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  1. I’ve had dogs for about 50 years and never had permission I certainly won’t be stopping now no matter what the laws are
  2. I’ve a dog here out of rover but he’s about 2 1/2 now
  3. slaying everything it runs aye right there’s no such dog
  4. I recognise that ground I’ve walked those hills for more than 40years
  5. I hope when u say get rid u mean rehome
  6. The transporter I use is £80 but I’m not sure I would want to put a pup of that age in one
  7. There were boys there with the hounds and a few boys with lurchers
  8. We’re you anywhere near Sanquhar this morning
  9. I had a first x saluki whippet from Paul a very handy daytime dog
  10. He doesn’t mean Jacko he’s still living
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