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  1. Just had my firearms officer round to go through my application, all seems good and should be ok except if I want to have more than 5 guns I need an alarm on my safe which is fine but not sure what to get. Can anyone suggest a good place/ type of alarm to get?
  2. Hi i have seen online that it is possible to get a 10 shot tikka t3 magazine (found some in Australia I think it was) I contacted the shop and they don't sell to the UK. I can't find any for sale in England are they sold here and I am being a div or is there not a market for them?
  3. Hi I am looking to get a recoil pad fitted to my shotgun, i am in the devon area and i am looking for any recommendations on who to use, so far my options are go to sportsman or ladds and have them take it to be fitted but I would rather deal with the gunsmith myself then there is no confusion over what want done. So has anyone got any good advise on who to use i would prefer not to have to travel to far Thanks for any info
  4. Mine took just under 3 weeks, that was almost 2 months ago now, im in the devon area
  5. Thank you for the input but the mk 38 is just a ultra xs but cheaper made from what i have seen of them and i already have an xs. I have seen and heard a lot of people think mirouku is the best bang for buck gun on the market and the 38 is a popular one but its a down grade from what i have in the browning sat in my cabinet. Why dont you like your friends 725? Bad fit? Cheap feel?
  6. As above do you own one, im asking because in the last month i have been through a few shotguns and want to find one i can settle on. Gun 1: A browning ultra xs 30" adjustable stock liked it but it was a bit short in the stock and the nose was a bit heavy, still own this gun wont sell it as it was my first shotgun Gun 2: Loving clay shooting so i decided to buy as stated on so many forums and by the guys at the rfd "the best shotgun" a DT10 32" adjustable stock and found i really didnt gel with it so sold it to fund gun 3 Gun 3: 692 32" felt much better liked the lighter feel of it and the swing was better but still not 100% happy The only other gun i have been looking at and thinking about is the Browning 725 either normal or black edition mainly because i think over all i am a browning man and i have heard really good things about them. So anyone have one that can tell me if they are what the hype suggests? Whats the recoil like? Thanks in advance
  7. One thing i will add to the sx3 though is when they get a bit used it starts to show its price tag, a chap i do a bit of rough shooting with and he comes to the clays every now and again has one (well used) and it jams often, it in general feels very cheap and short lasting, as for being fastest shooting on the market it can only fire as fast as your finger can move, honestly how often are you in a situation where you need a second shot any quicker than the few seconds it takes you to correct yourself from recoil? If you are pulling the trigger for a second shot instantly you will miss as you are never right from the recoil of the first shot that quick. I am from the school of thought that you get what you pay for, always buy the best you can afford at the time, That being said each to thier own i wish you all happy shooting those of you with an sx3
  8. I used to use eley firsts 7.5 28g from sportsman exeter 1000 for £159, i recently changed to sportsman super smokers they are also 7.5 28g and are made by trust 1000 cost £150 thats the cheapest i have found. The super smokers have slightly more kick but i seem to hit more with them so maybe they are faster, the extra recoil is negligible so i am glad i changed
  9. Here's a brief rundown: The A400 Xtreme is a 3.5", 12ga. shotgun designed primarily for duck hunting. It is built to withstand harsh conditions, like snow, sleet and saltwater. It also fires 2 3/4 and 3" shells. It comes in black synthetic and camo. The A400 Xplor Unico is a 3.5, 12ga. shotgun designed primarily for upland hunting. It has a walnut stock, is lighter than the Xtreme (for the long trekking of upland hunt) The A400 Xplor Action is a 20ga. shotgun for upland hunting, super-light and very low recoil. It has a wood stock. The A400 Xplor Light rounds off the Xplor line, and it's an in-between model, between the Action in 20ga. and the Unico in 12ga. It's a 12ga. 3" light shotgun with wood stock. The last shotgun in the A400 line is the Xcel, which is designed for clay shooting. It has a longer barrel and is slightly heavier. Hope this helps you decide. I have a friend that owns and shoot regularly an xplor unico since he dislikes camo and synthetic and he swears by it
  10. I didnt suggest that people do wait in hides for pheasant you haven't missing out on anything over your 30+yrs of shooting So no need to panic I added the extra few words in caps to clarify what i meant sorry the first post was not completely understandable
  11. Most people from what i can tell prefer a o/u for pheasant maybe your stood waiting for guaranteed birds and not stuck in a hedge/hide where the gun can get dinked, personally if it ain't on a clay ground i take the semi auto or a pump action
  12. Ruster

    Recoil Pads?

    Solved my recoil pad conundrum, my dad can shoot the browning ultra xs fine as it is so since he doesn't have one that is now his gun and i went out and got a beretta 692 sport which fits great all is well that ends well
  13. I have just got and used for my last 3 trips to clays a pair of Napier pro 9 ear defenders they work very well and i have had no problems with loud bangs or hearing what people are saying while i have them on, another plus is they don't need batteries to work. The foam that goes around the ear canal will need replacing after a lot of use but they are cheap so no problem there Look around on eBay to thats where i got them for £14 and they arrived with a price tag of £26 on them haha I would recommend them
  14. I have got a super black eagle 2 and i have been thinking about swapping it in for the beretta a400 xtreme so if i was you on your budget given i vote beretta a400. I think the sbe2 is slightly over rated in all the hype it gets comfortech stock etc none of it seems to make a high difference as advertised. What your question really boils down to is would you prefer gas or inertia, if gas go beretta if inertia benelli/browning A5 I am going in this week and if the trade in price is good i will have the beretta A400 xtreme by the end of the week
  15. Ruster

    Recoil Pads?

    Yeah i have done quite a bit of research into it too and gunsmith is what most people suggest, i was thinking about doing it myself but after watching a few youtube vids and looking at my stock (it has a curve to it) i would not make a nice job at it. Shame really i wanted it done by the weekend as i have a lesson booked on Monday and would prefer instruction on mount and line of sight on a finished fit but i guess i can put a recoil pad on and not worry about it looking good then get it shaped at a later date Thanks for the replies
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