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  1. Had same issue with same rifle a couple of months back You won't be disappointed when done though cracking bit of kit
  2. Get a tikka Ben you know it makes sense
  3. Hope you have a great day mate. All the effort you put in you certainly deserve it. Second day in mine but suspect the birds still won't be flying well yet and a lot of leaf still on here.
  4. Great work mate. A very capable calibre when used sensibly well done
  5. Got my first shoot Saturday birds are looking well. Had to change the one main drive completely as one of the landowners wanted me to pay him for the guns to stand on his boundary. I am tight as a ducks ass so the guns are now 50 yards in the wood
  6. That does sound impressive. Mates use thermion to shoot with still don't think I could trust thermal. My drone you can count there teeth
  7. Don't bother mate look at what your shooting at
  8. Done the 22 many years ago Ben. I cant cope with the awful ricochet noise. I am a massive fan off hmr as well. But saying that I have been doing a rabbit clearance job on some sand dunes and .22 would have been perfect.
  9. Exactly this how can you look at bead and target while swinginging through. Don't have a bead on any of my shotguns. Does make me smile when guys turn up with these great big florescent 6inch bead stuck on a rib
  10. Great effort Ben. That 204 and oo8 seems a good combo. Was tempted by 204 but thought it would be easier to reload 223
  11. Got the brass today thanks mate. Top bloke
  12. Use bore tech on a patch. Leave it to soak in while having a cup of tea. Continue patching out till clear then light oil patch before one dry. Do it about once a month depending on use. Never used to before but having shot a barrel out on 243 years ago changed my theory My hmr seems to be most need of clean but I use it a couple of nights a week contracting for golf courses etc so needs to be good. But as said earlier these seem to be the most fussy when dirty. Fine rifling being small calibre and a lot of dirty powder. I was always told lack of cleaning was the cause of most w
  13. 53gn vmax or 5tgn blitzing with n133 David. Just want something a little quieter than my 243 for a few places near property
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