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  1. This comment alone has left its mark on my soul and I salute a mush for this
  2. Beddy whippet grey or a collie grey type ideal little mooching dogs ideal for what you want by sounds of it mate
  3. Best time to take um that is saves all messin about like
  4. My seasons just finishing I hate the cold wet wind and rain I much prefer to roll round in the old trainers and shorts lamping the hardest ground the country has to offer feck that wet ground no good too a man or dog
  5. I'd of done the same to yah theres no place for insubordination
  6. I used to rock a Durham barber jacket loved it my old man bought it me was a cracking jacket 1st barbed wire fence I went under snagg rip
  7. I normally use duramitex I've sorted it now spider mite
  8. Remember this saying your dogs only have to please one person there owner not some bloke who thinks hes the world's leading authority in the running dog world enjoy your mutts and feck any body else
  9. I cant be bothered to read 7 pages but here's my little in put, all I can say is the answer is in the eye of the beholder if you've had a dog 5 or 6 years and you think it's what you want weither is jacked or not as long as your not telling wild stories and telling people it's the best dog in world and you want to breed off it for your own reasons crack on but it's when people tell stories make the dog sound like it's the bees knees I think that's where the line has to be drawn me personally I would breed something unless I knew it was what I wanted and suited me never mind any body else
  10. This black neck causing trouble again
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