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  1. Havelightforcewilltravel

    A few runs on the stubbles

    Shoulder injuries once got heat out start with ultrasound or massage but let dog free run by it’s self otherwise end up with muscle wastage and been there done that with swimming don’t realy see any benefit but that’s just my opinion.Best luck with injury.
  2. Havelightforcewilltravel

    till we meet again

    Chin up pal need to think of good times you had and stay strong you got plenty years in front of you and plenty to do sure many lads get you out for day doing what you love.RIP Ruth.
  3. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Groovy Stan

    Was very fast greyhound but a villian sure broke hock never produced much few minor open racers rest graders.
  4. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Pre Season

    Most greyhound trainers feed meat and meal as 1 on large scale think if any problems something would flagged up always soaked meal and bread added meat pasta veg never no problem s. Everyone different so is every dog what works for 1 don’t work for other had greyhound bitch fed any kind meat lost her form badly so biscuit only.
  5. Havelightforcewilltravel


    Cheers if get stuck il msg you thanks.
  6. Havelightforcewilltravel


    Did you get yours from abroad or UK.And did it need re program?
  7. Havelightforcewilltravel


    Who s using what tracking devices and how are you finding them.And does anyone know who re program s them cheers.
  8. Havelightforcewilltravel

    BBC 1 now,poachers in Hexam.

  9. Havelightforcewilltravel

    BBC 1 now,poachers in Hexam.

    What channel was this on ?
  10. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Any ideas

    From my experience they sharp clear up bathe in salt water or get down beach mate a think top of crop heads cause them with them been sharp and god knows what been sprayed with a may be wrong but think that’s what causes them hope get it sorted
  11. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Any ideas

    That could possibly be the reason do they look like big spots ? Had dog that if went in crop fields had same sort marks on him.
  12. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Any ideas

    We’re they in crop fields ?
  13. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Getting dogs fit this time year
  14. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Summer plans/broods

    Spare dog pup available out these 2.
  15. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Racing Greyhound litter question

    All depends how much you want first x and how long you prepared to wait and a don’t think you need top class greyhound as they seem more injury prone a suppose an accidental kennel mating off 2 graders who had 100 races each would be better option for greyhound.