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  1. Double bred foxy Charlie back to the street accident
  2. He's showed me pics of you in arseless chaps with a blonde wig on red lip stick bbqing by the side if a loche wi yah rod out after a couple of hits if meth
  3. Blackie sells meth and space cakes
  4. Proper pit stuff is always racey athletic if it resembles something of an over sizes bull elephant sea lion then I'm afraid it's not a proper pit,never own a straight 1 myself but I've saw some good 1s in the past lads u know owned different times now though
  5. It's not mink man it's mink them
  6. How can the be sure o this
  7. I'm glad I'm a fisherthem
  8. I'd wind that Gregory peck in if I were you,you know who be on to you fort these out busts
  9. My family originate from carlow in Ireland they used to have the greyhounds that weren't up to what was expected any way most of these dogs turned out decent hare dogs and would regularly fill the pot for the family different times then though,but 1st time I saw a straight greyhound ran I was more then shocked at the drive it had and obviously the speed and her eye sight was amazing spotting things the other dogs hadn't decent little bitch she was my mate paid 50 for her as a pup
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