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  1. Pf18mp( prairie falcon multishot profile) is the model great rifle and great price. Enjoy
  2. Pard 008 lrf plus View Advert 6 months in original box with all accessories £750 Advertiser bumpy22 Date 15/11/20 Price £750.00 Category Scopes and Optics  
  3. Time Left: 4 days and 27 minutes

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    6 months in original box with all accessories £750


  4. No dragonfly laser if. Only ever switch on when I shoot as spot with thermal
  5. Seems fine Ben. Always does a full night. But to be fair always carry spare battery
  6. Had first walk with dogs yesterday Late night on foxes last night with the pard 008 plus impressing me more and more. Now up to put a tonne of wheat out. Non stop at the minute but I am not complaining
  7. The scum of the earth. How they think they can go where they want and stop legal activities, only speaks for itself
  8. Same set up as I use. Also got a 008lrf on my 243 which gives you a little more
  9. Any chance of me to Ben please pm you my number
  10. You could hang a few coats on that bugger
  11. Been busy mate. Plenty about. How's things your end with job? Hope you are getting out plenty
  12. Our first day on the 24th birds are looking great. But still seem to have loads of jobs to and little time to get them donegood luck to you all gentleman for the season ahead
  13. Top job I cannot work out why they always have feed outlet on front not on side. They always shoot into box madness.
  14. Last about week when there on them. Worth the extra height to not have to keep filling. Got 4 of them on the go
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