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  1. I’ve got on top of the geese on certain permissions by pricking their eggs and keeping at it until it’s too late in the season. Then knock the adults off with the rimmy. As has been said, they moult in July so that’s another chance to keep at them. Lots of feathers on the grass will tell you when they’re moulting. Watch their movements when they feed, they won’t go far from water, It’s their place to escape to when they’re moulting so try to cut their route off back to the water. I’ve found them to stay calm if you get them all together, then dispatch them humanely. Even on the water they can be guided into an area if using a boat like a dog herding sheep. Any that do get through and hatch can’t breed until they’re three years old so it could create a bit of a break in numbers breeding. I visited a place this spring and pricked lots of eggs, went back two weeks later and they were down again. Did the same and they went again. Don’t prick eggs if it’s the first clutch after the end of April for obvious reasons. I’d advise to record the date for later clutches from the first egg so you’re not pricking eggs advanced in incubation.
  2. It’s just to get the rifles to the car and when I’ve finished, to tidy and cover up all my gear. I stop sometimes on the way out or back and it’ll just stop people noseying. I won’t be using it to lie down on to shoot. Keeps the neighbours noses in place as well
  3. What are people using for carrying their rifle in? I’m after a bag or case to take my rifle that has a scope with a small torch on top. I also have a T8 mod on the same rifle. At the moment I’m making do with an airgun bag that’s just enough to cover the rifle and gets me to the car unnoticed but it doesn’t zip all the way up. I need something that will take the rifle with all the gear on comfortably and protect it. It’s the same with my rimmy with bipod on. Gone are the days when I could visit a local gun shop to look what’s suitable as they’ve all closed. Be good to get some recommendations before buying on line, thanks
  4. Back at the place I was at last week last night. I tried one place which drew a blank and went up on the hill. Flicked the light on and there were eyes in amongst the sheep. Couldn’t be sure at first and with my fumbling to get the filter off, by the time the white light hit the field, it had gone a good hundred yards away and kept going. I always make sure at what I’m shooting before firing and have lost a few over the years doing so! Didn’t help that the farmer pointed out a new cat in the yard last week, just planted a bit of doubt in my mind. Anyway, this young dog fox played ball, coming over the hill like a train and sitting 75 yards away. Ruger Hornet again
  5. Zzzzzz! So they can stop the football as well can’t they? We’ll be more social distanced than footballers at a corner kick I’d say. Keep hunting
  6. Anyway, full marks to the BBC for putting the league table up after only two games we’re played earlier ysdsy! Surprise surprise, two teams had three points the rest had nowt, I wouldn’t have guessed that knobs
  7. Never watch the shite especially if that big eared twat Linekers presenting. Overrated and over paid.
  8. View Advert Hilti levelling device Hikti PM 2-LG levelling device for sale. V good condition, comes with pouch and will have four new AA batteries fitted. £60 posted. PM please Advertiser cragman Date 12/09/20 Price £60.00 Category Miscellaneous  
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    Hikti PM 2-LG levelling device for sale. V good condition, comes with pouch and will have four new AA batteries fitted. £60 posted. PM please


  10. Bog standard PPU factory which does what it says on the tin. I used to have a good friend that home loaded for me but he’s not around anymore
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