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  1. Its child abuse nothing more nothing less,vile scum,how this acceptable is f***ing crazy.
  2. Dont be stupid boss,that wasnt my point,the point was you tryed to use the false comparison to have a dig.
  3. Your right born,I'm not a viriologist. Well that's why I'm asking these questions,help a man out here,what's the craic with these clinical trials what's the ins an outs? What happens in these trials? An why does it not matter if the participants In the trials had covid before being jabbed? Theyd have surely built up antibodies? Or am I missing something?
  4. I never said you were born,you were being crafty trying to have a wee dig at folk that would rather rely on there bodys immune system than the jab,which was misleading cause theres no comparison,I know your craic boi
  5. Ah come on now you know that statements waffle born,parvo is far more deadly to a unvaccinated pup than covid is to an unvaccinated person,even a simpleton like me knows thatbut nice try
  6. You just said no one knows how long the different immune responses last lol An then say they do know it lasts long enough to be useful lol How do they know that the vaccines has reduced covid cases in vaccinated people? How do they even figure that out in a couple of months,what's the process to find this out? Do vaccinated people get exposed to covid again an show no symptoms? That's not very accurate,because theres loads of variables to consider. Like has the vaccinated person have covid before,known or unknown,cause there bodies would have built up natu
  7. Technicallythere saying it gives whatever percentage of cover,but no one really knows yet born,its only months into trials,no one nos yet.
  8. Reported for conspiring,you get that walshie haha
  9. Dan would you stop with the facts already,they'll hurt peoples feelings.
  10. Haha are you serious greb,for a holiday,my principles mean more to me than a fecking holiday lol Your just kicking the can up the road,cause theres more sensible an logical ways it can be done,without having a vaccine.
  11. What do you mean by these sacrifices?
  12. Anyone here in the uk that takes there underage child to be mutilated,needs beatctovdeath with a stick,I cannot comprehend this shite. Child abuse of the highest order
  13. Definatley max,its the leftys ideologies that are destroying our children,mentally an physically,that why I f***ing despise the vile rats with a passion. Just look at the policies old joe has signed,radical lefty scumbags in power,vile rats who are getting away with destroying the next generation. I f***ing hate leftys with a passion.
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