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  1. borderboy

    Old School Russells

    Some cracking terriers on here lads, would like to keep a nice Russell one day...
  2. borderboy

    3 In 1

    Always enjoy you're ratting reports, and brilliant photos which always capture the excitement of a good session on the rats... Been a while since I've had a few with the terriers. Is the young border 'pure' or a cross? Looks just like my old bitch back in her prime...
  3. borderboy

    D I Y Caravan?

    http://www.angib.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/teardrop/tear03.htm Here's a load of teardrop profiles & guides to set them out.
  4. Fantastic read... I've been out of the loop 'field sports' wise, with one thing and another, however today something gave me that little itch... And I too started to reminisce on days spent in the field... But also thinking of the future and how I want to stay involved, which I haven't felt like for a very long time... Thanks for sharing...
  5. borderboy

    david cameron backing 2 lift the ban

    But remember the hunting act only got passed as it was forced through after they couldn't get the results they needed to pass it lawfully
  6. borderboy

    found this beast in a lane

    Would have to have a paint job...For those night time outings... yeah that way it'd never get recognised...
  7. borderboy

    whats your favorite meal

    indian butter chicken....mmmmm.
  8. borderboy

    Campervan or Car...

    T4 Forum check this place out, you can spend as much or as little as you like on one of these... And theres plenty of parts and extras for turning it into a camper, rock and roll beds, cupboards, extra windows, storage, insulation, heaters, water tanks... well worth considering...
  9. borderboy

    Why can't I hit Loopers

    As early as possible... shoot it on the way up before it starts slowing, then its nice and straight forward... Keep it simple...
  10. borderboy

    Campervan or Car...

    have a google for VW T4 Day & campervans, theres a few forums all about the conversion of them...
  11. borderboy

    Self Employment

    Cheers again for the help... I've got my diploma 3 but not my nvq3 as i didnt get enough evidence because i left my old employer part way through, but i'll go back and do that next year... I've got to go and see my old boss for his signature on my cscs form, that'll be nice an awkward. Has any one got any advice about agencys, good ones, bad ones getting paid...?
  12. borderboy

    Self Employment

    thanks for the advice, its helping alot... So about public liability, whats amount is everybody coverred for, 2,000,000, 5,000,000...? also what about defective advice, loss of works, ect ect...? What is the norm? YIS Charlie
  13. borderboy

    Self Employment

    Right here we go.... Basically im looking at start up on my own as a self employed carpenter, working through agencies. i have my relevant qualifications, NVQ level 2. I have been googling for days, and i am struggling to get my head around the whole tax system and relevant documents, so i was hoping some one on here might be able to help me out. As i understand it i need to register with HMRC as selfemployed withing 3 months of starting. I need to get my CSCS card and public liability to be able to work on alot of sites (more on that later) WTF Is CIS...? can i be registered to recieve payment through that system, and have my tax and NI contributions taken from there, as well as being payed and contributing my self through self assessment...? Also does HMRC care if i earn money sub-contracting in another area as long as i declare it...? i.e my dad is a self employed window cleaner, and would be able to give me some work, would i then be able to pay tax & ni on that, or would i have to find another way around it....? Any help would be appreciated... Thanks Charlie
  14. borderboy

    Escort Van 55

    escort vans come in two types, 55 and 75 ... 55 Slow, 75 not so slow
  15. borderboy

    is there anyone on here on ps3?

    I've got a ps3 slim 120gb 2 genuine controllers, COD4, Colin mcrae dirt & NFS Shift, for sale if anyones interested...? PM Me Charlie