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  1. staffs riffraff

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Nice 1 mate i pm my address let me know what postage an whatnot pal
  2. staffs riffraff

    Fishing Competition 2019

    I did ask if you managed catch this year lol
  3. staffs riffraff

    Fishing Competition 2019

    I not got a clue mate what i want to eventually use it for when im capable is just take it out with mutts knock few squizzers out of trees n wotnot pal
  4. staffs riffraff

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Where best place get bands from mate got an old milbro ali catty want start taking out needs banding up
  5. staffs riffraff

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Good do guys absolutely gutted couldnt make this one but gonna make sure nothing gets in way next year. What were weights kev and what pond was fished
  6. staffs riffraff

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Cant wait for 31st going see loma fight with stoney100 should be great if can go past 3 rounds
  7. staffs riffraff

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Good luck lads gutted i cant be there this year but shite happens i know you will all have an awesome time anyway
  8. staffs riffraff

    the fight

    I think these mexican cartels have got something to do with it lol on a serious note i did think he looked absent or slightly doped up imdont know just seemed too happy he had lost
  9. staffs riffraff

    Muslim problem.

    I give u a muslim problem lol i had change my lads school pretty urgent recently to my old junior school and 25 years ago when i used to go id say 95% white now he came back with a letter from school about how 50% of our kids muslim and we expect them not to be fasting i was shocked it had gone up so much i obviously knew there were more than when i went but 10 X in 25 years ? Especially moving from a little CofE rural school that was 99% white. First sign of problems he b out there
  10. staffs riffraff

    Title race

    You could say that about after they lost champions league last year wilf Was watching the 2005 the other day and what a team milan had lol Crespo Shevchenko Pirlo Maldini Seedorf Stam Dida Kaka what a team they came back against that night
  11. staffs riffraff

    New estate car

    Get 40/50 to the gallon as well
  12. staffs riffraff

    New estate car

    I work at a toyota dealershilp n trust me if getting a new motor get the hybrid corrola plenty torque from electric motor beatifully smooth comfy and look quite nice in right colours nice inside as well
  13. staffs riffraff


    I beleive that sepf destructive nature we have against other humans is natures way to keep the population back down after it gets too high as no matter what we do to the planet it will recover when we are wiped off her
  14. staffs riffraff


    You do know that the polish borders were shifted westward taking a huge chunk of german territory ? After uncle jozeph had taken half the east of poland. Thats why i question things as i have more than a passive interest in history and how you think the weirmacht took so many prisoners in first few months of barbarossa! Because stalin was about to launch a massive attack against the germans if you have a strong opinion either way look into it properly you will see both sides were played against each other for specific interests
  15. staffs riffraff


    ,fhe numbers have already changed so many times and i for 1 am not denying the nazis did atrocities but i believe they were in a fight for their survival and if you look into it how german people all over europe were treated between the wars and stalin was 100 times worse than nazis but we let him have half europe and today its considered comunism as some fukin progressive liberal crap when it was responsible for dozens of millions of deaths over europe and asia