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  1. Any one got any point of lay hens not stuck on a specific type just let that takes my fancie? thanks In advance.
  2. Looks quality mate leave it on your front door advertise the fact there’s still men out there proud of what they do!
  3. Well shot mate can’t beat a walk around seeing what crops up
  4. Just got rid of a medium sized meat out mama shed feisty but little than usual got the young one on the eye lid last night, hopefully not a bad year again. B******s
  5. What a lovely set up you have there mate.
  6. What a hide mate, great job you will be shooting in luxury out that.
  7. Anyone got any beretta optima HP extended chokes that want to dig out and sell preferably full set or if single need full and 3/4 thanks in advance, brad
  8. Struggling for time in between work and want to get on top of them mate
  9. Hi, I am part of a diy shoot. we have a problem with squirrels and our barrel feeders. I’m thinking of making a feeding station for them so I can sit and pluck them off. just looking for a few different ideas and how you’ve built yours. Thankyou I’m advance. bradley
  10. Top quality photos kim. Keep them coming great hunting and great looking land.
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