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  1. cragman


    That’s what I meant
  2. cragman


    ? Have I missed something here? Doesn’t it work out the same for every year?
  3. I’ll give this a miss but might attend next weeks shooting show at Doncaster
  4. cragman


    They should have left her at Balmoral, she loved the place. Seeing her being driven through the city of London with all the whooping and whistling, compared to how the Scots handled it I thought was disrespectful. The Scots did her proud and handled everything brilliantly.
  5. Just checked mine, 112/65. Don’t know if that’s ok that but I try and keep fit and eat decent grub. No salt or sugar. Had a lung assessment last week being an ex-smoker and told I was fine
  6. Seen him years ago before he turned anti, a fathers day present from my daughter. He does go on about the Norwegians. Wouldn’t give him the steam off my p1ss now
  7. Nice big Charlie FH. Watched quite a few Roe on Saturday night myself but didn’t see a buck. I might have another look this week
  8. Dropped onto a place I do fox control on last night. We went to a spot where we had three cubs and a vixen earlier this summer. These were 150yds apart and the second shot, the adult dog, never flinched after the cub was shot first. 160 and 165 yds with the 22.250. Spotted another at dusk as we arrived so I’ll call for that this week
  9. Is anyone using a Wraith HD and if so what mount are you using for your IR? I’ve ditched the IR supplied with the Wraith as I’m wanting to use a Solaris SRX with mine but need another mount to lift it above the scope, thanks
  10. Owen Jones, enough said. He was getting a little excited on the radio yesterday, almost orgasmic I’d say. Horrible little prick
  11. Put some birds down the last two weeks, no partridge, so the season will be shorter. Started on grouse last week then earlier start on the pheasants. Will be back stronger next year I think
  12. It’s the sudden change in personnel in adverts, presenting etc that pisses me off, under pressure from BLM no doubt
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