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  1. Aye seen your blue pup....nice pup...
  2. Aye they turned out well.....do you know anything about any the rest of them or where they ended up
  3. Aye same litter....a mate rared the 2 from pups....give me the bitch...he's been talking to you before I think
  4. Roll on September....my bitch and a mates young dog....1st x's...
  5. Fawn dog...bull/grey x saluki/bull/grey....black bitch 1st x..
  6. half x roughly,told bit of ridge back to
  7. Hi think u brits have more to worry about, just watched angry white and proud.not 1 of ur so called far right men can swing a punch..trying to fight so called terrorist s with flags, beer bottles and fat fuckers.take a look at our irish history real men, the rabbits on your land will soon be m..I.m, your buddy david has his cock so far obama's ring he cant see past him to whats really going on.think if you dont like curry start learning to.
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