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  1. Ultimate dog bus but pure pulling material which ever end country your in.
  2. Possible reaction? Cold hose get swelling down and arnica gel if no joy some kind foreign body or infection.
  3. File nail down. Steep in cold water with hose pointed at toe 4 times a day.
  4. Looking at redness a would say something in it or infection looks angry not bruised.Any holes ?
  5. Eric Ferguson from Ashington owned Axel and another local lad had its sister meant to have been good on all quarry day or night.
  6. The name a gave her suits turned it cracking bitch.
  7. Obviously at some point you have to breed out but then breed back in, me mate has line there and likes to keep it as tight as possible has had couple defects in odd pup but been ok tbf.
  8. If you have line of dogs and want to keep the quality’s they have you have to breed tight a think then you know why your getting before there even born.
  9. Chicken mince chicken carcasses a would stay away from beef myself too much protein for older dog strains kidneys tins mackerel and tin rice pudding in morning.
  10. Love them or hate them at the time when they were about they definitely but some game away and done bigger deer regularly, too many people talk about what they done etc for some or all of it too be true decent lads too.Just for record a don’t own minshaw never have and personally have never seen 1 run.Best pure for deer none got to be saluki lurcher type for me
  11. Realy like look him how did he turn out and is he still around ?
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