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  1. I bought one of the these for my chihuahua bitch 1 minute she was just a couch dog next minute shes in a suped up Subaru doing 4 out o 4 on the big land
  2. What's a saluki x greyhound
  3. 3 pups that are left are strong little buggers got that fight in them
  4. Well I've had a right kick in the teeth both me and the bitch went into labour early hours of sunday morning she had 3 pup fairly quick,then I had another pup born dead then another born live all seemed to be going well then time went on no signs of a pup but I could still feel pups in her,I'm 1 for letting nature run its course and I didn't want the bitch stressed,my normal vet wasnt available so I had to look round for another vet 10 oclock sunday night I found a vet who would give the bitch an oxytocin jab then I gave the 2nd,early hours of monday morning a still pup was born,I knew she had
  5. And for disinfectant parvo xp very good stuff used by vets etc
  6. I use cherry deoderiser from where I work kills off any piss smell round the kennel
  7. I bought 2 at a car boot before wicked little lamps
  8. Ok who's got the wigji board out could somebody tell brian we,ve heard enough now
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