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  1. cragman

    RIP minister

    Loved him when he worked with Basil Brush
  2. cragman

    Free lamp

    Looks like a Buffalo River. I use one. Great lamps that hold their charge. Nice gesture
  3. He was probably only reading what someone else had written for him. I agree with stiffy, can’t stand the guy
  4. No, but the lure of a “fanny” might have been too tempting, if he dressed up like a lady boy
  5. Dropped this fella tonight. Been after him a while, third visit but with the .222 this time
  6. I’ve got a lamp set up for sale, it’s a tracer lamp and battery. Could do it you for £140 posted. Have a look under lamps etc in the for sale section
  7. cragman

    County Down

    Wish I was there Chid, I’d certainly attend and support. My folks are from that way and I visit every year. I love the place, lots of great childhood memories from along the river quoile and Downpatrick. Good luck to them
  8. Can’t beat being a grand parent. All mine were here today bouncing off the walls and ceiling and climbing all over me. Enjoy it Socks
  9. Same with the adverts these days, always a black guy/white woman or the other way around. Brainwashing I call it
  10. cragman


    Got some today near me, plenty of berries on the stuff I got north west area/Saddleworth
  11. Bought mine a Hoover in November but got her some smelly stuff at weekend, Pjs, two tops she’d mentioned and a photo frame with two photos of us “before and after”....
  12. cragman

    Tattoos 🤔

    Some of those tats are beautiful, make mine look shite now it’s fading but I love those hounds and hunting, “Hark For’ard”
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