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  1. staffs riffraff


    With all the corona virus lockdown et why are huge numbers of 5g towers being erected ? It's like they want people to be distracted or am I getting lockdown syndrome lol
  2. Temple of wotan goods read in few pages I got so far
  3. First doctor to die was in my town other day 45 yr old
  4. This was 3 weeks ago before it got really bad
  5. there's no waway China was able to contain this Virus like they have without procedures and logistics in place to start with
  6. I don't know how true it is but apparently Italy had 100k Chinese migrants return from China at the time of Chinese New year which is when the virus in China was getting bad so they came back to Italy and spread it around before Italy had chance to do a thing about it. U know China is a manufacturing powerhouse but it's like they were ready for this. Virus look how quick they got on top of it
  7. I'm gonna start a co operative sort of self sufficeint emergency place that can support it's self with food and medicine for12 months minimum just need someone donate 40 acres and 20,30 people pay 50k each lol
  8. Did anyone hear about the Iranian cleric spouting off about his prayers cleared covid and don't listen to the west about isolating then a few days letter he dies
  9. My lurcher bull,grey,deer is getting too fukin much of a guard dog lol especially where my young boys are
  10. Again after countless times before
  11. I'm dieting get on some them barbell mate I'm ready when you are mate lol
  12. What makes it worse the suit was for black history but the character/person wasa FICTIONAL character that a white man made up lol
  13. People keep saying oh wilder only has a punch lol it's boxing that's all they can do and it's not JUST a punch. Fury rag dolled him well done fury I can't see Joshua doing any better as I think maybe wilder got better punch resistance than AJ
  14. Always told by me grandad learn something new everyday lol
  15. Staffordshire oatcakes, Bakewell tarts
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