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  1. cragman

    The Specials

    I can’t match that but me and the wife went to see The Fureys on Thursday last week. A really good night was had
  2. cragman

    Goodby Doris ......

    “Che sera” old lass
  3. cragman


    Good bit of trick camera work there. The container with maggots in was in two halfs and he picked up something that looked like real maggots and he didn’t eat a hamster ffs. But he was very funny, loved him.
  4. cragman

    Fox trap

    Build your own and on the large size as well. A lot of these ready -to-set traps are too small. You might get one every now and then in them but it’ll be hard work. I’ve got one on a farm, I had it made by a friend and it never fails.
  5. cragman

    The irony

    It’s not what badgers eat that’s the problem, it’s the number of badgers versus the number of hedgehogs, the number of leverets ground nesting birds, wild bee colonies etc. They just outnumber everything in the countryside but in cull areas there is a reverse in figures. Even the RSPB and others try and offer protection for other wildlife against badgers without culling them by building high fence lines around areas with ground nesting birds
  6. cragman

    The irony

    All he’s doing is helping those orphaned or injured hogs to survive, which is a good thing but then he’s releasing them to be eaten by old brock, so he’s not saving them. The badger cull us doing more for hogs, numbers are up where the cull had taken place
  7. cragman

    Seeland rucksack question

    Jackets, helmets or anything needed in an emergency. It’s just somewhere to stuff things if you’re short of room inside
  8. cragman

    Blackcap nest

  9. cragman

    Blackcap nest

    Red Grouse
  10. cragman

    Price match

    Brilliant boots, really suit me as I need comfy, supportive boots with my feet! Never had wet feet with these boots and I always treat them after use.
  11. cragman

    Bad day for hunting

  12. cragman

    Derbyshire swallows

    Heard my first cuckoo on the Derbyshire moors today. Looking forward to studying them again this year
  13. cragman

    Bullfinch nest

    I remember as a kid finding and then visiting a bullys nest regular and the female remained on the nest when I got close. She even let me stroke her while sat there.
  14. cragman

    R.I.P the Anfield iron .

    Good player, every team had a hard man in those day, rip tommy
  15. cragman

    Ammo safe

    View Advert Ammo safe Comsafe 18lt ammo/personal belongings safe for sale. Electronic entry and keys for emergency opening. Measures approx 13.75” x 10” x 10.5”. Surplus to requirements as I have a built-in ammo safe in my cabinet. Can deliver or meet up within reasonable distance in N/West Advertiser cragman Date 12/04/19 Price £75.00 Category Miscellaneous