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  1. Dam is Wheaton bull greyhound & sire is 5/8 bull 3/8 greyhound
  2. Only young dog’s but coming into there own now
  3. Only trouble I’ve found with the lads using the sport dog tek 2.0 they tend to loose signal when in thick wooded areas and remote areas like Forrest of dean which isn’t good
  4. Good friend of mine I’ve seen it work in a few occasions cracking animal
  5. Bit of deerhound into the sires side, very handy catch dogs
  6. Both from same breeding but 2 breedings ago be about 2 year old maybe a little older but both very good dogs owned by a couple of my pals
  7. Old boy 10 year old and his daughter 9 months
  8. Is that shadow x wolf pups from SH?
  9. Cheers lads, that brindle bitch is a hand full very full on lots of fire in the belly and that dog pups is just relaxed, nice steady dog both showing very good signs
  10. 2 pups Out my old dog coming up 9 month & the sire 10 year old, high hopes for these, both parents single handed on all game
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