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  1. Ayup lads im in the market for a new lamp looking for a tracer 170 with lithium battery, I've looked on the tracer website and can only find a 140 and 140vp and 150vp, do they not sell the 170 or 210 anymore?, cheers bb
  2. And pinched a squirrel with catty the dog spotted
  3. I told you on my last post mate and she's a Beddy whippet x collie whippet grey but thrown to the whippet she's only 22tts
  4. Cheers mate doing well with the lamp I had of you aswell and she's doing good for me even if the rabbits are thin on the ground. Atb merry xmas mate
  5. Mother was a beddy whippet father was meant be a collie whippet beddy whippet, she's 22tts and her brother is 27tts Lol
  6. That's what happens when you let someone else make it lol
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