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  1. Enjoy the stress,heartache & get your hair dyed now because you'll end up as grey as me by the time it all comes to fruition with the dog
  2. I've seen plenty of dog's doing the do fella with more than coursing blood,I should of said the most prolific catchers were all coursing bred,no doubt generations back there will be poodles & all kinds of mongrels in them because them c##ts who breed them don't have a clue what's really in them,they just say Saluki & Grey
  3. I've hunted big deer daytime probably more than any other man in the country back when we were able to do so,I guess that's one advantage of being an old c##t..bull crosses are too slow,they have crap feet & ain't enough wind to blow a candle out,Collie types have the wind but lack in size & again speed too,Deerhound types well there ain't one in the country & hasn't been since before the millennium that has got the balls to mix it with a big boy..all them need good coursing blood added to give them a chance to be able to do big beasts regularly,I've hunted with not hundreds but th
  4. Get a good coursing dog and it'll wipe the floor with ANY of your other types be it Bull,Deerhound,Collie or whatever when it comes to tackling BIG deer,the aforementioned couldn't,can't & will never catch consistently in the daytime,they need additional coursing blood to be able to do that and that's a FACT!
  5. Chocolate one was a machine,it was taking double figures of Charlie's in a night,she killed herself hitting a hedgerow..100% singlehanded on ANYTHING but sometimes they just don't make old bones matey
  6. Yeah she's out of Boots x Roxy mate,both parents were 5/8 3/8 so this bitch is 5/8 Grey 3/16 Saluki 3/16 Bull
  7. How's all you lot doing Taff? Hope the full team are all keeping well over there ..just same old same old with me matey,nowt much changes here this is about the only thing I have capable of running these days,the rest are old or f###ed basically,thankfully she's not too bad,far from flawless but she's handy alright
  8. Bloody hell,time does fly doesn't it! Aye I'm heading for my 55th birthday in a few weeks time bud & although slightly slower trekking up the mountains these days I don't feel too much different to what I did 30 years ago .. hopefully catch up with you somewhere over the next few months for a bit of craic & what not
  9. Old Don's doing great bud,he will be 13 come his next birthday but he doesn't know that still full of life he is mate
  10. Stunning pups in fantastic order,cheap as chips at that price..hope they find great homes where they will get the chance to prove their worth
  11. Bob produced absolutely NOTHING when it came to racing greyhounds,so I'd be amazed if he passed ANYTHING beneficial onto his coursing pups,he could run but the dog was NOT a producer & that's a fact.
  12. Thanks Daniel..nothing much changes in my life matey,it's a dog's life you could say
  13. Yep I know this is your kind of thing buddy,I'm pretty sure in fact I'm certain you've been here or within a stone's throw of here before
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