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  1. FUJI


    I will give you the fooking thing if you like it that much..I will even deliver the c**t..pm your address
  2. FUJI


    No he never mate,he's got plenty if you ask me lol
  3. FUJI


    These pups ain't even 1/4 Bull mate,they are 3/16 so not a lot in them really..I had Mario at the time Fenn had pups so wanted to press on with him as he was just a 1st season dog but alas he fell ill & died just gone two years old had I known what was to happen I'd of certainly kept a pup out of Fenn..honestly I've not had one bad word regarding that litter other than that one was difficult to house train,everyone seems happy with what they got out that litter & if the dogs keep the owners of them sweet well I'm delighted with that,three people who got pups out of Fenns litter came back for one of these pups,two of the lads now have a dog & a bitch so they are in the driving seat regarding what you said bud..if these pups make the lads happy it may be one of them that does that bit of line breeding sometime in the future
  4. FUJI


    The dog pup is long too,like I said he won't be no pot horse he will be far from that I'd hope..
  5. FUJI


    These pups won't hardly see a rabbit if im honest Ken,both parents don't & never have either really,nothing to get overly excited about anyways,certainly not the number of coneys what you would put in front of yours anyways..they certainly won't lack for speed as they are 1/2 Greyhound in fact a fraction more than that if we started digging deep into their ancestry..if they are a heap of garbage then that's what they will be I guess but I'd be amazed if several at the least don't turn out handy out the litter,I know some are in homes where they will get hammered more so than I could give a dog these days anyways,they will either thrive on the workload or end up jacking..we will find out anyways. Cheers for the words complimenting their wellbeing too..Have a great weekend Ken✌
  6. FUJI


    With a name like yours pot & kettle spring to mind son
  7. Great haul of bunnies,well done for getting out there and braving elements
  8. FUJI


    Dog pup will be 28tts & be 85lb plus & bitch will be 70lb or thereabouts & 26 1/2 to 27tts I'm estimating Jack..
  9. FUJI


    Yeah that's the two we kept fella
  10. 11 weeks & 5 days old..Saluki x pups
  11. Joe,why was I not entitled to the blue pup? No one ever said i wasn't entitled to one or any type of deal struck at the time,It's was only 4th pick anyways at best? I never charged any money for use of Jack? Surely a fella is entitled to something for use of his dog over a bitch now & again if he asks? I can recall asking you how much for a stud off Maurice would be for my friend in Ireland & you asked £600 to use him so I'm not seeing what the problem is at all? I only sold the pup for peanuts anyways.As for not having anything to do with breeding Jack of course I did,i was as equally accountable for it happening as my dog sired Jack & his littermates & Cora was out of a bitch I bred too remember..anyways I've overstayed my welcome here on THL I think,I have far more important issues to currently attend at the moment unfortunately so best wishes to you fella & the rest of you too,thankyou for the banter,I've enjoyed "most" of it ..keep your heads down & crack on with what your doing..hope your dogs stay injury free & keep you all happy,take care folks...the world of the internet is full of crazy shit,me being a part of that lol..keep on keeping on folks,see ya's around ✌
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