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  1. bumpy22

    Cold few hrs out....

    good work mate
  2. bumpy22

    Best day ever daddy!

    brilliant. my lad has been ferreting and recently stood with me on my peg. he is 5 and loves every minute of it. often comes out to watch me joint up deer as well. i think it is a great idea to introduce them to the country sports at a young age
  3. bumpy22

    Atn xsight 2 hd 5-20-50

    got a new 4k one on my 243 great in day and night
  4. bumpy22

    Photon rt or the pulsar f155

    tried a pooton a few years ago never again. all i have heard since is zeroing issues. using a ward and x sight 4k with great results now
  5. bumpy22

    Stav’s new tik tok

    loading 85 btsp in mine as said earlier accuracy is great
  6. bumpy22

    .223 vs .22-250

    if i was a fox i would not want to stand in front of either. both do the job and lot more. best advice would be get out and try one if you know anyone with them.
  7. bumpy22

    Tikka t1x or the hw66 in 17hmr

    i got a t1 x a month or so ago and my mate would quite happily swap his wheirauch hmr for it
  8. bumpy22

    Tikka T1x

    i had mine about 3 weeks had it cerakoated and seated it in a laminate sporter stock. great bit of kit the same as t3. trigger is great when adjusted. very accurate. magazine cycles well with smooth bolt already. only downside for me was the synthetic stock but now changed
  9. bumpy22

    pulsar n355

    told me there were no faults with photon
  10. bumpy22

    Drone pro x 15 with ammoled display

    your drone plus £700 for pulsar trail xq50 thermal rifle scope like new?
  11. basic but straight to the point. prices how longs a piece of string? for what? I do not work for them just put it up for help to anyone needing there service. hope this helps
  12. just had rifle done by these. fantastic price finish and turnaround. great job
  13. bumpy22

    Hessian bags compared to carry box

    good idea i just dont think my ferret would appreciate my 15st on him when i slip on the mud