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  1. Its been a while since I've saw one of those bought 1 just like that many many years ago from Powells in brum as a nipper
  2. Its all down to what's it worth to you
  3. If I could have 1 dog I wouldn't have any of these fuckers in my kennels
  4. Come on then mate what's sensible price to you then mines a shilling and 6 pence
  5. My mrs keeps a few chihuahuas for Danny licking great for alarm systems any f****r by my front door there like a pack of angry gremlins
  6. Well yeah I agree with you there mate,let's be honest the price is set by the buyer if there gonna pay what ever price for what ever dog or animal or object then they've set the president if people didn't pay the money people wouldn't put the prices through the roof
  7. Believe me the best terriers and the best lurcher get sold through word of mouth for a glint of that price or gifted no need to advertise them
  8. Appreciate a player dont hate one but
  9. If that's your dog thats a nice dog butt
  10. Wow wow wow I ain't told you the combined weight I in took
  11. Jaffa cakes go down like the titanic also biscoffs,malted milks and many more then the mrs says you've hardly touched dinner
  12. Like a run away train
  13. If there chocolatee were in mate
  14. Well you ain't trying hard enough then
  15. I've heard all the stories it gets boring my dog went out killed 75 hares in 1 week 25 deer a 10 nights lamping 20 foxes a decking polar bear 2 emu a carabu and a giraffe I swear on me kids life it comical really is fairplay
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