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  1. Who the fec is bend over ?
  2. I’m out the weekend, and if I get one stav I’ll let you know mate by pm atb
  3. Don’t understand that Ben , there all the same with mint sauce, lol
  4. That happen a few years back DB , and killed a good few I can’t rember the country tho , I think it may have been on a promenade
  5. I hate them f****n things with vengeance
  6. Bollocks just a bunch ofs not you Phil Atb mate
  7. Mine has shrunk so much with old age I can’t find it , so no chance
  8. Fucin pussy welly’s and over coat requirements atb pal
  9. I’ve not been well this last 3 months , but I’m fecked if I tell you lot , talk about piss taking fuc me no thank you the tinternet would crash lol
  10. FFS lads please don’t start all this bollocks again , let’s all play nice we’re all only on this earth once and it’s far to short be slagging off all the time no if it was the talbain , fair enough peace man
  11. Or stave is just a scruffy unshaven part time keeper that don’t own a roll of patches lol atb stav lov ya really
  12. Nice mate () just a shame you can’t shoot straight ( stav told me ) I would never doubt you ability personally atb
  13. Credit where it’s due FD, thats a terrible disease for any animal
  14. I did the same with a blade of grass , but I put it between the cheeks of my arse , and just waited till I farted, worked quite well , the odd rambler weren’t to impressed tho
  15. I just don’t see the point of having a range of 150/200 yards for sub 12
  16. I don’t need to post everything that’s gets a 243 /223 I mean how many dead fox’s or deer does any one need to see , and I presume that the mojo after the geriatric is a love heart as I would send the same to you my little petal sleep well pal atb
  17. Where the fec are the mojos again there getting rarer than photos of fox’s , ant that right FH lol
  18. Ben reckons your at twat , but a very nice one , I don’t believe that of you stav atb mate
  19. Getting them that close takes good skill well done mate
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