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  1. Just saw this thread.Hope it is still relevant? I had an Anschutz 1416 DG with the single stage trigger.I sold this rifle for and bought a CZ457 Synthetic which very much like.In fact there is zero things about the 457 that I do not like.In hindsight I made the right decision.
  2. Thanks.Nicholas Rogers is the chap that does the videos and he does some good ones.
  3. True Phil,most of the lads in a rimfire F.B. group I am in do not clean after every shoot and will let the fouling in the bore build up.
  4. Thanks Philpot.I take your point and all the other lads points and appreciate the advice - great rifle by the way the T1x (as you well know).The same in my 457 with regards to ammo preference.The interesting thing is that both the Eley and RWS group well, but from a cold clean bore,the RWS are good right from the first round, or maybe the second round anyway. Ok, now on to cleaning. I use a Patchworm cleaning kit.I am not certain if you are familiar with the Patchworm, but it is advertised as a very safe bore cleaner and I believe it is after having used for about a year and a half
  5. Thanks.I only get the flyer on the first or second round with some subsonic ammo (not RWS subs) and not usually with match ammo. I am not concerned about the flyers as with the RWS subs this just does not really occur and also very infrequently with match ammo (as mentioned). CZ say in the owners manual 'If the firearms has not been fired or if only a few cartridges have been fired, clean the barrel and cartridge chamber with a clean patch' etc..CZ also say if the bore is dirtier use a cleaning solution and brush etc, which I do not do, as i always use the Patchworm kit. I al
  6. Hi David thank you.?...It is easier to zero at my gun club on the 25 metre range sometimes as I can shoot seated on a bench.If I zero on the 50m, I have to shoot prone which I find a bit uncomfortable. The second reason is my scope is a Hawke Vantage which is a low magnification (x2-x7) and at 50m the entire bullseye is covered by the crosshair, so if I pull a shot it is not always easy to discern.The Hawke is a great field scope, but for targets not enough mag.for me. I am 1/2 inch high, which should in theory but me at 50 yards for zeroing, hopefully,lol.
  7. Hey Sausagedog. I use a very gentle on the bore / safe Patchworm pull through kit after every outing even if it is a few shots, so very cold and clean.I do like the 457 a lot.
  8. Hello all.? Just an update as it has been a while.I have been looking for a subsonic .22LR hollow point that shoots well from a cold clean bore and have recently started using RWS subs which do well, typically from the first shot..I have used a few different brands of subsonic H.P.s and they all group quite well after 5 or so fouling shots, but RWS like the cold clean bore,needless to say I am a happy and for me, decent shooting.?.I have used the RWS before in the old Annie 1416 DG and it was equally consistent in that rifle. A couple of typical below all from a cold clean bore..My s
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