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  1. But you could eat very clean say 7 times a day if your a bodybuilder,it's the multiple times of eating spiliking insulin each time you eat that I'm referring to.
  2. I'm more interested in the eating side of things mc.
  3. No bother to you climbing gates keith,keep her lit
  4. There's been alot of bodybuilders dying relatively young In the past few years,an people assume its the steriods doing it,tho bodybuilders eat alot of food,6 7 8 9......meals a day,that's 6 7 8 9 times a day there insulin is being raised,leading to insulin resistance,would over eating an insulin resistance have a part to play as it leads to cardiovascular problems? Hopefully gnash a couple others can get a good discussion going about it,interesting stuff.
  5. The cathedral inside the walls,seen a few of your men up the diamond outside the bars,arguing with one another,embarrassing lol Why do you still 'celebrate' lundy being burnt,just hate filled shit that fill the your youngsters with hate with something thst happened many hundreds of years ago?
  6. Haha cmon your in the same club you BELEIVE what is it now 13.8 billion years ago nothing exploded lolol your not as smart as you think sandy
  7. How very dare you charts lol Feelings mutual Haha very good fd
  8. Lying hoor, many times ye slabbering to me sure about God?
  9. Abusive,are you having a laugh,how many times have have you started me out of the blue because of my faith in jesus? Aye a good few times,I bit sometimes an other times I didn't,so shut the f**k up an leave the lads alone.
  10. All I'm hearing on here is doom an gloom,cmon to f**k lads,we've let them do this to hunting,let's reverse it,weres your fighting spirit?
  11. Fair enough mickey,but if you go looking for trouble way your fave hid,that tells me your weak an dont really care about the situation,because if they did they wouldn't hide it,there there for a rukas,an your right there doing more than most for there cause,but there getting money somewere.
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