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  1. Think it's silver iodide they use for cloud seeding. There are theories that experiments in the 50's caused a catastrophic flood at Lynmouth in Devon in the 1950s. Pretty sure it's been debunked though.
  2. Damn right, I'd just vanish!
  3. Happened to me. The next vet I tried charged per jab, but I took one to thumb when I was holding the ferret so she could administer it! I didn't come into season after it mind.
  4. I haven't been on here for ages, never been so quick to get to the end of the thread! Glad you're ok fella
  5. Or get her jabbed and worry about it next year..
  6. It's finding a vet that will do it I've found. All the ones local would castrate but not vasectomise. Was about 10 years or so again mind.
  7. Nice one Goldie, thats a great achievement for him!
  8. Malt

    RIP jethro

    RIP Jethro.. "What 'appened was.."
  9. Malt


    Gutted, RIP butty. ❤
  10. Facebook mostly, and in drunken stupors now and again!
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