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  1. Francie

    Harry & Meghan

    Anybody seen the interview way Harry, an he's going on about him is mum an protecting his wife, he said if only you know what I know you'd do the same???
  2. @Lenmcharristar Sorry len you say this anytime this row comes up, but if you actually go an check the stats, it was loyalist paramilitaries that killed more civilians, 828 for loyalists, an 712 for the ra, not its not much difference an its all bad, but you seem to tar us Irish everytime this comes up. Just thought Id put ye right lad. But you could be technically right if the Irish protestants just admit there Irish
  3. Francie


    Just typical van/buisness insurance bud.
  4. Yeah he is smug mate, I don't like it myself, but what ye gonna do. He makes good points about food, but that as far as my support goes lol
  5. She's a good actress Chris mate, did you ever see her talk without her lines, it's all scripted an she can't answer any questions without it. Rational people can see through her bullshit, but folk also lap up her bullshit, don't be fooled by her innocence wee look the tryed to portray her as. I think it's to do with her hypocrisy, normal everyday folk, burn a lot less of co2 in there lifetime, compared to what greta has burned already, with her bullshit catermaran exploits. They just stink of hypocrisy an normal folk are fed up with it.
  6. Francie


    Just before I phone them tomorrow, can someone help. Iv commercial business insurance for my van, but seen an estate yok I could use, do I have to get private insurance for estate car, or can I put it under my existing commercial business insurance. Thanks in advance
  7. Because she's a puppet an been told what to spout mate. Plus her an the rest of the scaremongers are ardent hippocrites, plain to see. I feel sorry on her cause she has mental problems, propped up by her masters.
  8. Is he aye lol didn't delve that far mate, just like his breakdowns of vegans.
  9. Did ye see what I mean mate lol He was doing different videos to do with vegans under the name syringe on YouTube. Check that out fer craic shark, bit different than what he doing now
  10. Goatis went to a big vegan festival last year in London, an ate raw meat in front of everyone, he ened up getting arrested.
  11. That goatis boy reckons there not right in the heed shark, I can see why.
  12. Funny but sad to shark, your man goatis is not well either lol
  13. How come you were cutting back on the meat mate? There's a guy on YT called goatis, he reviews vegan videos, he eats raw meat lol Says veggies are toxic to body we can't digest then or the fibre. Check him out for a laugh mate.
  14. Francie

    Here we go.

    Orange man bad
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