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  1. The blokes like a ninja you've got no chance
  2. You've all fecked it now
  3. nowt like a psychopathic hare running at you like a hell bound apache
  4. I'm glad people have the same out look as me
  5. There's a thread not long back about people asking for his number and stuff you have to climb up the beam stalk to talk to him though
  6. I tell yah what he is he's older then the Conker tree
  7. Early 90s that was mate he was hell of a size dog not long the stuff you see now had heart of lion as well from what I heard the only time I got to see him run was when he chased a fox over the park nearly had it as well
  8. My old lady sent me a pic last night of 2 of the dogs I grew up with as a kid Jess died at the fair old age of 15 that's the brindle don't know her breeding to be honest amounts of time I uses to wag school with her a ferret and my catapult happy days and the other dog was Merlin deer hound grey big dog he was got poisoned at 4 or 5 unfortunately never saw him work but from what i heard he was a good dog
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