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  1. Good three hours on the scaly tails. Ended with 48 plus. We had a beddy, a JRT, two teckles and a lurcher. Happy farmer
  2. More like I’m flying solo…sometimes take a mate who never stops fidgeting and talking
  3. Went up to a farm yesterday to clear some undergrowth for todays ratting session and was asked to come back last night as a fox had been trying to get into the pen. Waited an hour for this dog to make his way towards me. He stopped at 75 yards to test the wind…Hornet and Wraith with a Vmax round
  4. Not bad here this weekend, no moon last night so perfect. I’m out again in a minute then ratting tomorrow afternoon.
  5. Popped onto a farm I haven’t been on for a while, expecting to find a litter running around. Didn’t find a litter but stopped this big vixen at 60 yards and nearly had another that came in nicely until it winded me. Lucky fox, I was just about to pull the trigger. I’ll have it next time .22 Hornet with a Wraith on top, a 35gr Vmax hitting the engine room
  6. I got bought tickets to see him at buxton a few years ago. It was ok but he’s a big anti so if I got bought tickets again, I’d return them
  7. Don’t know where you are in the country FH but you’re more than welcome to come out with me for a fox or two. I’m north west area
  8. Waited for this chap for nigh on an hour last night. He wouldn’t come to any call, so I waited for him to come to me. He was in no hurry, disappearing for a few minutes in cover then reappearing. I was stood near a chicken pen, watching rats scurrying all over the place with a tawny owl also watching. Dropped the fox at about 85 yards with the Hornet/wraith and a v max pill
  9. I find it boring to watch, same with the womens cricket and rugby. It just doesn’t do it for me
  10. cragman


    Be interesting when there’s a fire on UU land. There won’t be many keepers and countrymen helping them to fight it, and they’ll have all the right gear ?? All good will lost in one go ?
  11. Great player and seemed a real gentleman off the pitch RIP
  12. cragman


    I follow the Pennine, have done for 25 years or more.
  13. cragman


    He’s gone and a woke, anti has taken over and moved her team in. The antis have got at them ?? fishing will be next
  14. cragman


    Aussies have form in this kind of thing. Didn’t one of them bowl under arm on the last ball in a match once bowling a pea roller?
  15. cragman


    Yep, works internal website is full of this shite, along with PRIDE weekend diversity bollocks
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