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  1. Think it's silver iodide they use for cloud seeding. There are theories that experiments in the 50's caused a catastrophic flood at Lynmouth in Devon in the 1950s. Pretty sure it's been debunked though. ?
  2. Damn right, I'd just vanish! ??
  3. Happened to me. The next vet I tried charged per jab, but I took one to thumb when I was holding the ferret so she could administer it! ?? I didn't come into season after it mind. ??
  4. I haven't been on here for ages, never been so quick to get to the end of the thread! Glad you're ok fella ?
  5. Or get her jabbed and worry about it next year.. ?
  6. It's finding a vet that will do it I've found. All the ones local would castrate but not vasectomise. Was about 10 years or so again mind.
  7. Nice one Goldie, thats a great achievement for him!
  8. Malt

    RIP jethro

    RIP Jethro.. "What 'appened was.."
  9. Malt


    Gutted, RIP butty. ???????❤
  10. Facebook mostly, and in drunken stupors now and again! ???
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