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  1. Good dogs get bred if your involved with the right lads
  2. Had one quite a few years ago now splash of Kerry blue way back in the line, 29” dog absolutely fantastic animal in the field taken all quarry single never seen a dog like him sadly died out lamping, took a pup out of his sister and he was terrible
  3. Doesn’t look it now or smell like it but I’d never be without one
  4. As said get your hand right up the rear arches check right up there terrible for rust, lifted ours and winched it up definitely Best motors about for the dogs but get ready for all the trouble that’ll come with owning one ? forever getting pulled over
  5. So received the bullpup back from mark Tuesday, got it built back up filled and zeroed, straight of the bat the action is a lot smoother and easier to cock and quieter action, accuracy is now pellet on pellet at 40 yard and run over the chrono it’s running 11.5ft lbs with a 4 fps spread over 10 shots, I put 5 mags through it so 45 shots and from 200bar fill it only moved to around 170/180 bar this guns now shooting amazing anyone with a xm1 bullpup/p35 I definitely recommend using mark
  6. Was in contact with mark yesterday he’s got the gun shooting at 11.6 With the reg at 75 bar every things running smooth, big difference from going to him shooting 10.4 and dropping down to 7ft lbs, now I’m looking forward to getting it back
  7. I’ve had daystate over the years and wouldn’t own another ? I’m more a rapid man but I like these little bull pups
  8. Yeah I heard great things in mark and with it basically been a p35 he was the only man for the job I’ve never had a gun out the box that’s so bad
  9. Mines in getting a tune with mark Dempsey the reg was all over the place
  10. We’ll with the xm1 I recently purchased just sent out to mark Dempsey for a tune as the reg was all over the place I needed something to get me out and about with so put the word out and managed to get this fx wildcat in .177 and 5L bottle for £400, just had a plink in the garden and accuracy is something else, I will be getting a full strip down service as I do with all 2nd hand guns i buy
  11. Tbf he’s had loads sent to him and returned them all with parcelforce so it’s a possibility he’s a good 2hr from me so don’t fancy the drive
  12. Cheers Phil, I’ve managed to track mark down been speaking with him this evening, I’ve heard good things about his work I’m just not that keen on sending an air rifle postal
  13. Recently purchased an XM1 but Anyone know much about these? I no there just snowpeak p35 in a fancy dress so I’m assuming same reg and internals as both made in the same factory, so has anyone got any links on tuning either of these guns ? Atb
  14. There’s only one man I’d let touch a theoben and that’s Kev
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