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  1. Well i havent been on in years so i dint know lol
  2. Well guys been doin a bit over the last few days putting the panorama 3x9x40 on our lasses ultra se .177an sighting that in down at the airgun club, and getting the airmax compact 4 x16 x 44 set up on my baby my hw110 laminate .177 Set the 110 up outside in a slight breeze other day an its had its first real outing tonight just before dark an bagged a woody for its first kill. Got up quite early this morning an had a quick mooch on the new permission baggged a squurrel first with the ultra from about 30 yards had to stalk under a tree an watch it burying some nuts while i
  3. Haha ayup lad! Not really been pushin much apart from bottles of whisky down my neck at an alarming rate. Lockdowns been crap when gym closed for months an its hard gettin back.. i look like a right whale these days. Think Randy from Trailer park boys
  4. Well ladies and gentlemen xmas has come early New hw110t laminate .177 for me (regret selling my hw100kt) to go with my old faithful hw97kt .22 And a bsa ultra se .177 for our lass so she can come plinking with me. Took her out yesterday down the permission to show her what shooting is like as shed never been before. She loved it! But my hw97 was too heavy for her hence the little ultra for her Managed the one squirrel but wasnt really out for a hunt just to show her the joys of shooting let her have a few shots at some little sticky targets an her first shot was a
  5. Well decided to treat myself to a kfc, and the gun club is only down the road so thought id pop in Got a mamba lite on at the min.. 'Scuse the ugly mug but I gotta take a selfie haha Then pumped her back up to fight another day and gave her a good massage with an oiley rag hehe Hopefully westher isnt too bad at the weekend, really need to get out! Happy hunting lads. thanks for your time
  6. I didnt end up going haha ... maybe this week Glad you're all ok lads
  7. Ayup my dudes how y'all doing.? Might go to the range with my hw100 tonight.. blow the cobwebs off it haha.. she hasnt been out for a while. Wonder how bad i will do?? To say I'm out of practice would be an understatement haha
  8. Cheers lads cant wait to get out again
  9. I dont do too bad on inclines im used to it by now lol
  10. Ayuuuup fellas. Went for a quick mooch last night! First field 2 shots 2 kills one kneeling the other standing unsupported. Quick walk around seen 3 rabbits closest one got into the brambles as i was taking aim. So took aim at another must have been 50 yards looked quite far first shot went under his head second shot nailed him after I aimed a bit higher. Got another shortly after. Then I shot 2 more that both flipped into brambles and I looked for ages but couldnt find them!! So 4 out of 6 ain't bad I suppose.
  11. 'General airgun discussion' sure it didnt say 'house of commons' ??
  12. Going to ask the farmer see if he seen any target birds crows pigeons etc going in to there. Hopefully I can sort them out for him
  13. Cheers guys thought i better do a half decent write up after not being out for ages lol. Forgot to mention when i was zeroing i noticed loads of bird shit in the cow barn thing behind where i amwas. Never noticed it in there before. See songbirds go in a lot but never any pigeons or corvids. The poops were quite big so i recon it might be a big bird ?? Or do wagtails have logzillas like woodpigeions ???
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