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  1. Cheers lads, that brindle bitch is a hand full very full on lots of fire in the belly and that dog pups is just relaxed, nice steady dog both showing very good signs
  2. 2 pups Out my old dog coming up 9 month & the sire 10 year old, high hopes for these, both parents single handed on all game
  3. I’ve the alpha 100 with the tt15 collars (french setup) got it cheap new off eBay the guy had loads of them all with uk maps unreal peace of kit
  4. 2 young pups that’s got it all in front of them 6 1/2 month old brindle bitch touching 80lbs black dog pups just over 75lbs both just under 25”
  5. Absolute nightmare it was mate, I tried everything but cartilage grew over the injury so couldn’t even get him fit
  6. One of the best ones I owned 2nd gen half x, gifted him to a terrier man after he injured his hock
  7. That’s the dog out of inka & Burt, made a handy size 27” he’s a few screws missing
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