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    Thats the way pal, nowt better for young ferrets than being handled by kids to get em nice and calm! The two I've got here are coming, the play nips aren't drawing blood any more!
  2. Hope you find good homes for them Dixy..
  3. I've missed the stink, not sure I've missed the nip training though.
  4. At least you're including your own lot in the retarded bracket mate!
  5. Shit, was that 12 years ago? Yeah I can remember you telling me about your troubles, you were still laughing about it all though!
  6. Remind you of those 'small" ferrets you had off me all those years ago mate?
  7. That's the impression I'm getting mate. Some technicality with the wording on the current licences. They will be reissued with different wording shortly that will stand up to legal challenges like the current one?
  8. Few more for Wales though.. 󠁧
  9. If only Scotland could close a match out! Some finish to the tournament! Amazing second half performace! Cardiff today!
  10. Malt


    This is all playing right into the hands of the EU.. They want it to be seen that trying to leave the club is painful and almost nigh on impossible.. There are already lots of small deals in place should we leave under a no deal scenario that will ensure its 'business as usual' that have been made under the radar.. Whats going on in parliament right now is nothing more than a carefully orchestrated pantomine being played out for the masses..
  11. Malt


    Didn't know you were a geek?
  12. Malt


    They want to be careful.. Tonights vote is open to amendments, if an MP can fillibuster and sink a vote aimed at making taking photos up womens skirts illegal, surely someone's got the bollocks to stand up and do the same tonight?
  13. Malt


    The UK is the sole reason it hasn't happened yet. Once we're out of the equation 'United States of the EU' is the next step, complete with a unified armed force.. Not that I think we'll be out of the equation any time soon reading the news just now..
  14. Malt


    My grandad had it as well mate. Quite advanced when he got it operated on, but he recovered. Died at 77 of a heart attack while pottering about in his garden in the end.
  15. Malt


    Been there myself recently and all lads. Felt like a tightness down there, like I was constantly holding onto a piss kind of thing and couldn't relax it properly. Turns out it was prostatitis after an examination, fortnights worth of pills and she was good to go again. Feared the worst because I have a family history of prostate cancer. Its not always the worst case scenario lads, but get it checked out none the less..
  16. After you've been to Socks for that blood transfusion, pop round here and hand your surname over.. You don't deserve that either..
  17. Stick to your shite football team ya plastic fecking Geordie!
  18. Yeah we've won plenty of other ones as well!
  19. Here's a mad stat I just read.. 1949 1959 1969 1979 1989 1999 2009 2019 All Wales wins!
  20. Think its because international rugby holds a similar place in NZ culture compared to us here mate. You could gave gone out in any town in Wales last night and it would have been bouncing! Be a few sore heads across Wales this morning!
  21. Any kind of film I used to be allowed to stay up past bed time with my old man.. Bond films, Clint Eastwood films, Mel Brooks films, etc. Blazing Saddles would be my ultimate favourite though!
  22. What lets that theory down is that NZ 'only' have a population of just under 5 million mate!
  23. Be some ale sank in Wales tonight!
  24. Malt


    The uncertainty over which kind of Brexit is going to happen is whats causing the panic at the minute more than Brexit itself. Buinesses can't prepare a route until they know which way its going to go, thats why so many are moving their assets elsewhere for insurance. Government wants a f**king foot in the arse but no one in it has got a strong enough boot to do it with..
  25. Malt

    Liam Neeson

    People forget to apply historical context.. I'm sure he would have felt the same way about any other group of people had his friend only been able to identify her attacker as protestant/Catholic/soldier/etc. It was a time over there where any anger was directed at a whole section of society rather than any individual who might have done harm to a person on 'his' side.. He's said he now knows he was wrong to feel like that, but all that will be forgotten about. The only important bit will be the bit about him targeting someone just for being black..
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