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  1. Francie

    isis bint

    What about the supposed right wing terror group member who got sentenced frw months ago, cant remember the name, but isis fighters can return after there oul carryon lol what a joke that is.
  2. Francie

    Trump Under Fire

    Liberals: ah but but but .......... They knew it was all lies the corrupt assholes, an the dems have signed a budget with 52 mile of wall included. Its a start.
  3. Francie

    Trump Under Fire

    Sorry to break the news to the lefty liberals, the by partisan senate intelligence investigation into trump an supposed russian links, has came up blank, they found absolutley nothing. Forthcome liberal tears, but hey as the left does there trying to play it down haha
  4. Francie

    Funny Joke Thread

    Hahaha cracker that bud
  5. Francie


    All politicians are the same, in it for themselves an there interests, shoot the lot of them, an reduce goverment to a minimum, take back back control of the country an the banks. Theres a state in usa, chris might know, who has fobbed of the feds an its the peoples bank for the people eh, something like that, i dont think the feds are happy but f**k em.
  6. Francie

    isis bint

    Theyve already let worse back in, i say f**k her, let her rot she made her bed an all that...... But who deceides these things, reentry i mean, look whos decision it is an youl see were the problem is.
  7. Francie

    Trump Under Fire

    Dirty scumbags want to abort full term babies an sell the body parts, which planned parenthood was already caught on video doing. Take them down trump.
  8. Francie

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    So does anyone know what hes going to say an do?
  9. Francie

    Show us yer boots

    What size of foot are you mate a 6 lol
  10. Francie

    Show us yer boots

    Mint crag, how much would one pay for a pair?
  11. Francie

    Show us yer boots

    They look mint socks, have you tryed them on yet?
  12. Francie

    Show us yer boots

    Well lads me boots arrived yesterday grade one, there more like brand new, im very happy so far, just about to start work so well see if there upto the job. Very comfy boot.
  13. Francie


    Im going to have to disagree with you there mate, under that fruitcakes rule, abortion upto 9 months is totally legal in ireland, yes 9 months. Didnt know it meself, thought it was upto 3 months for some harsh reasons, but 9 f***ing months, hes a total an utter stain on ireland.
  14. Conor mcgreggs by anychance king.
  15. Grate it dido, easier to spread then pal.