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  1. I'd rather then do that then spit stuff out saw many a dog under pressure let go of stuff
  2. Typical dosser talk that
  3. I've got young dog here 8 month pulls my arm if he's on the lead and the other dogs got hold of something he's like a thing possessed
  4. We need to get cesar in on this 1 I think
  5. I remember hunting the artic tundra in nothing but a pair of yak skin mules and a grizzly bear shmock and that was the Christmas of 98 made me the man I am today dam it
  6. Can't beat them cartoons man erotic ta feck
  7. Well I was out lamping back end of shepshed 1 night it was cold windy and a slight bit if sleet was starting up any way in distance I heard a noise of familiarity came to me from younger years it went a something like this "thunder thunder thunder cats aaaaarrrrrrrhhhhh" I tell yah now I almost shit my sen
  8. What about a population of ghosts
  9. Weren't you claiming to have a ghost in your house a not long ago if my recollecting is right and now I'm an open minded person but for me you'll probably have more chance seeing a space ship or a big cat then a feckin ghost unless under the influence of some type of mind changing drug
  10. Even though to degree I agree with what your saying levi I've had good accounts by genuine lads where they had seen cats with there own eyes 1 lad treed 1 many years ago with his foot pack of hounds but unfortunately this was before a time when there was the camera phone to hand and another not far from the same area saw 1 whilst out with his lamp and gun said it sent shivers down his spine as he said it was as if it was stalking them he never stated what cat it was but all he said was it was deffo in his words "A big f**k off cat" like I said this was a while back now maybe these cats are dea
  11. Looks like 1 of them joke cigars exploded in his face
  12. There 3000 years of breeding there blood
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