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  1. Yeah I think 1/4s ideal mate some of best dogs I saw run well 3/4 grey 1/4 bull
  2. Il be honest I'm thinking of swerving away from the bully types eventually in my opinion they draw to much attention I've got 2 in my kennels now 1 I bred myself and I think these will be my last I'm afraid to say
  3. She was about 24tts I think that's big enough I know lads with German wirehaired pointer that are better then any lurcher round an earth and crags
  4. Best dogs I had for round an earth was my old 2nd gen half x bitch quick off the mark good nose on her she wasn't any world beaten but she was handy enough
  5. I always argue with my self................ No you don't Yes I do No you feckin well don't Now listen to me yah muppet you do my head in everytime you start this crap Wha ever trevor
  6. Never easy when they go my old shepherd bitch died other day suddenly nearly 10
  7. Lovely looking dog reminds me of my mates merle bitch he used to run he used to work for David Hancock along time ago and she was bred down from a dog he had from there many moons ago
  8. These fackin blow flys dunnow wat a gangsta is
  9. Alas harnesses of the throat
  10. How's the old Arab hounds looking they ready for the stubbles
  11. Oy keep that to ya sen
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