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  1. The vaccine is that good,you need two shots of it. An folk are still reacting to there second jab? Why is that?
  2. Joshua v uysk set for spurs stadium. Joshua knocks him out third round is my bet.
  3. I'm thrown to the shed when I'm on the thl lol
  4. Link is working but,but when I submitted my details,it said I entered wrong details,three times an now says iv to do a paper form. Crafty c**ts,lete know anyone if your successful at it,maybe it's cause I'm in Ireland
  5. The link won't work for me,thanks for making me aware,another clog In the system for globalisim. There taking the piss,there is no privacy left in the world. On another note South hams,my new Samsung A10 won't let me enter the hunting life,it says banned on front page says I'm not lowed on it,but my old A10 there's NB,what you think?
  6. Eggs are the best multivitamin
  7. Ahahaha I see what you done there
  8. Could be,but at least he called them out directly,every other fecker in China's back pocket,scared shitless
  9. All the info is there online if you look mate lol
  10. Trump is the onlyan with balls,done a speech last night an called outchina,an said they should pay reparations to the whole world,Goodman trump
  11. Harsh stuff that si hope the lad here is ok
  12. An why is America not using the az vaccine,old Joe said all the doses will be given to other countries cause it hasn't been cleared yet? Now that is suspious
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