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  1. Hi,anyone tryed on of these on a nightforce nxs scope??
  2. i have had a roe buck run 100yards with mashed heart and mashed lungs
  3. not cartoons but av early memories of watchin gental ben and grizly adams and also THE LITTLEST HOBBO a used to love that .
  4. sounds like the foxes on your patch have seen (heard) it all before
  5. remington all day long.(i have used them both)
  6. rioulike

    mr pit

    have had deals with mr pit hes one of the good guys
  7. good lamps,used one when i was a lad and acounted for meny a fox
  8. i use the 3"/50g version bb shot.I like them
  9. i was out lastnight and got 2,had them flying in to the call,think they must be hungray with the hard spell of weather we having.Not had them come in so well for a long time
  10. i use a cheap pair of fleace gloves and just chop the triger finger off for shooting
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