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  1. Lucky Bred Pups

    you might find your once in a life time dog you might spend the rest of your life looking for it at this time of the year the hares are flying it takes a good dog to take them single handed hope your lucky and find what your after best of luck you just might need it
  2. Out today

    this has got to be a windup
  3. Saluki X Whippet

    I owned a first x years ago a very good daytime coursing dog on small fields or big land I would love to own another
  4. Best Catch So Far

    She's a lovely bitch what height is she tts
  5. Cannie Whack It

    great to watch a dog working cover
  6. Saluki Greyhound

    I have a first X saluki greyhound 9 months and he's a pleasure to own perfect with stock jumping well and his recall is brilliant I couldn't fault him in any way
  7. Finally Here At Last

    is that max that's the sire
  8. Saluki Whippet Greyhound Pup

    why not
  9. Deerhound X Greyhound

    lovely big dog what do use him for
  10. Ad In Cmw

    Like the look of them how much is he asking for one
  11. ???

    get it to the vets straight away
  12. First Cross Collie Greyhound ???

    I can assure u max is the real deal I've been out with him a few times and the dog is brilliant at his job
  13. Help Boneman Wanted

    Tom peppercorn comes up to Carlisle once a month
  14. Fens

    you'll be telling me next its white hares u run and there hard to kill as well , a good saluki X will kill on any type of ground
  15. Fens

    you've obviously never been if you think it's easy , it takes a special type of dog to kill down there