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  1. FUJI

    All good then?

    Joe,why was I not entitled to the blue pup? No one ever said i wasn't entitled to one or any type of deal struck at the time,It's was only 4th pick anyways at best? I never charged any money for use of Jack? Surely a fella is entitled to something for use of his dog over a bitch now & again if he asks? I can recall asking you how much for a stud off Maurice would be for my friend in Ireland & you asked £600 to use him so I'm not seeing what the problem is at all? I only sold the pup for peanuts anyways.As for not having anything to do with breeding Jack of course I did,i was as equally accountable for it happening as my dog sired Jack & his littermates & Cora was out of a bitch I bred too remember..anyways I've overstayed my welcome here on THL I think,I have far more important issues to currently attend at the moment unfortunately so best wishes to you fella & the rest of you too,thankyou for the banter,I've enjoyed "most" of it ..keep your heads down & crack on with what your doing..hope your dogs stay injury free & keep you all happy,take care folks...the world of the internet is full of crazy shit,me being a part of that lol..keep on keeping on folks,see ya's around ✌
  2. FUJI

    All good then?

    Jack sired him & your others Joe out of your Bull bitch..he was the common denominator in them all..he had as much to do with ALL of them dogs as any,my bubble certainly ain't been burst..he was 50% of all those dogs & you know it Joe
  3. FUJI

    All good then?

    I shouted over "Is THL still the same for bitching?"..his expression told me what I needed to know ..catch ya's again
  4. FUJI

    All good then?

    I knew you had kept one that didn't make it Joe & I also knew the bitch Jack mated wasn't overly worked either & you confirmed that..thanks for the honest reply..I never mentioned that you did keep shit in your kennels,I know how you go about things..anyhow think of me as you will Joe,I've never had a bad word to say about yourself in fact the complete opposite & I've always been thankful of being gifted Ginny off you as have my boys..it is what it is I guess & this old internet is a funny old thing for sure..watch how you go anyways
  5. FUJI

    All good then?

    I'm off to bed,I'm worn out man..my heads splitting ..thanks for the craic,you love the arguments you c**ts,nowt changes on THL ..see ya's next time ..Oh shit I may have to reply to whoever has just posted now lmao..fuckers
  6. FUJI

    All good then?

    Thanks Joe ✌
  7. FUJI

    All good then?

    I didn't know Steven,I didn't want or need a dog at the time,I had my own dogs Don & Swift,it was my ex partner who wanted a dog as her Pit had died,so I advised her to get a lurcher as then it could tag along with me & my pack,she scoured here,yes THL and seen the litter of Stevens & the rest as they say is history,I don't & won't ever lie fella about anything especially dogs,ask me what you will & I will always give you a truthful answer
  8. FUJI

    All good then?

    Chester was a superb dog,he would be as good if not better than any dog I've ever seen running,in his prime he just didn't miss,long slips,lung busting runs he'd do them successfully & still go right back & do the very same in an instant without need of a break to get his tongue back in..superb dog,great lad who owned him & I was lucky to run with the dog from the start of his career to his end..I bred him back on the 29th August of 1998 & I will always be proud of my two dogs Jack & Kelsey for producing Chester but also proud of my friend for making the dog into what he was..
  9. FUJI

    All good then?

    Joe answer me this honestly please if you will,the bitch you bred did it do anything of note? Did you keep one from the litter? Did any from the litter make anything? I know the answer to all the above questions but I will await your reply?
  10. FUJI

    All good then?

    Breeding pups like f**k? I never bred a litter since 1998 you clown until 2 years ago & that wasn't planned as Boots had never shown interest in the 40 bitches brought in front of him,I bred these pups as Don is 10 in March,Fenn 7 in January & Boots was 6 last month & he broke a bone in his wrist last season which left him unable to put his leg down for 9 months..my young dog Mario died at the turn of the year..so to say I breed pups like f**k is absolutely foolish..jeez man
  11. FUJI

    All good then?

    Joe I asked if you jacked for 6 years fella..Yes or No? You know you did whilst Moscow was of age to work,like you said to me in my house he done a bit but nothing what he really should have..I'm not saying the dog wouldn't of been a topper I'm just saying the dog never got the workload Joe as you quit the game for 6 years..he may of well been the best dog in the litter but he wasn't as I owned the best in Jack,he caught more gear 10 fold than the rest of the litter put together & you know that if not you wouldn't of used him..