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  1. They’re normally taken for a quick energy boost, these are for a combined energy/fluid intake. Used to take a few with me when I cycled lots of miles at weekends
  2. I’ve recently bought some Deerhunter socks, seem to be decent, walked miles last Sunday in them. Good thickness, but not too warm. Early days but so far so good
  3. Lots on YouTube now and Old Country also just been put on
  4. cragman

    MP stabbed

    Doesn’t affect me but this will be more common now. Every fecker is angry, everyone’s got a gripe, be it brexit, covid, trans what’s it, blm, anti this or that, gas prices, illegals, green and climate, it’s endless!
  5. Yep, all timed to coincide with the rest.
  6. He has an agenda plus the vote for trail hunting on national trust land is due soon and the court case about the fox hunting leak is due on Friday so he’s keeping it all in the public eye.
  7. Eczema was being discussed on the Jeremy Bine show today in the medical slot. Find it on catch up
  8. Just a heads up to let members know that lots of Old Country programs featuring Jack Hargreaves are now available on YouTube. There’s some really interesting stuff in them
  9. Get to a dermatologist mate, they should be able to help.
  10. The trackers on utilities vehicles can tell them back at head office what speed you’re doing and what the speed limit is on the road you’re driving at that moment in time! No quite limiters but as good as
  11. It’s a minefield sometimes. I know lads who wear the Dovre and they’re very happy with them. The Glockners look a better boot than the burmas so I’ll be getting those when I get somewhere to try them
  12. The only mink I like to see are dead ones. They decimate the wildlife in rivers, on the river banks and in the countryside. Go the polecat/ferret cross way if you insist on this kind of project, great rabbiters and ratters, wick and tough little feckers. I know a guy who has this cross mustelid and has kept them years. Not for the faint hearted though.
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