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  1. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Some thing different

    Have you sourced a Pup ?
  2. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Some thing different

    Thought a would add a bit fuel to fire
  3. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Some thing different

    Only Minshaws can take 100 rabbits a night
  4. Havelightforcewilltravel

    RIP Tigger

    Tigger was trigger x Sal no scooby in there.
  5. Havelightforcewilltravel

    RIP Tigger

    Only heard good things about him served you well,R.I.P Tigger.Have dog here bred down from hope he can do him proud.
  6. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Dandruff in dogs

    Definitely not bedding then, try shampoo if don’t work look at feeding pal could also brush with very soft brush or towel down let us know outcome
  7. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Dandruff in dogs

    Could possibly be see how you go with shampoo if don’t work try cut beef out completely till you start running them hard again but see if shampoo works first there’s shampoo called seelen very good for bad skin.What bedding are they on ?
  8. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Dandruff in dogs

    Might be too much protein pal.
  9. Havelightforcewilltravel


    Seen plenty greyhound s with tail s cut after damaging them in kennels makes no difference whatsoever to how they ran and think price is round £140 mark.
  10. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Summer plans/broods

    A have msg you back.
  11. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Summer plans/broods

    Yes handy bitch killed decent numbers bunny’s on lamp Pud tell you about her
  12. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Summer plans/broods

    It’s way forward mate no one looks at you with labradoodle cheers
  13. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Summer plans/broods

  14. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Summer plans/broods

    Hopefully she s took pups be due 19th May 1/2 brother sister mating .
  15. Havelightforcewilltravel

    Getting time to work the dogs with work/other commitments

    Scaffolder on price work so graft our balls off,still out with lamp 4/5 nights week travel more on weekends and do bits with terrier weekends too it’s a killer sometimes but got to be done.