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  1. I use both but I will say the halogen always seems a stronger beam with out a doubt
  2. When I was a kid my old English teacher used to say to me you wagg any lessons you want you wagg mine I'l come looking for yah any way he said what do yah do when your not in school I said take my lurchers out and my ferret and catty he used to do it himself in his younger days and I think he was shocked I weren't like all the other little shits who wagged it
  3. Nice pup the dynasty lives on as they say hope you have as much good times with the pup as you did his sire
  4. Swap them both with blackie for a grab baby of minstrels and a banana Yazhoo milk shake
  5. You gotta grab them bargain lad stop messin about
  6. Seriously though my younger days as a nipper were spent hunting the local golf course right next to Birmingham airport I used to mooch the golfy day and night ferret the cargo areas back of the airport happy times as they say
  7. She was a demon on the eighteenth used to get stuck in sand traps the dafty
  8. I had a bitch that would shit rabbits out her arse on golf courses by me
  9. Stupid is as stupid does mam
  10. May 17th your bluffing cause I've had cameras set up on it ground since may 16th I've been sending drones out aswell
  11. Fair play lad I never knock any body I used to be out and of July few years back had a spot of bad luck so I don't go out now until after the 5th the 1st time out I'm poaching all blackies spots before he gets chance to get on there ✌
  12. Bad omen for me starting before the 5th of September I Waite until after
  13. Just off out with my bunch of kers now week off work
  14. Mine have been getting a few hours a night round the manor
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