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  1. Couple year late , but very sad met him at a fishing comp decent bloke and had a good laugh on the boards with him. RIP Johnny
  2. More eastern Europeans than divs now. he wont like that lol
  3. Cheers lads. My mate is moving down possibly. I told him i would find out about the place.
  4. If so whats it like? As in type of place. Guess im asking is it a shithole lol
  5. See the first of the tribes land in scotland tomorrow! That bitch sturgeon her first port of call this morning a f***ing mosque.her press bite when leaving any hate crime against them will not be tolerated. get your priorities right ya wee cow! There nowhere they wont go go get the nationlist vote.
  6. The IRA were up to there necks in orchestrating that day, as per usual using the people they "swore to protect" as pawns and a shield. Mcguiness in all likekyhood fired the first shots. Did the paras go a bit OTT yea there is evidence that a few did should charges have been brought? Quite possibly but not now, and certainly not when child killers,bombers and men who still mean to do us harm were all released and a lot are now in cushty goverment jobs. nah they relished in the good friday agreement when that shower of scum were released.if the goverment were smarter or even f***ing ca
  7. Should have ditched the treacherous b*****d out the door if that private jet over the Atlantic.. Another clear sign that politicians will bend over for popularity and more importantly for votes. Power is more important than principles. These c**ts must be pissing themselfs laughing at us! Not only plot our demise but we will make him a multiple millionaire in the process. He will prolly get a seat in the lords. Wonder how much of his compensation will find it's way to terrorist cells. Arrange an accident and deny it no matter how much you are suspected!
  8. The steel workers should do what the ship yard workers did in Glasgow. Refused to leave and kept on working . Forced the government into doing something. Knowing this government though they probably f***ing jail them lol
  9. Shouldnt be shooting elephants in 2015. I thought we got all that out our system years ago! Nearly bringing species to extinction. Some cases we did. Take whales we hunted those poor buggers in an industrial scale. im sure with all that money spent to shoot it he could have got his jollies elsewhere.
  10. Charlie sneaked out the jungle and murdered her!
  11. I'm suprised anyone would have anything to do with the justice system full stop! Aye stick in the people you live amongst while the old law makers rape kids and scam huge amounts of cash and property. Then the next generation of law makers try to cover it up! You think the average joe on the streets would do the same ?
  12. No one likes a grass! If you are asking if it's ok to stick some c**t in for a few hares. Well tbh I wouldn't show you a birds nest. Yea and some lads are correct it is a sort of code that some areas live by and it's not a bad thing either. Far to many busy bodies and f***ing do gooders these days. You will also find that 90%of grasses are "law breakers " themselfs in some form. Which makes them hypocrites also.
  13. They scientists need to make it look bigger and better than it really is. Otherwise there funding is cut and they are downgraded. Ridiculous they can't even sustain the people on this planet and yet throw obscene amounts of cash into space. Oh yea I've heard all the arguments that they are doing it as this planet is dying. Utter BS. Oh and if by any chance we do need to leave this rock you can be rest assured it won't be you and your family flying off to safety lol
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