his mutts Steve.
  2. No she isn't bred out of my lot Shaaark,she's far too good looking to be out of my ugly bunch..she's out of a couple of hard working runners, exactly what's in her makeup regarding specific breeds I ain't a clue? She's just a lurcher to me matey.
  3. She's about 25 inch to the shoulder matey,that's gonna be about her now as far as height goes,as far as weight wise I could see her getting up towards the very high 20's in kilograms if not the low 30's when fully matured. She was weighed at the vets at 6 month's old & was over 22kg then..at the end of the day she will be what she will be buddy. She's well bred,she will get her chance & the rest is up to her at the end of the day. Were I a betting man I'd say she will be better than average.
  4. The young hound was 8 months old a fortnight ago now,she's coming along ok,as with most pups she has her moments where she can test your patience but it's certainly nothing I've not encountered before. Livestock training has been absolutely excellent,jumping great,retrieving great. She can gallop & I'd say she'll be nice to watch behind some gear come next season.
  5. Just to add old Don is still here plodding along,still manages two decent walks daily. He was 15 year's old back on the 21st March.
  6. He's probably gone straight back to Facebook!
  7. There's plenty of them up here in Cumbria bud
  8. Smart looking youngster's,good luck with them matey.
  9. Great pics & dog's obviously well cared for & looked after. They all look great for young dog's..well done
  10. Bear also yesterday evening whilst out enjoying a day's hiking on the Lakeland Fells here at home.
  11. Boots & his daughter Rose yesterday out hiking here in the Lake District
  12. Hope everyone has had a decent season running their dogs ..another one comes to an end & that's about it for my old mongrel Boots too,he's let me know the past 4 or 5 trip's out he's had enough of it all now. He's so crippled he can barely get over a 2 foot high wall nowadays & his vision is almost non existent too. He only has one eye to begin with & although his long distance vision isn't too bad in his 'good' eye he has no close up vision in it,absolutely nothing so even the simplest of tasks are a struggle for him. He's basically blind getting around here in the house &
  13. Some of the land is very much like that Penda, amazing to see the wildlife still going about their daily lives up there in such conditions..these seven were a long old way off,the second pic is a crop from the first but even so far away they weren't exactly hard to spot.
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