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  1. I heard it's all a conspiracy but I don't believe in all that shit these tin foil hats are shit
  2. Who's ripping off my styles then come on
  3. Yeah man I don't mess about these are hard times it's a tough world out there
  4. I like to catch them and let them go for the next night
  5. Id out him if he's bringing them back half dead
  6. Wonder how many of these cats are nueterd and micro chipped if there left to roam around causing all sorts of chaos like you said if our dogs did that we'd be getting fined and all sorts
  7. Im making a point mate that people talk like it's easy to stop a dog a sight hound at that fact from taking a dislike to something that it primudially wants to catch and kill and you think keeping it on a lead and saying no is enough to make them stop come on if that's the case I could stop my dog chasing anything at all heres another 1 for you years back my mate kept cats with his working dogs in his house the dog was brilliant in the house loved his Mrs cats the minute it went into the field it seemed to have a radar for finding cats and he wouldn't make friends let's just say that and as for rspca I have no time what so ever for thats glorified charity
  8. My dad was a bird keeper as so was I as so was most of the people who I grew up around pigeons canaries etc and to me the cat was the enemy only Last Year a good friend of mine parted some young birds into a flight on there own cat got in the the pigeon pet killed 1 of his well bred young birds that he had put time in to rear as long us to people it's a hobby there birds are there pride and joy and for a fat moggy to come in and do that isn't nice it's just like a mink or fox doing it
  9. Well if that's your point young sir I will take heed and tell my dog no to every moth bitten that parades round my manor and thinks they own I'd better stop baiting up the garden aswell with tins of wiskers and Felix thank you sir I have seen the light
  10. I'm glad I'm on no social media what so ever this is the only site I'm on be it a sane place or I just go on here because it's something to read while I sit on the toilet or Waite for an egg to boil or the kettle to boil
  11. A lot of straight laced people on here then by the looks of it
  12. And just for the record a feral cat can live anywhere there's plenty in urban areas because certain types of people don't give 2 fs about there cats animals etc and they'll just dump them and don't you know it that cats feral,just because a cat doesn't live like grizzly adams out in the stick doesn't mean it's not feral
  13. Like i said I don't condone actions of an individual person that's up to them but people saying there as bad as dog theives and stuff like that get a grip really you can plainly see that dog has no interest and the cat looked like it didn't give 2 fucks and how do we know this is not some proper gander train like a lot of the other bull shit that floats about
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