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  1. Malt

    Typical of the Welsh.....

    Diolch yn fawr!
  2. Do I detect a slight hint of cynicism to your Walshie??
  3. I haven't been into my guns for a good while to be honest mate. County sports in Haverfordwest would be the first place I'd try but only because its the only one I know about! What part of gods county are you from?
  4. Malt

    New shed

    She might be mate, what she does with her life these days is f**k all to do with me!
  5. Malt

    New shed

    Last shed I bought was a 7×14 pressure treated pent shed with double doors. Cost about 700 quid. Roof got knackered during a bad winter, so I rebuilt it stronger with thicker boards and timbers. Its still standing in good nick, unused in my ex wife's garden..
  6. Malt

    Oakwood South Wales

    I went there on a school trip when I was in primary school. Was good but at that age you want rollercoasters and exciting things! Margam Park was another one, must revisit them both at some point, think I'd appreciate them more as an adult.
  7. Malt

    Oakwood South Wales

    There's a fair bit there now, tigers, rhinos, etc. Well worth another look if you haven't been there for a while. Never went to that one, went to Penscynor though up by Neath! Remember seeing their sticker on cars all over the place!
  8. Malt

    Oakwood South Wales

    Folly Farm is probably the best attraction around here these days. Mannor House is ok, that divy bint Anna Ryder-Richardson took it over but she's recently legged it to France. Bought a Zoo, plastered her name and face everywhere, made a TV show about it then complained that people kept coming to the park to gawp at her and she felt like one of the animals there! WTF did she expect??
  9. Malt

    Oakwood South Wales

    How did you find it? Its been getting progressively worse every year since it was taken over by a Spanish company. I haven't been there for years despite it being on my doorstep..
  10. That's only because you're the right size to get eaten by one!
  11. Think he came in out the rain mate, it was hammering down and the boys had the window open! The females don't go far once they've made a nest apparently.
  12. This big old bugger visited the kids bedroom last night! Kids were amazed by it, even came up the garden with me to see it off!
  13. Malt


    Yeah I think I'm almost sure I seen a few posts from him over the last few weeks. Welcome back!
  14. Malt

    former member

    No mate, I'm currently looking after my mrs after a total hip replacement and getting ready to move house.. Thats on top of managing the herd of kids we have between us!
  15. Malt

    former member

    Oh ffs..