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  1. Please do mate and let me know
  2. I been told the snugs a magnetic on the top and sides not just the floor so was told there better also been told there not much good but I’ve never used them tbh
  3. Any one point me in the direction of a snug box
  4. Is there any solutions what will help speed up the process or help to bring the red blood cells
  5. I was told some bitchs still produce milk up to 12 weeks after a heat cycle
  6. Hi I have taken on a bitch what is 11 weeks out of her heat cycle, any tips how to get her back to her self and any supplements/food what may help ??
  7. Would someone be willing to make a rabbit drop trap box and fit it on my permission the permission is just outside of Buckingham obviously I will pay cost of making the box and travel and for obviously for doing it
  8. Seen it mate 3750 and it’s only part trained lol
  9. Looking for a full/part trained cocker bitch right money here for right bitch good home awaiting
  10. Cocker spaniel View Advert Looking for a cocker spaniel bitch full trained or part trained also looking for a puppy any info message me thanks Advertiser lampingmad1 Date 27/04/20 Price £111,111,111.00 Category Gundogs  
  11. Yes please pics of dam and sire would be appreciated
  12. Hi I am looking for 2 working cockers, preferably one part trained or fully trained bitch, also a pup what I could try and train on myself. thanks
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