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  1. No he's like the rest just doesn't want to admit he was had,he proclaims SCIENTISTS instead of SCIENCE
  2. Neo you can't educate pork. Let them support the big corporations,let them eat there gruel there being fed,let them lead there children to the slaughter,let them stand by an watch the fabric of our society be torn apart by these big corporations an there various donors an mouthpieces,f**k them they were warned. Let them call people conspiracy nuts because at the end of the day,when it's to late they will realise they've been had.
  3. All the fighting styles can have a part to play,apart from that dung aikido lol As van dame says lol Vd: teach me I can do it Tanaka:you are not japanese your are not a tanaka Vd:YOU TAUGHT ME,TO USE ANY TECHNIQUE THAT WORKS,NEVER TO LIMIT MYSELF TO ONE STYLE,TO KEEP AN OPEN MIND Tanaka: why Vd: to honour you shidoshi
  4. No,it's a platform for the radical left to shut down any information that goes against there agenda total f***ing nutjobs who will go after anyone in there way,they say there tolerant,but there far from it.
  5. I'm not on twitter,but I seen a few of musks recently,saying they'll be twitter files released on alot of dodgy goings on,whatever that maybe.
  6. Now that's what I call a view from your office,no bother getting up for work there tomo?
  7. But you can be insulin resistant without being diabetic
  8. Yous probably seen this but go to 4.43 tyson talking to Joe Joyce,f***ing love the gameness of these men
  9. So survival of the fittest an all that malarkey is out the window then?
  10. Had to finish off a roof today dan,the tiles are icy as f**k,f**k that lol
  11. Mush was trying to pm you earlier,won't let me
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