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  1. jam1


    Do you still have these mate ?
  2. jam1


  3. jam1

    New Kennels

    Don't no how to put pics up
  4. New kennels, block work done. Any ideas [BANNED TEXT] I can put over Bob hole to stop drafts?
  5. Do you still have these mate?
  6. jam1

    Dog Bedding

    Get to beds r us you tight b*****d
  7. jam1

    Dog Bedding

    Any body no where I can get any dog bedding for my kennels? Thanks
  8. jam1

    50Y Longnet And Basket £60

    Still for sale?
  9. jam1

    Rapid 7 Mk2

    Been thinking of selling my rapid 7 mk2 in 22 cal its just sat there doin nothing! ITS GOT SIMONS 4-9-50 DEERFIELD 1 7 shot mag and a brand new hard case an bipod it stands me at £700 open to offers thanks
  10. jam1

    Mk1 Box

    Hi I've got mk1 box with two collars 8ft £125 posted
  11. jam1

    Rapid Mag

    Hi is it the 7 shot? Am just waiting for a email 12 shot mag £38 posted
  12. jam1

    Full Set Up!

    Just box and collars £115 posted
  13. jam1

    Rapid Mag

    Hi am after a rapid 7 mk2 mag ? Thanks