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  1. Is that the same as showbox katch? I watch most new films online on solarmovie.red but any films that go on showbox are good quality
  2. Thats after most of the manufacturing base and equipment was removed by france and uk to pay reparations huge parts of germany under foreign control and when he took back control of german territory and other ethnic german territories voted 99% to join germany we were told they annexed them pppffft
  3. Thats one of the reasons they allow uncontrolled and actively seek immigrants as each person is a commodity for debt
  4. Why do gou think Hitler was such a threat before anyone mentioned gas chambers? He did away with all that outside manipulation and backed his currency off the value of the days work the people did AND IT WORKED germany thrived from 33 to 38 even when there was a worldwide jewish imposed embargo and economic war against them. Dont believe me look it up these banker elites were talking 6 million jews years before the war Hitler did terrible things but there literally fighting for his peoples existence. That night of the burning books? All pornography and anti german and bolshevik propaganda he created aeconomic miracle where a barrow of marks couldnt buy a loaf of bread to first autobahns
  5. Yeah seen it on their facebook earlier mate
  6. If you got a minute spare please sign this. https://www.granthamjournal.co.uk/news/poll-should-the-belvoir-hunt-be-allowed-to-continue-its-boxing-day-meet-in-grantham-9084617/?fbclid=IwAR2yWkXLTdHHAFYfRKe7GOOrlpINZx_hecq8LE3qwbLtD8h8RiWXA0EALW0 Nothing to do with me or even local to me but these traditions need saving
  7. Great video online think it from redicetv 10 reasons greta thunberg is a fraud lol they are all shills yes we are having an effect by overpopulation and everything that goes with it but id say negligible effect on temp rises. What happened to Al Gore's much backed up predictions ? What happened to the (HOLE IN OZONE LAYER) lol and i could punch the little horrible thing in the mouthshe another " EUROPE WILL NO LONGER BE A MONOLITHIC SOCIETY AND WE WILL BE " types
  8. They are re arkably similar sandymere lol
  9. I cant disagree with that in the slightest. People ARE different and racism in the wishy washy sense of the word goes both ways maybe more towards whites from other ethnicities and there is no denying anyone without blinkers on can see how 9 or 12% "whichever statistics you believe " their countries are being pro actively and rapidity being flooded by peoples far different from them and its going to end badly no doubt about it. And i will stand in a stadium 8 hours a day 7 days a week and be called whatever the fick they want for 10% of the average prem wage
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/Saczak1/status/1170671264467431424
  11. I think the lib dems will take more off labour and thats what lqbour are worried about as they want to stop brexit but cant decide if they going to campaign on that after saying and pledgeing. They would honour the ref result and lib dems only thing is stopping brexit and at least they admit it so i hope farage and johnson can do a deal as they could get a huge majority if they formed a coalition along the linesof DUP,TORIES current one
  12. That sounds great Kev hope it really takes off for you. And i could do with a new job change of place im living when it does just be me n a 6 and 8 year old lol
  13. Aint they trying get the white farmers back now as they couldnt use the land properly lol should of had a rubber necklace sendoff the ape
  14. Who the fook does that orrible treacherous worm think she is with all these court cases ? Or should that be whos funding hwr and making the decision behind her to take the referendum result and try and do everything to ruin it
  15. Got them today greyman, TOP BLOKE thanks again pal i shall get some pics up with the little ones bruises where they shot each other lol
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