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  1. 3,426 posts and your shy :laugh: :tongue2: atvbjimmy :thumbs: yes
  2. My name is Craig and im very shy
  3. Ive been around for YEARS doin this shit .........................But this guy knows his stuff !!!!!!!! how are ya old pal , hows family and life goin for ya ? Hows me Julie n Carol ?
  4. T20 is Infa red LED ( doubler , doubles the throw ) Doubler lens on the photon , and youre easy into yds clear pic
  5. Ive had 2 , their ace mate , get a doubler on it and a T20 doubler IR , cant be beaten for the money IMHO
  6. http://www.microglobe.co.uk/yukon-advanced-optics-photon-xt-46x42-s-digital-nv-riflescope-p-11673.html
  7. Best thing for a photon is a doubler , lens cap trick , and T20 doubler , fkin great bit of kit !!
  8. I was actually washing and weighing pellets when he rang me ..... So there hahaha
  9. Saw a very clear print 9 days ago , on a farm in Stafforshire
  10. i can smell pussy from afar ..................... ok i`ll get me coat lmfao
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