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  1. staffs riffraff

    the fight

    I think these mexican cartels have got something to do with it lol on a serious note i did think he looked absent or slightly doped up imdont know just seemed too happy he had lost
  2. staffs riffraff

    Muslim problem.

    I give u a muslim problem lol i had change my lads school pretty urgent recently to my old junior school and 25 years ago when i used to go id say 95% white now he came back with a letter from school about how 50% of our kids muslim and we expect them not to be fasting i was shocked it had gone up so much i obviously knew there were more than when i went but 10 X in 25 years ? Especially moving from a little CofE rural school that was 99% white. First sign of problems he b out there
  3. staffs riffraff

    Title race

    You could say that about after they lost champions league last year wilf Was watching the 2005 the other day and what a team milan had lol Crespo Shevchenko Pirlo Maldini Seedorf Stam Dida Kaka what a team they came back against that night
  4. staffs riffraff

    New estate car

    Get 40/50 to the gallon as well
  5. staffs riffraff

    New estate car

    I work at a toyota dealershilp n trust me if getting a new motor get the hybrid corrola plenty torque from electric motor beatifully smooth comfy and look quite nice in right colours nice inside as well
  6. staffs riffraff


    I beleive that sepf destructive nature we have against other humans is natures way to keep the population back down after it gets too high as no matter what we do to the planet it will recover when we are wiped off her
  7. staffs riffraff


    You do know that the polish borders were shifted westward taking a huge chunk of german territory ? After uncle jozeph had taken half the east of poland. Thats why i question things as i have more than a passive interest in history and how you think the weirmacht took so many prisoners in first few months of barbarossa! Because stalin was about to launch a massive attack against the germans if you have a strong opinion either way look into it properly you will see both sides were played against each other for specific interests
  8. staffs riffraff


    ,fhe numbers have already changed so many times and i for 1 am not denying the nazis did atrocities but i believe they were in a fight for their survival and if you look into it how german people all over europe were treated between the wars and stalin was 100 times worse than nazis but we let him have half europe and today its considered comunism as some fukin progressive liberal crap when it was responsible for dozens of millions of deaths over europe and asia
  9. staffs riffraff


    Dont get me wrong i think as a people we brits will never again be a population as great as them i just think we were forced/coerced into a terrible inter ethnic war because the germans pushed to brink of death, humiliation, despair threw off the shackles of versaille treaty and shown the world you dont need their usury/systems and thrived while the whole western world we in complete meltdown in the depression i mean 3 million jobs in his first year in power? Wow why the whole world was haemorrhage them. From what i have seen why looking into it with an open mind war was definately forced on germany without a doubt. Heard of the jewish biycotts on germany in early 30s? Things like that
  10. staffs riffraff


    Pretty sure the gas chambers if you looked properly can see are hugely if not totally untrue for 1 why would they delouse shave heads tattoo prisoners that were off the train straight into the gas showers. 2 have any of u seen the size of the crematorium oven that was responsible for cremating millions of bodies ? I try find the video and with real data of how long it takes the process they still be doing bodies now. 3 it was very end of the war when the camps were liberated and germany could barely feed their army never mind civilians and prisoners now im not saying they didnt do terrible stuff but we literally killed 100k,s in one city of refugees in couple days at dresden i really think if you have a strong opinion of ww1 and 2 as its all connected you should really look from other side. And if we fought to liberate europe what feck did we let an even bigger evil empire take half without even trying stop them?
  11. staffs riffraff


    Whats peoples opinions on this as i have seen some very in depth videos totally disputing with evidence doing sums from eyewitnesses and comparing them with known facts from crematouriams how how long bodies take to cremate etc heres 1 video i try find the better 1 https://www.bitchute.com/video/W3oo90Fv8ZyT/
  12. staffs riffraff


    I cant seem to put a link up but i think alot of people on here when they got time need watch a few episodes of a documentary called europa the last battle and the greatest story never told now i dont blindly believe everything i see or hear but an awful lot seems to add up. Now am i proud of our colonial past ? Yeah we were facking goodbat it a tiny nation like ours did alot of good as well as bad, look at the countries these 3rd worlders flock to? Canada Australia new Zealand usa. All very similar and founded value and society wise by people from the british isles and if it wasnt us then it would be someone else. Also we stopped shit like the burning of female babies in india we stopped the slave trade and actively enforced it and people make out we went in to the bush hog tieing these afros lol all the while the native brits were working in hugely dangerous jobs as children even had a calorry diet nearly half the modern african average of today so it not as if every brit was home counting his slave numbers he was sending to his jamaican plantation lol all this most recent sped up immigration is for 1 thing its to create hatred by us towards people from the middle east so 1 country has got cannon fodder when it eventually decides time is right
  13. staffs riffraff

    Fishing Comp 2019 numbers

    No forget lip lol of couse pil, we need start sort it soon really
  14. staffs riffraff

    Fishing Comp 2019 numbers

    I b there bringing both my lads 8 and 6 should be back on rd by then and return favour 4 twobob thinking getting caravan with boys ?
  15. staffs riffraff

    Mass shooting but new zealand this time

    Good luck to him mate. It was only a matter of time im surprised it not happened more often