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  1. You got many birds from last season still about? We seem to have a lot
  2. Hopefully got mine coming in next couple of weeks. Such a shame so many near me can't get birds. all pens are ready just waiting for a date now
  3. I managed one Friday night. The little sod had took some peacock chick's during daylight. Worst bit was it was a couple of fields from my biggest pen
  4. Bit of a sales pitch gentleman. I have one of the original 008 for sale after getting 2 c50s. Drop me a pm if interested 375
  5. Top bloke. Without ever meeting the man the generosity he shows on here is of the highest standards. Another great offer. If I didn't already have loads I would be in
  6. Looking for the above if anyone has any spare please let me know
  7. I think it's because of supply has dried up from America
  8. £19 a box here crazy prices Bit f a long shot gentleman but looking for some Sierra 1530 bullets 85gn hpbt 6 mm if anyone has any let me know. More chance finding rockin horse s%%t lol
  9. Where abouts are you based ? Just trying to work out if it's cheaper in fuel for me to make a trip. Great offer mate
  10. Shot 2 cubs Friday night. First so far this year. But know where there are a few more that need dealing with. Always amazes me every year people say in march they will be seeing cubs soon. In my experience very rare to see them proper active until end of may in any good amount
  11. If you ever get near Somerset on your travels I will have them. But I am sure they will sell soon at that price mate
  12. It doubles up on my posh 243 mate lol. It has to have a adapter for sling and believe it or not only option was a Spartan one really C50 is good Ben. I don't think anything compares to a drone at night. but this is close and great in day unlike drone
  13. First night with c50 on hmr. Was back at the lambing field just before dark. The picture through the c50 at dusk is fantastic. No other NV I have looked through will pick up light like that without ir. First fox came out just before dark and was chest shot about 75 yards. Spent another 2 hours there played various different calls. But only had one more come in. I have to admit this one was pilot error and miss The scope is great after dark really coming into its own. But for me the most surprising was last light. Controls were easy to navigate and quick response. Great field o
  14. Had one Ben. Trigger is very good bolt was a bit agricultural. The accutrigger works really well in my opinion. There are a lot of people who don't like the savage rifles. But to be expected for the price range they are at, they can't compete with top end stuff. I had one in hmr and it was stainless laminate. very accurate little rifle. I did look at a cheap CF for dedicated NV a few years back but that was not great in all honesty. But was something like £600 new Have a look mate and if they have a range asked to have a bash. You know enough to tell if it's for you or not
  15. I can vouch for this gent as honest as they come. If you get the chance of him and his dogs you will be very happy.
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