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  1. Our iggy will build rocket ships on the moon if you have high quality treats waiting for him. Good dog to have in the house and for a family but I like the lurchers for having workability and more grit.
  2. I've had a few lurcher mixes, and the wife's pride (an italian greyhound) was very trainable. The lurchers can learn some basic obedience fairly quickly but other than recalls and name association, I don't care much to "train" them. They are a different make- my current stud lived outside most of his life with nothing but a little dog house and hay- he's tough as nails and the 'yotes he's run into would attest to that if they could?. I've always said if I was ever going to thoroughly train a dog i'd be gettin a dobermann or czech/ddr GSD.
  3. Hi from USA. little bull into a lot of grey has done well for yotes. Know of an 8 year old stud who can solo a yote still. Speed and tenacity. Also make for good pets around the house.
  4. Well, the owner did disclose today that he's a bull grey. Damn you guys are good! Cheers lads. Loving the dog. Can't wait to see him work.
  5. Think I determined that this guy is certainly a bull lurcher.
  6. Bit of bull huh? Interesting. Could be,
  7. Haven't asked about the mix or anything just yet. Looked like something I would want for what I plan on doing though. Just curious of the mix, looks very greyhound to me.
  8. Hello everybody, Looking to bring another lurcher into the family. Dog is around 2 years of age. Received these photos for now. Looks predominately grey, but i'd be interested to hear the opinions of others. measured at around 26 inches to the withers. Cheers.
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