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  1. Really depends on budget. T3 is probably best value for money out of box accuracy is great. But saying that I did sell a T3 to upgrade to a sauer 404. Fantastic rifle does it shoot any better than tikka? probably not lol
  2. Sit for the squirrel feeder at front. But if you notice the roof over hangs at front with about a 2ft gap at back. This works perfect for shooting standing with resting on top edge of box. There are a large amount of tall pine trees that the pigeons seem to love aswell as everything else lol
  3. I have a feeder set up in front of caravan. Which is comfortable. But just built this one in another wood last week Bottom pic is view to feeder. Nearly as comfortable as my fox boxes lol
  4. Falcon lighthunter. Old and a bit like rocking horse shit as no one sells them. As light as it gets
  5. Great write up mate. Another drone fan here. Still nothing to beat that scope. Mine has been a great purchase the one or two I have had with it
  6. Exactly this always makes me smile when you here it's a big dog taking hens or small vixen when it's probably half a dozen. With half as many following next week. I think a lot of people would be surprised the draw of a commercial chicken unit
  7. Just sold my 008 lrf plus. Good bit of kit. But would definitely say my original standard 008 has better clarity than new oled screen. If using at cf ranges another ir will be needed. I used my dragon fly ir. To be fair only sold it as I upgraded to drone which is a whole different level
  8. Pf18mp( prairie falcon multishot profile) is the model great rifle and great price. Enjoy
  9. Pard 008 lrf plus View Advert 6 months in original box with all accessories £750 Advertiser bumpy22 Date 15/11/20 Price £750.00 Category Scopes and Optics  
  10. No dragonfly laser if. Only ever switch on when I shoot as spot with thermal
  11. Seems fine Ben. Always does a full night. But to be fair always carry spare battery
  12. Had first walk with dogs yesterday Late night on foxes last night with the pard 008 plus impressing me more and more. Now up to put a tonne of wheat out. Non stop at the minute but I am not complaining
  13. The scum of the earth. How they think they can go where they want and stop legal activities, only speaks for itself
  14. Same set up as I use. Also got a 008lrf on my 243 which gives you a little more
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