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  1. Iam looking for a fully gun trained cocker spaniel bitch must retrieve on and of water and bush please inbox me with any information
  2. lampingmad1


    Just asking people opinions tbh I have had dog jack for no reason before so in my eyes I think it was pushed to much when a pup
  3. lampingmad1

    Big Cat Sighting

    Seen a massive black thing in luton didn’t wait around to see exactly what it was
  4. lampingmad1


    The permission I have doesn’t have a lot of hares so I was thinking about getting some live ones to let go there inbox in you can help will pay for them
  5. lampingmad1


    Any one hunt around Buckingham or is it just me lol
  6. lampingmad1

    Wilder vs fury rematch

    Witch one would you put your money on in a rematch? I personally think fury in the best. anything can happen in this division but skill beats power in my eyes. He’s lost 10st that’s will power #proved #legend #big #dosser lol
  7. lampingmad1


    Opinions if a dog gives up will it give up again??
  8. lampingmad1

    My pup

    7 month to day very happy with him
  9. lampingmad1

    My old dog

    Very fast aggressive he was and Lucas x crow 1st litter
  10. lampingmad1

    My old dog

    Some dog he was I’ll be happy if he’s pups I got turn out half as good
  11. Any young dogs or bitchs similar way bred
  12. lampingmad1


    Iam looking to buy wild rabbits please inbox for more information thanks
  13. lampingmad1

    Bedlington x greyhound 1st 2generation

    Yeah I think I might aswell with a bit of luck and the right proven stock I should get what Iam looking for
  14. lampingmad1

    Bedlington x greyhound 1st 2generation

    I hope I find one soon if not I will start my own line and thanks I’ll give northern light a message to see if he can help me