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  1. @Bakerboy smooth coat with a faint ‘wispy’ broke coat coming through.
  2. @Daniel cain Thank you Daniel, that is my exact intentions of this bitch. But I didn’t know whether I was able to be as ‘open’ as that on this but that great! She’s a nice bitch, that’s bold as brass with the terriers on the grass yard but what’s my best way of progressing her?
  3. @sandymere thanks for your response. I hope someone has had experience with this mixture as I want to bring her on the best possible way that works well with her breeding. I’ve already heard comments that she has too much bone in the leg and too broad for rabbits ect
  4. I’ve been given a 13 week old lurcher pup by a friend who is too unwell to keep her. Father is Wheaton, Bull X Deerhound and mother is Saluki X Bull. I’ve seen photos of the parents and seen them work however I’m a terrier man at heart who’s always toyed with the idea of owning my own lurcher. When this opportunity arose I thought sod it and took her on, ordered a heap of books which haven’t yet arrived. my questions are quite silly but could someone with a good amount of knowledge just explain to me what I’d be expecting with that sort of breeding, the work she’d best suit and what
  5. Morning lads, so I’ve always had black fell terriers and work them to ground. But for a few years I’ve noticed people starting work slightly broken coated very short coupled terriers that are little savages. I never really get a clear answer to what’s in them but I really like the look of them. one chap told me he’d crossed his Sealyham with a Russel and it turned out a good little worker. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this breeding specifically for earth work? thanks
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