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  1. Anyone had any experience with this make of rriflemen offered 1 with scope for what seems like decent price ?
  2. What a photo you mind if I save that pal?
  3. Anyway who got any whippet base/ heavy I fluenced lurchers planned know of
  4. Just skipped through dozens of pages at a time to TRY get up to date with thread but needn't of bothered the people who believe in the vaccine and all the data that apparently proves masses are dieing of covid seem to be digging their heels in and same goes for people who don't want vaccine and believe the government are being true to form from past experience. There seems no middle ground but is it because people don't want to admit whichever view point they chose don't want to admit they were duped/plied to scared or people that distrustful of government departments and institutions their vi
  5. And you guys know who this is right? It was said at the start of this crap that hospitals were manipulating figures for financial gain but were tinfoiled away
  6. So they had exactly what they needed ready to cut in to a "live feed" and knew exactly what was going to happen during something that never been done before and it worked perfectly ? What if it didn't work out exactly the way they apparently knew it would? People would rightfully question the whole broadcast
  7. Bad year for berries round me seem to have been few before ready to pick then just disappeared before they were edible
  8. Maybe us as a WHOLE(people of this country) after the sacrifices our grandparents and great grandparents and the people who made this country/ civilization call it what you will don't deserve to have the best place as in safety health justice freedom etc etc in the world I don't think people really know how bad it is in most countries outside of western world and few western influenced Asian countries.Now this country far far from perfect but imagine walking down street someone point u out say u robbed a potato and get lynched set on fire or numerous atrocious daily things this is why I don't
  9. We been short of staff across the whole NHS for decades mate so it would be simple to fix in a decade by offering free university placements for people who serve a certain term after graduation or if they leave then pay back amount taking consideration of time you served?
  10. I got a cocker pat here good bitch great temp good hunter fast as f**k if I had room I'd of had a male off ya with option keep a bit of a line few years down line
  11. They won't shut up about seeing the drone footage now lol
  12. Kids fine now but I feel like crazy still it was horrible drive back but glad I got going when I did by time I got home I so glad I wasn't driving anymore. They had great time until 4ish in morning and didn't want what they had being passed on to everyone but they experienced 1 now
  13. I would not put it past the older 1 at all but younger 1 lectures me about smoking fags drinking everything lol
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