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  1. Best pic of a cloud I've saw so far
  2. No surrender boys I was a mere young buck when they ban came into place under cloke and dagger I've hunted ever since and i will til my time is done
  3. Now I was always led to believe pork was meat of satan and shouldn't be fed to a dog no matter what but I've fed it time to time and I know lads who feed it pretty regular and there dogs look tip top so I'd used discretion here
  4. Bitches deffo mature quicker then dogs I've got a young dog in my kennels I wont start him til hes nearly 2 be next season for him loyal dog but daft as a brush,best bitches I've had all started early had 1 bitch I used to take out digging was showing her foxes at 6 month she was getting stuck in 11 month old killed her 1st on her own never looked back sadly she was killed would of made a real good bitch but wasnt meant to be
  5. Wanna watch bumping into Roudy woman in the fields like that ray they might have there way wi yah
  6. I hit mine with a mallet twice a day
  7. Leave them nuts alone
  8. Remember that summer night we had to rondavue in coalville and they were climbing out the ditches
  9. Propa gs roll the red tube bru
  10. Wer the 5th trust thee I payed the maximum price for it
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