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  1. Malt


    Gutted, RIP butty. ❤
  2. Facebook mostly, and in drunken stupors now and again!
  3. Good to see the usual bollocks is still being spouted here. Comforting, almost..
  4. Amazing driver, far too young. RIP
  5. Fixed it for ya pal..
  6. Slim to none I'm afraid pal!
  7. She said cheers for the compliment!
  8. Cheers pal, still kickin'!
  9. Great idea sticking them in a village full of elderly folk and retired people. Poor sods haven't had much kip since they've been in there. You couldn't have picked a worse place.
  10. Yeah all good mate, cheers! Been a bit mental here like everywhere else, but I'm brewing enough beer wine and cider to cope with it all!
  11. Does that hound retrieve bass live to hand Kev?
  12. Malt


    Thats the way pal, nowt better for young ferrets than being handled by kids to get em nice and calm! The two I've got here are coming, the play nips aren't drawing blood any more!
  13. Hope you find good homes for them Dixy..
  14. I've missed the stink, not sure I've missed the nip training though.
  15. At least you're including your own lot in the retarded bracket mate!
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