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  1. R.I.P Razor lad,keep them busy on them there big pastures in the sky,run fast & run free ..I have a son of Razor who will be 9 years old this October,he's been a fair servant to me,the dog has no quit in him,you could put whatever you liked in front of him,no matter how fast,how big or how hard and he'd do his up most to read it it's last rites..I thank Razor,Carl & Steven for sending him my way,the journey has been long but it's been a good one #teamrazor we keep on keeping on with the Razor blooded dog's kenneled here..once again R.I.P fella. Boots.. then Bear (grandson of Razor
  2. Hope everyone is keeping well both physically & mentally too during these uncertain times..just wondering how you all have done regarding working your dogs this past season what with all the restrictions & lockdowns we've endured, obviously some places of the country more so than others..have you been lucky enough to carry on pretty much just like always or have you just had to write this season off & look forward to what will hopefully be a better one later in this year? On a personal level I've been very quiet this past season really as I've not travelled across the country as I
  3. This I what you could call our 'comfort zone'..
  4. Thank for all the comments folks..keep your enthusiasm up but your heads down ..all the best & you know the only thing to do is keep on keeping on
  5. Jeez I can recall them all just as young dog's,best of luck with the pup when it comes along,hopefully the prospect of having a keen young jukel keeps the thoughts of bountiful hunts makes sure that your enthusiasm for the game is still as much as it ever has been ..hope your keeping well matey
  6. Very sad to hear that fella,your right in what you say in that they just don't live long enough..keep your chin up buddy & keep them memories of your endeavours together for ever more..run fast & run free on them big pastures up in the sky pooch
  7. We say the same thing every bloody day Max haha
  8. What a great innings though 15 is bud,she was probably getting on the day we was having the craic at that dog show over your way but she looked quite youthful to be honest & was in great order too..time waits for no man & no dog either,it's a shame that they grow old & become just a shadow of their former selves,when they go the memories stay with us until we go..a life without the dogs just wouldn't be a life at all..hope your keeping well & hopefully see you about next year if all this covid crap is out the way & we get some normality back in our lives.
  9. I can recall your dogs on here as youngsters many many years ago now,sounds like your in almost the exact same position that I've found myself in although at least I have one youngster to run though,still not great out of 6 dogs but I'm not one for getting rid of my old troopers to make more room for a pup,these old un's deserve to live out the rest of their day's at a leisurely pace and no doubt that's exactly how you feel with your old servants too..fair play bud & it's good to hear they've got this far in life without succumbing to serious injury or death because the running dog game is
  10. Old Swift is still going great guns Tomo,she's with our Jamie now,she looks a million dollars,still racing about like a young un on the beach etc..been a fantastic bitch,never ever put a foot wrong in life or out in the field..just pure class Tomo,hope your all keeping well bud.
  11. Nowt fancy bud,these are just off an old Canon 50d matey..it was a freebie off Darcy at least 5 years ago now,I'm surprised it still works it's took hundreds of thousands of piccies
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