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  1. Can’t do with that Balding, she’s like dog sh1te, everywhere! Jack of all trades master of none. And the womens tennis game? Turned on the second womens semi final last night and the arena was mostly empty. Careful camera work only showed areas that had folk in.
  2. Good luck and congratulations on your retirement. I’m due to go that way in February next year but have been asked to stay on a while. I love what I do. I’ve a new manager, a new kid on the block and he’s pushing me to go even earlier with his shouty attitude. If I don’t clock the Cnut I’ll be free in February
  3. Labour and tories are too alike for me, nothing ever changes. At my time of life all I want is to be left in peace to live my life how I want. They’ve had 50 years of taxes and national insurance out of me and I’ve asked for nowt in return and never needed to use the NHS so far thankfully. Labour will ban trail hunting and shooters will be next to suffer under them, so it’s Reform for us in this house
  4. Cuckoo egg in a pipits nest, layed today, 10/06
  5. Should start laying this month if they’re pipit cuckoos. I’m watching several pipit nests at the moment, second broods.
  6. I’m a fifties/sixties kid. I say it often, I’m glad I was born when I was and had the best childhood. You had to live it to know what I mean. I had two brothers (sadly no longer here) who were my mentors and showed me the way and parents who encouraged independence and a free spirit. I’m still knocking about the woods and moors, jumping fences, walking miles and climbing fells. I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m very lucky
  7. cragman


    Late sixties, we all nested, had catapults, built dens, ratted along the river, dug out wasp or bee nests for grubs to go fishing, out from first light ‘til dark. I could go on, there was never a better time to be a kid
  8. Do any of you lads think this mole is anything to worry about?
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