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    Lt 50 quad

    View Advert Lt 50 quad Works fine needs new pulley needs to go ASAP Advertiser Ebo Date 20/02/20 Price £250.00 Category Vehicles and ATV's  
  3. Ebo

    Lt 50 quad

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    Works fine needs new pulley needs to go ASAP


    Salford , Manchester - GB

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  5. Most aren't travellers as such nowadays either in a permanent site or House I know most round here and I have know bother going on site if there is a issue it's always the younger that cause it but the main man on site always puts a stop to it as he doesn't want the grief
  6. Caprieve good or always easy to get some tramadol atb
  7. Yesterday
  8. I have seen a few like that they don't normally turn out friendly or on side
  9. Yeah, I’m freighted up with pegs and lucky heather !
  10. Do my beddy x whip 3-4 times a year no ill affects. Atb
  11. blades have been heat treated in a atmospheric controled furnace , cyro dipped in liqued nitrogen, and double tempered back to 58/59 rc
  12. I’m frankly shocked that anyone thinks asking someone if they want to sell something is odd? I mean when has a traveller asked you to buy something
  13. pair of deerstalkers knives 120mm blades from bohler n690 austrian stainless , red g10 handles with stainless fittings
  14. The thread for the collar cap? I’ll give that a go too
  15. Alright pal go easy on me, it’s my first old fashioned knocker box! I’m only used to the bleeping orange mk3
  16. Getting boring now.ffs whats happened to boxing
  17. stay away from them fox's they are dangerous thing's they have anthrax/ rabies and some even have nit's.
  18. To be honest im young and am interested in many types of feildsports and would like to try more in the future. I know to you experienced feildsportsmen I may talk a bit daft but I just wanna get stuck in I suppose.
  19. You do get some that have a slow click. my mate collars run slower than mine and I can tell when they are underground which ferret is where. I would recommend good batteries though those cheap Chinese ones leak and corrode the centre pin. Giving the threads a good clean and I recon they will all read the same. Cheers Arry
  20. WILF


    Wonder what sort of spanner the Provos running Ireland will throw in the works ?
  21. I've got three collars here 2of them click slow and the other one clicks fast I don't think there is anything wrong with yours mate it's just the way they are
  22. WILF


    Quiet a good result for my little hammers tonight, only 2 goal loss. Apparently we were as shite as I expected.
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