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  1. cragman


    This was coming off Saddleworth moor last week
  2. Hunt sabs say thousands of foxes will now be saved. No they won’t, they’ll be massacred by the midnight cowboys with rifles They’ll be none left in that “country” within a couple of years, mark my words
  3. Classic banter there lads, had me pissing my pants
  4. Yep, you can get real close to them. Theyll be turning colour now. Let me know when you might visit, I’ll sort you out
  5. Depends what you’ll be doing in it. I’ve a lovely, BNWT RAB GORE-TEX walking jacket for sale, still in the wrapper. I think it’s in the for sale section under clothing etc. For more info.
  6. I got attacked last night by three scroats. I managed to knock one out. Probably not the best time for a wank but it could have been my last
  7. Used to stand next to a guy in the tap room that bagged a load now and again. You wouldn’t know until the smell hit you. He never batted an eyelid. Owed Les, he would sup Gold label and half a Guinness in a pint pot.
  8. Come down to me lad, I’ve plenty on my patch. I must see half a dozen every morning without any effort. You can stay over at mine if you like
  9. cragman

    RIP Bazzer

    Eddie and the Hotrods singer passed away today. Sang one of the best songs to come out of the 70s, “Do Anything You Wanna Do” RIP Barrie Masters
  10. They won’t be selective in what they kill unless they’ve been programmed not to touch reds if there are reds about. The bird life will suffer but it’ll look good on springwatch and bring the punters flocking
  11. Lost my brother and sister a few years ago and my ma and pa three years ago within a few days of each other. Still struggle with it. One minute they’re here....dad was so poorly he couldn’t even attend mums funeral after 66 married
  12. cragman


    Got a recent book about the film
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