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  1. Bill Doherty has wrote some fantastic books too,like Phil he's been there & got the T-Shirt..love his style of writing
  2. Aye,the man is as keen as anyone I know to be honest Taff & most importantly to me he's honest & trustworthy,that's why I've always got on well with him as I know you do too,honesty & trust goes a long way with me,especially in our game..hope you & the family plus the team of lads are all doing good let everyone know I was asking after them please,I'll 100% get myself off my rear end and come see y'all..some of the best day's of my life have been in the company of you both with the mongrels & in the pub too ..like I said about JD all of you there are top notch,honest as
  3. Fair play bud,I have my personal favourites of JD's books & although I enjoy a read of them all the 'Of Dog's & Deer' is a totally unique & brilliant book in my opinion
  4. Plenty of bad ones too trust me the old dog is fast closing in on retirement & I've decided we'll call it a day together it's been a great journey but both his & my body are as good as f###ed matey unfortunately.
  5. Aye got a mention or three bud,I always say I'll do something when I retire & that day isn't far away trust me
  6. Received the latest offerings regarding books through the post today by Darcy,In Pursuit of the Largest & Now That's What I Call Lurcherwork IV..I haven't read them from front to back as I've been on a 350 mile trip out with the dog today,but read a couple of chapters from each book now I'm sat down for the day & I've really enjoyed what I've read & seen so far..I'm known to take the micky out of JD but I will always be honest about things & what I will say is the books are well worth adding to your collection,for the money they are brilliant! Hope those that have them on order
  7. Having hunted for many years with JD & seeing his dog's in action all over the country & further afield too I have no doubt his new writing's will be worth a read..he puts in the hard miles season after season to work,test his own pooches plus the dog's of other like-minded enthusiastic owners who he walks out with throughout the winter month's too..he's a honest,genuine sound lad & he's one of less than a handful in this world who I would entrust with my life if it came down to that..the books will be worthy of a place on the bookshelf I'm sure of that
  8. Almost 13 year's since I joined this forum,it's great to see that topics such as this are still just as prevalent today as they were then ..the old desert dawg's,like marmite some love em,most hate em that's just how it is ..good to see people's views regarding them especially those that have ran them..I'm not going to lie I hated them,I seen dozens run back in the mid to late 80's & 90's there wasn't a single one of them that was even bad,they were ALL utter sh##e!! Why were the ones I seen so poor? Has the genepool dramatically improved? I don't honestly know? Roll forward a quarter of
  9. Good to hear D..on a side note I'm the world's worst whinging ar##hole ..even my niece's call me Uncle Grumps ..I still have old Don here,Fenn too,Boots about finished & Bear who's had the broken neck so I spend most my time tending to them geriatrics so find time to be out hunting far less than I once did but I'm content being a 'part timer' if I'm honest these day's.. honestly I don't care whether I'm successful on a hunt nowadays or not,I just enjoy being out & seeing a few bits & bobs wherever that may be in the country
  10. I hear you loud & clear matey ..must be some buzz parking in the farmyard is it? ..my youngest lad has just messaged saying he done 156 miles last night for ONE run, thankfully a successful one but that's the top & bottom of things around these parts these days D,he got in the house at 4.30am & now he's off to work,jeez I'm glad I'm done with that lamping game the memories of it all are flooding back..hope your keeping well fella
  11. When Ruby had not long seen her 14th birthday we took it upon ourselves to walk the Lairig Ghru drovers path right through the heart of the Cairngorms,the path reaches a height of almost 3000ft & is surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the UK including Braeriach,Cairn Toul,Angel's Peak etc & we done it on what was the hottest day of the year,no shade & the temp was in excess of 30c,the distance covered was 23 miles,she walked the whole route in one day & in human years she would of been over a hundred year's of age..as we were walking towards the Linn of Dee in the evenin
  12. Thankyou,I miss my Ruby matey as I'm sure you do your Nell..life's not the same for me without her here that's for sure. I've had some great dog's over the year's & not all running dog's but Ruby was the best of the lot by a country mile..on her final day with me I wrapped her up in my shirt & travelled to some of our favourite places here in the Lake District,we parked up several times & I had the craic with her reminiscing of days long gone,I'm not gonna lie I broke my heart I did,it was our last adventure together,i took her to the vet's on the way home & had her put to slee
  13. Weeks shy of 9 year's ago & then with his son Bear..it's been some journey
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