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  1. Cheers are sleeping areas boxes or full height ?
  2. What’s condensation like inside sleeping area ?
  3. Can only kill them once mate remember to leave a few
  4. A know 1 thing a 3/4 bred greyhound deerhound not stand upto graft a Mali x or a saluki x there bred for speed 30 sec wonder s be on bench a lot and it’s hard to get proper tested parents breeding that way.
  5. Disagree with you on that pal but everyone to there own opinion day or night the saluki lurcher takes some beating on specific quarry.
  6. Saluki lurcher in different league to Alsatian greyhound in my eyes yes maybe 1/10 a good dog but be lot wastage too.
  7. 3/4 greyhound not suit you too fragile seen few run would nt own one.
  8. To be fair he possibly would gift dog to Keith because a realy don’t think he in it for coin just does nt know what he wants in dog game dogs always look well and definitely puts game in front them just likes to chop nd change.
  9. Good glad it’s sorted just need dog now pal.
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