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  1. Malt

    Westminster controlled explosion

    Was going to say mate, shame Guy Fawlks failed with that controlled explosion he was planning there years ago!
  2. Malt

    EU Chief Says 'Press Freedom Has Limits'

    The press should always be free to tell the truth in a balanced and unbiased way. Problem is most of it seems to be very heavily biased or consist of 'opinion about the news' rather than actual proper 'news'..
  3. Malt

    Off to the mountains again

    Yeah until the next one..
  4. Malt


    Done one side of my mums family, traced one branch back to the mid 1600's locally. The paternal line on my fathers side is said to go back to the 1100's in the old home town. Never got round to doing that side before the free trail ran out! Its worth a punt for the free month imo..
  5. Malt


    Vegan shampoo.. What the f**k is that all about?? Who eats shampoo anyway??
  6. Malt


    Happy birthday pal!
  7. Malt

    Open heart surgery.

    All the best mate, hope it goes well..
  8. Malt

    Typical of the Welsh.....

    Diolch yn fawr!
  9. Do I detect a slight hint of cynicism to your Walshie??
  10. I haven't been into my guns for a good while to be honest mate. County sports in Haverfordwest would be the first place I'd try but only because its the only one I know about! What part of gods county are you from?
  11. Malt

    New shed

    She might be mate, what she does with her life these days is f**k all to do with me!
  12. Malt

    New shed

    Last shed I bought was a 7×14 pressure treated pent shed with double doors. Cost about 700 quid. Roof got knackered during a bad winter, so I rebuilt it stronger with thicker boards and timbers. Its still standing in good nick, unused in my ex wife's garden..
  13. Malt

    Oakwood South Wales

    I went there on a school trip when I was in primary school. Was good but at that age you want rollercoasters and exciting things! Margam Park was another one, must revisit them both at some point, think I'd appreciate them more as an adult.
  14. Malt

    Oakwood South Wales

    There's a fair bit there now, tigers, rhinos, etc. Well worth another look if you haven't been there for a while. Never went to that one, went to Penscynor though up by Neath! Remember seeing their sticker on cars all over the place!