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  1. FUJI

    Lucky Bred Pups

    A fella can do as much homework as he likes when it comes to choosing a pup,that don't guarantee anything..yeah you may sleep easier for 14 months knowing it's bred out of the best of the best but until you let go of that slip you just don't know what you have in your kennel..that skip in your step & that cocoon like bubble you've been in all those months can be burst in seconds..life in general very rarely runs smoothly & owning a running dog makes the journey even more of a bumpy ride..merry xmas folks
  2. FUJI

    Lucky Bred Pups

    Was that Tina bitch directly out of Lucky the Dark Destroyer? She could run abit from what I remember seeing on dvd?
  3. FUJI

    im confused lol

    He's not to unlike my fella..
  4. FUJI

    Some new ground

    Great bit of sport & fingers crossed there's a few on the ground when you return for a night time foray
  5. FUJI

    Few Pictures

    Brilliant..well done fella
  6. FUJI

    Lucky Bred Pups

    Like Chris above,I'm honest about my dogs & being around running dogs for many years you know from pretty early on in a dogs career if it's going to make the grade,if you have a gut feeling that something just isn't right in regards to a dogs work ethic you can bet your bottom dollar in time when you look back your were right on the money with that gut feeling..you can choose to work to the dogs strengths because it will have some or you can move on & start again with another young gun,yes of course breeding helps but that doesn't guarantee success,it tips the odds in your favour but no more than that..they can be bred to be a champ & look like a champ but that don't mean they are,my dogs are just companions pretty much these days,don't matter a jot how good or bad they are to me.. once upon a time it certainly would of done..my desert dawg Mario just this morning
  7. FUJI

    Lucky Bred Pups

    I have one out of a coursing dog X lurcher & a coursing dog X coursing dog,the latter is shite
  8. FUJI

    Red Deer

    I'd just driven past them lol,slammed the brakes on got out & snapped em..30 seconds later & I'd of had em or vice versa haha
  9. Like a pair of national hunt racehorses..
  10. Not the greatest but then again they don't hang around to have their pics taken..Sand Martin,Swift & Swallow
  11. FUJI

    Lucky Bred Pups

    I'm with Katchum,a coursing dog X lurcher offers far more in general to most folk than a purpose bred one trick pony..I'd prefer to own a one minute gung ho all or nothing attacker rather than see a five minute slog to run one into submission although each has its gains on different types of land which is quite obvious I'd of thought..not all dogs make the grade no matter how well bred they are & have been fed/entered to work,as for catching in the snow I'd rather do that than run them in July/August stubble bashing that's for sure..
  12. FUJI


    Part & parcel of owning a working dog as I'm sure you know,it's a ballache when the mutts are sidelined with injuries especially in the hunting season..fingers crossed for a swift recovery for both pooches
  13. FUJI

    Another out for a bit

    I've had a couple of days out with Boots & a day with Mario,i class that as retired or maybe to most on here its classed as a full time hunter? I've given up,my lad does a bit with them,I'm done with the game..best decision I've EVER made!
  14. FUJI

    Another out for a bit

    Welcome to my world bud..my season is over but being honest I'm not losing any sleep over it,bollox to hunting
  15. FUJI

    New Darcy Book

    It's good to read people's opinions as it gives others an insight into what the book is about & they can then decide for themselves if they want to spend their hard earned dollar on what is after all a picture book..I like it but then I'm possibly bias as there's a few pics of my ugly brute of a dog in there,I don't confess to him being a true coursing dog,he's just a working lurcher to me if that means he's not worthy of his place in the book then I apologise but he's mastered his fair share of gear these past 4 seasons & like I said he's my superstar as are the other dogs to their respective owners I guess too..buy or pass it by it really is up to you & if you've already bought it & are disappointed with it just stick it on eBay it will sell no bother I'd assume