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Bella she's a 5/8 3/8 who will be 12 months old next week,she's already bumped into a few odds & sods on our daily exercise wanders..she is 100% going to do what's asked of her if early indication

4th full season for this fella. Just does what he does. Been great to have him as a role model for young dog. Always keeps me happy this fella Atb Igz

Fawn dog...bull/grey x saluki/bull/grey....black bitch 1st x..

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1 hour ago, South hams hunter said:


Gyp - 5/8 3/8, joshes son which was gollys son. Never really given a fair crack by my ex BIL. IMG_20210312_170340.jpg.27e02703fe56408a2fa6d6921898399a.jpg

Rocky - 5/8 3/8. Was an absolute pleasure to own, could be trusted around any stock but took all game. Just a really good natured animal 


Chief - 3/4, son of rio. Daft as a brush IMG_20210312_170452.jpg.43c8874252696c01ac623a3f41360419.jpg

Tom - 3/8 bull, 3/8 grey and 2/8 whippet. Another pleasure to own but could be a head case one min or a puppy the next. IMG_20210312_170756.jpg.a4e35e93b221fa6761ed3d4dd96e1e1a.jpg

Rio - 3/8 5/8. Absolute f***ing headcase; didn't keep him long. Bought him off here, had him for about 6 months but not suited to the land down here 


Jess - 3/4 - hard as nails, fast as f**k but she ran like a baby giraffe. She never looked elegant at anything, just a head on bitch 

Gyp was a nice looking dog to be fair but a knob. I remember that Rio when you had him!! Head case is a dulled down vision 😂

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Just now, South hams hunter said:

He was beautiful to look at but a f***ing nuisance. 

I was putting it pc about rio

Only way to put it about that dog!! 

You going to get a runner again you reckon or you done with it all really? 

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6 minutes ago, South hams hunter said:

Im going to get one but when I don't knkw mate. Got to have this old staff gone first 

That still going must be getting on now! I've not really done much this season lamping wise done alot of mooching the dog I got gets shoulder problems when hes ran hard but think I'm sorted with another one as long as it all goes to plan so that will be good. 

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1 minute ago, Saltmoon said:

That still going must be getting on now! I've not really done much this season lamping wise done alot of mooching the dog I got gets shoulder problems when hes ran hard but think I'm sorted with another one as long as it all goes to plan so that will be good. 

It's 11/12 now. I'm too busy fishing atm to think about it 

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7 minutes ago, South hams hunter said:

Sea mate

I've started getting out abit from the shore like not much luck but still good to get out got no chance of catching without a line in the water 

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      Hello, would just like a few pointers from the more experienced members than me on the best way or their particular methods of breaking terriers to livestock? I have a relative that keeps poultry on an allotment that would let me take my pup through, but he’s 5 months now and like most working bred terriers he’s feisty and excited by fur and feather. I wouldn’t want any nasty mistakes to happen so any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
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      any opinions or advice be great lads👍👍
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      She is a stunning wee dog, very unique markings, great temperament.
      Any help appreciated.

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