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  1. Francie

    Notre Dame fire.

    Id say your not far of the mark bob
  2. Francie

    trt treatment..

    Aye back support ginge
  3. Francie

    I’m back

    Welcome back cushty mate
  4. Francie

    Mc Gregor accusastions??

    Jealousy gets ye no were lad, you don't even no the man, if he wasn't famous you wouldn't give to fucks
  5. Francie

    Trump Under Fire

    Coming 360 now
  6. Francie

    Nerd news - First image of a blackhole

    It does lad Google it
  7. Francie

    Nerd news - First image of a blackhole

    Your right ginge, alot of guessing an assumptions, it could be any number of things, I doubt very much it's a black hole, but IL listen an learn if someone wants to inform me what a black hole is??? Take it away born
  8. Francie

    Nerd news - First image of a blackhole

    3.11564789 multiply by 10 to the power 20 Ffs so a telescope can see billions an billions an billions of miles away, that's real hard to believe. An if it's that far away, an there just seeing it, how the feck do they know it's a black hole, when they've never seen or no f**k all about, I smell alot of assumptions an a few porkies. Billions being spent on this absolute shite, which in reality will not help mankind. Money down the toilet in my opinion, IL wait an research when more info comes out, but right now I'm boggled that a telescope can see that many miles away.
  9. Francie

    Mc Gregor accusastions??

    He who is without sin cast the first stone...... All allegations lads, nothing proven at all, ok he's a bit of a madman, but here he's millions in the bank an one of the best fighters in the world, would your ego not be flying high? Yous no the craic with the media an I wouldn't believe f**k all until anything proven. Your all acting like little angels ffs. Would you say anything to his face??? I doubt it haha
  10. Francie

    trt treatment..

    How do you take the stuff Pmul,is it injection mate? An is it for low testosterone or is it to jack you up,?
  11. Francie


    Haha I just joined on April fool
  12. Francie


    Now that is one of the worst decisions I ever seen, who made it?
  13. Francie

    delswal's op

    All the best del, get well soon bud.
  14. Francie

    Amateur boxing 🥊

    Thank you lads he done well, both we fighters safe, on to next
  15. Francie

    Amateur boxing 🥊

    Thank you billy