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  1. FUJI

    Midland game fair

    Met Ray at the Midland last year,he's one of the nicest people i've ever met when it comes to the dog game,hope your keeping well Ray,keep on keeping on fella ..oh & what's the new pooches you've been getting there? You never had all them this time last year
  2. FUJI

    All good then?

    Boots & Roxy & Roxy about 4 weeks in pup on bottom picture..
  3. FUJI

    All good then?

    Nothing special bud,old Canon dslr & a lens that cost £35 brand new lol
  4. FUJI

    My predicament advice please

    Having put dogs to the forefront & basically lost everything & everyone i cared about i'd take the advice Katchum offered bud,life's too short for regrets,this is no rehearsal for life,time lost to the missus & kids can never be got back,do what's right for you & your family first & foremost,i'm speaking from personal experience here too,get the dog into a good home & crack on with family life just now,it's the right & proper thing to do for all concerned..all the best to you
  5. FUJI

    All good then?

    Boots is out of Razor x Abi..Abi was a 3/4 Grey x 1/4 Saluki, Razor being out of Buddy x Kim,Buddy out of Charlie x Foxy,Kim being out of T.Murray's Smokey x Dancer..Boots is coursing bred but i've tested him to the hilt & then some on far more than what he was probably ever intended for,he's took EVERYTHING in his stride,i've ran the dog from John O'Groats southwards & he's got more ferry miles travelling across the seas than many sailors lol
  6. FUJI

    All good then?

    The pups or the parents matey?
  7. FUJI

    All good then?

    Roxy this afternoon,6 days after having a litter of 9 pups
  8. FUJI

    All good then?

    French Bulldog i think mate,see what one of them can do but for now Ruby is still putting in the miles on the mountains with no issues so be no hurry to replace her yet
  9. FUJI

    All good then?

    Definitely getting a visit Vin i promise!!
  10. FUJI

    All good then?

    Aye she's still with my lad,she's made a nice looking thing,she can run a bit,more fire in her belly than Mario had too,she will fire into teeth where he wouldn't & loves a bit of hoof too as did Mario to be fair,probably have her mated in the not too distance future with my friends dog & keep a pup back out of them so will have two young dogs to run & retire the rest of the squad
  11. FUJI

    All good then?

    This is Tan the dam to Roxy,Roxy's sire was a 3/4 bred called Hammer..the black bitch is Lola she's the dam of Tan
  12. FUJI

    All good then?

    One of my pups just a couple of days old here,this one not too dissimilar to his sire Boots,sadly she only had 9 of which 5 were dogs & 4 were bitches,i've been inundated with messages,calls etc regarding people wanting a pup,it got so bad this week i knocked my phone off for 3 days haha...
  13. FUJI

    All good then?

    Aye,i've done abit of travelling through spring/summer bud,places to revisit for sure
  14. FUJI

    All good then?

    I had my hand forced bud into getting a young gun for next season so i put Boots over my sons 5/8 Grey 3/8 Bull bitch Roxy,pups only a few days old but im buzzing with them if im honest Thats Roxy 27tts & 36kg
  15. FUJI

    All good then?

    Boots this past week..