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  1. Mates got one on hmr. Lrf works a treat tried it against other rf and spot on. Picture quality in nv was really great. My only downside is field of view very narrow. A bit of struggle spotting that's all
  2. Great effort. If its crap weather here we go rat shooting in hen houses or use fox boxes. As ben said are Country is not set up for it her a small amount and it's shutdown
  3. Tikka t1x mate scaled down version of T3 and it's quite obvious how good they are. You can get all the after market bits aswell as inletting as same as t3
  4. More than welcome here ben. Let me know in advance mate and will try and get sheep moved All joking aside get the odd one or two here to shoot mate if you ever get down here
  5. If you can afford to buy a nice perazzi you dont need to worry about the price of cartridges mate. You only live once go and buy the one you want. If only my wife new what was in my cabinets 
  6. When you get your one Ben you can show him l
  7. Used to have a match 54 ben. But don't know about 64 Cracking rifles and Barrels. Everyone was using them for competition when the old bsa martini actions went out of fashion
  8. I will be buying a lottery ticket when we see our mate sausagedog with a thermal In all fairness whatever he uses it brings great content to the forum
  9. I just hope that stavross has not given up completely on this thread with all the bitching over recent months. Really enjoyed reading his posts on the shoot
  10. Mates just got a new pard. Only had it 2 weeks but accounted for a few foxes. Picture seems better than my c50 but not drone lol. The one thing I would say field of view seems quite narrow like the old pards. If it was me I would get a secondhand 008. Seen them going for 250 that's a lot of kit for money
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