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  1. @Aussie Whip Totally agree, it’s just a shitt*r of a situation. Good terriers around me are few and far apart to get my hand on and move things forward in my kennels, always kept myself to myself. I have that one bitch and the rest of the boys are only getting older!
  2. @Bakerboy smooth coat with a faint ‘wispy’ broke coat coming through.
  3. @Daniel cain Thank you Daniel, that is my exact intentions of this bitch. But I didn’t know whether I was able to be as ‘open’ as that on this but that great! She’s a nice bitch, that’s bold as brass with the terriers on the grass yard but what’s my best way of progressing her?
  4. Morning lads, so I’ve always had black fell terriers and work them to ground. But for a few years I’ve noticed people starting work slightly broken coated very short coupled terriers that are little savages. I never really get a clear answer to what’s in them but I really like the look of them. one chap told me he’d crossed his Sealyham with a Russel and it turned out a good little worker. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this breeding specifically for earth work? thanks
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