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  1. staffs riffraff

    360 excavators

    Well i absolutely nailed that test so now im officially qualified, absolutely buzzing
  2. staffs riffraff

    Will It Make A Busher ?

    How this dog turn out vin?
  3. staffs riffraff

    360 excavators

    Yeah mate in a scrap yard getting the hang of it slowly but surely keep alot more control of the grab hardly swinging it at all now cheers lads
  4. staffs riffraff

    360 excavators

    The examiner coming to our place and on our machine mate
  5. staffs riffraff

    360 excavators

  6. staffs riffraff

    360 excavators

    Anyone here drive them above 10 tonnes? Training on one with a grab for work and basically let to it or well not being taught properly he not an instructor just someone at work got my test in couple weeks so anyone got any little tips etc?
  7. staffs riffraff

    Conditioned dachshund bitch

    Nice looker but whats it up to work wise? Each to there own and every person has them for different reasons but id sooner an ugly worker but it nice when u get best of both which hopefully you have pal
  8. staffs riffraff

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Kev mate but will need sort something out with you soon mate?
  9. staffs riffraff

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Trying msg you mate
  10. staffs riffraff

    Fishing Comp 2018

    What i cracking weekend great venue great food and top notch people what more can u ask for? Nice see few people again and meet few more cheers bob for picking me up and cheers newkid for hosting it
  11. staffs riffraff

    Mesh panels

    Anyone got rough idea how much galv panels are worth think it 2in mesh 10ft x 4ft? Got 16 of them
  12. staffs riffraff

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Thats what you think lol
  13. staffs riffraff

    Old bottles etc

    You lads would of had a field day where i live before they built an industrial estate on it there was early victorian brewery and had thousands of stuff like that on bet alot still in some places where its not built on top of
  14. staffs riffraff


    If labourers on that i quit my job move wherever new work is sleep in a f****n tent weekdays come home weekends i SERIOUS lol
  15. staffs riffraff

    Fishing Comp 2018 Numbers

    99how many kids are going this year my lad 5 but having doudts bringing him as b fishing comp so worrying he not wandered off etc anyone got small life jacket lol