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  1. Totally agree SL Its well passed all this bad vibes , can we all not play nice please
  2. Totally agree stav and the only bloke out of 70 ,000 members that could shoot loaders and share the experience with us , it’s a shame and a few can thank them selfs he’s signed off atb
  3. I’ve the 455 model in both 22/17 never let me down and very accurate
  4. No more slagging each other then , agreed
  5. A grudge for 23 years fuc that I’ll be well dead by then
  6. FD you just can’t give it a rest can you , calling people names is childish, and yes I’m also guilty of that I take it you never took the chill pill
  7. Ian glad you had a great day out , and shot a few , please explain how you managed to hang up a plastic decoy pigeon ( see photo 2 ) to much wine may be
  8. Fuc me do you really have to fec every post up Db was fixing his brakes on his truck , you’ll be telling him how to do it next stop be so obnoxious and give your self a chill pill
  9. FD read it again you muppet it’s says your mate (FH) not you looks like your tiny brain is totally muddled up , must be by the shit you post I though FH was bad but buy fuc he’s a angle compared to you
  10. Well well dont that statement ring some bells , have you forgot about shooting foxes with the c50 that was fuked and then your mate continued with the 22lr just shows the mental abilities of your brain , calling names like a 6 year old ffs grow up man
  11. Seems to me the professional talks to much if this
  12. Truth hurts then FD so your condescending that your not the profound best fox hunter on this site well ant that a statement if true , bless my cotton sock, I don’t know what to say but I can assure you i will stand on every word you say , as we all know if you’ve wrote it , it has to be gospel have a nice day dick
  13. FFS Sd show some respect for the professional hunters on this site , you do know there far more knowledgeable than most of us get a grip man
  14. Great going SD And the caller round your neck is .? Atb
  15. And if you did any thing about on the street and was seen you’d be a murdering Asgard , people just don’t understand the damage they do atb mate Ps Get to the car wash you scruff git
  16. That’s the same as me left dominant shoot right ,left eye closed I’ve tried all other ways and can hit a barn door , not that I’m that good anyway , I just like wasting lead
  17. No write up just tried out the semi with the above , just a couple of hour out I can’t make my mind up if if they make any difference, I do find it easier to swing and track with one tho
  18. Father and son there’s no better combination One fine thing to do atb
  19. It’s called been a lazy git SL you’ll get a slating now from the hard core atb mate
  20. Bridget jones , you tart nice shooting Ben atb mate
  21. Same here cragman better to stop out of sight some times atb
  22. That looks a good set up mate nice shooting atb
  23. I’ve got a horse but I don’t rider her any more , she just cleans the house and cooks now , thank fec
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