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  1. Tell yah what cocaine is hell of a drug
  2. Water which that is god dam it
  3. I normally rock a smoking jacket with a cravat pipe lofas monicle no under crackers and extremely long socks right before I under take a mushroom eating session on the south downs
  4. Well it's true you told me
  5. And if anybody wants to contact Plummer Blackie processes a widji board
  6. They rock the same mullet
  7. I think igz off here has got it
  8. Yeah igz is like a batter witch no crossing sticks when he's around he find a deep puddle in the middle of the Sahara desert
  9. Hmmmm what words are used profanities or are they like slogan type words I'm only asking as I would like my butler to do the same but I am undecided what channel to go down
  10. I heard he likes to have his way with a soft filly time to time just before sunset and after a carted stag or 2
  11. We're on the same page here duramitex is hard to come by these days I use the dip now
  12. Yes you end up with a throthy quim
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