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  1. The transporter I use is £80 but I’m not sure I would want to put a pup of that age in one
  2. There were boys there with the hounds and a few boys with lurchers
  3. We’re you anywhere near Sanquhar this morning
  4. I had a first x saluki whippet from Paul a very handy daytime dog
  5. He doesn’t mean Jacko he’s still living
  6. Does anyone use one of the fish based complete foods and what are there thoughts on them
  7. I see it’s up for sale on dragons driving £300 due to owners I’ll health
  8. another good topic wasted by the same people
  9. I had one years ago from Jeff Burrell I might have just landed lucky but she was a very good bitch I used her on daytime hares and rabbits she was more than capable at her job and I’ve got to say I’ve never had a dog as easy to train
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