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  1. I wonder what great green tech Bill Gates is bringing to the uk with his 400million deal,I mean come on does anyone think this is going to be sensible for the uk? Look at the details of the deal,the beef industry will be abolished over time,youl be eating lab grown plastic beef in no time,how f***ing weak an stupid are we?
  2. @VOON Is that second paragraph not being played out as we speak,first an second jabs were weak(same as above) now were onto boosters,excatly how the variants start,these emits must think were dumb.
  3. I dont think you even read these articles,first paragraphs says jabbing durning plandemic dont cause more dangerous variants, Then goes on to say in next paragraph But that said, the idea of vaccines affecting coronavirus evolution is not a ridiculous question, and it's worth thinking about to understand more about viral evolution and the effect of our own immune systems. It's certainly true that if you want to induce resistant variations to some antiviral drug in the lab, you let them infect cells in culture while treating them with not-quite-adequate amounts of your proposed drug.
  4. Voon it's there for our eyes to see,no article is going to blind my eyes,we were warned,but didnt take heed,theres blood on the goverment hands,no change there.
  5. More variants of the delta variant now on the loose,were we not warned about this by the quack virologist who said not to jab durning the plandemic? Meanwhile Bill Gates an boris Johnson sign a 400million deal. Dont worry tho ill be gran
  6. Keep the chin up lads The lord jesus says do not fear,trust in him,an he will sort the rest,I thank him every morning I wake up,I pray for my health an my family health. Everything might not go my way,but that's fine,I trust in the lord to sort it.
  7. Trumps company is valued at 1.7 billion already an it hasnt even got any products launched,he took a shortcut an merged with another company on the stock market.
  8. I hear the leftys in america are seething as trumps spac stock goes up 460percent amid media deal
  9. Wait till ye hear this fabulous idea @South hams hunteryoul just love it, from our honest an trustworthy friendly goverment officals,just brilliant from dick rabb. Prisoners are now being trained to drive lorries to help out ahahahshaha f***ing classic Whats next paedophiles delivering your grub,what could go wrong
  10. This is coming to a town near you soon Look at that string of pish standing g as if hes the boss of everyone,this is why I despise cops,99percent of them abuse there powers This madness wont stop
  11. I see a manipulated monkey virus tampered with by chinese to make it infectious towards humans,gain of function,an dr faucci an the yank gov an brit goverment knew this was all happening an were found out to be funding this. An not a word said about it. Imo this is a manufactured virus,purposely spread around the world for a multitude of reasons. Theres to much bullshit to mention mate,I just cant stand the lying parasites,because there controlling the world through fear an consequences if we dont tow the line. Wait an see what's on the horizon,a climate lockdown next.
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