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  1. bumpy22

    Drone pro x 15 with ammoled display

    your drone plus £700 for pulsar trail xq50 thermal rifle scope like new?
  2. basic but straight to the point. prices how longs a piece of string? for what? I do not work for them just put it up for help to anyone needing there service. hope this helps
  3. just had rifle done by these. fantastic price finish and turnaround. great job
  4. bumpy22

    Hessian bags compared to carry box

    good idea i just dont think my ferret would appreciate my 15st on him when i slip on the mud
  5. bumpy22

    Muntjac in Wales

    shot them in shepton and chew valley. mates of mine have shot them on mendips cheddar etc
  6. bumpy22

    nite site spotter extreme


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    boxed with additional sling £400


  7. nite site spotter extreme View Advert boxed with additional sling £400 Advertiser bumpy22 Date 21/12/17 Price £400.00 Category Scopes and Optics  
  8. bumpy22

    Bird Controller Job

    might be worth a call
  9. exactly what i did mate could not agree more
  10. would not bother with photon mate too many issues holding zero etc. only downside with viper is screen light coming back on you. plus you can swap it amongst different rifles
  11. bumpy22

    Thermal Spotter

    and another... And another and another amazing bit of kit
  12. bumpy22


    mine like them more than salad
  13. all good here sean just need rabbits now lol. give me a shout early next spring mate and let me know what you want mate
  14. glad your pleased with them mate