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  1. prefabs

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Ffs grow up
  2. prefabs

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    I see it’s up for sale on dragons driving £300 due to owners I’ll health
  3. prefabs

    Summer plans/broods

    another good topic wasted by the same people
  4. prefabs

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    how’s his bitch bred chaff
  5. prefabs

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    I had one years ago from Jeff Burrell I might have just landed lucky but she was a very good bitch I used her on daytime hares and rabbits she was more than capable at her job and I’ve got to say I’ve never had a dog as easy to train
  6. prefabs

    Beddy whippet breeders

    there’s bedlington whippets for sale on DoneDeal 11 months old
  7. prefabs

    Dog pup

    what are u breeding next time lurcherlad u must be due another litter
  8. prefabs

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    its not really a surprise he’s been through dozens of dogs in the last few years
  9. prefabs

    Coming on like a dream

    lovely bitch what age is she now
  10. prefabs

    Looking for working lurcher

    I’d be very surprised if you can buy anything decent that’s working at this time of the year
  11. prefabs

    Pure saluki x whippet

    you’ll have some fun with them the litter my dog was out of were all more than capable of doing the job best of luck with them
  12. prefabs

    Pure saluki x whippet

    I had a first x saluki whippet dog in the early 90,s he was a brilliant daytime dog plenty of pace very tight behind a hare and stayed on well I ran him on small fields and open land he was good on both I’d love another one like him
  13. prefabs

    My two

    very nice that bitch is a cracker
  14. prefabs


    how's your dog turning out craigo
  15. prefabs

    Couple of My Wheaton x

    I saw this dog at the game fair a right tank of a dog very impressive