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  1. I’m stuck on this clue to complete a crossword, “heavy laden postman” any ideas?
  2. Lads, I’ll be after a new .243 soon, what are you using in that calibre and would you recommend? I’m looking at Sako or Shultz Larsen at the moment. Also what scope? Cheers
  3. Aye, gerry missed the ferry RIP
  4. Tommy Docherty, ex Chelsea, Man U and scotland manager to name a few has passed away after a long illness, aged 92. RIP Tommy
  5. Thought he’d turned his toes up for a minute
  6. Don’t think it actually shows a kill so I’d guess it was humanely dispatched and hounds had a rag of it
  7. Got a day with hounds tomorrow then working through until Sunday
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