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  1. Couple of mathematicians on the ball baker,happy days.
  2. Not at all caravan,conspiracy haha I wonder what born would say about this,especially the PCR test getting thrown out of court. Didn't you know caravan,your not allowed to have a different opinion on the matter,or your not right in the head my man
  3. Aye Judy Nik lol batshit thon Have them cops nothing better to do,crime is rife ffs
  4. Mr koomer head of strategy an security at Dominion,has f****d up.
  5. I apologise mate,I didn't even mean it like that,honestly.
  6. I'm definatley not saying the virus is a hosx,my sister had it an few others I know,but the gov is taking the fucku g hand in a grand scale,wait til new year an well see some of there under hand tactics
  7. Accip mate if your happy that a dodgy c**t like biden who sniffs an touches young boys an girls,an God knows what else behind close doors,then I don't know.
  8. Just heard there that don has given the go ahead,to work with paedo biden transition team,don't know if it's true or not.
  9. f***ing rat bags,if they come down a field with faces covered then I'm under threat,so it's self defence,pound the the f***ing head of the weaklings. Although to my sadness,I haven't met any yet.
  10. Looks like that's the end of flying for me ted,the rest will follow suit.
  11. What's the difference in the two vaccines born,how come Oxfords vaccine is alot cheaper,whats the ingredients an how does it work?
  12. I f***ing detest masks,it's up in the air if they work or not,but ffs they look f***ing stupid an shit to work in,snood all the way
  13. No mate,cause I genuinely want to know,would the body make stronger antibodies against the (natural)covid? Or would they be stronger through a vaccine? You might not know yourself,but it's interesting Chris. There saying this new vaccine is 95percent effective? Does that mean it's 95 percent effective at stopping you catching it? If so thats big claims,so that would mean you can't catch covid twice? But the five percent is there free card to make excuses if it don't work? If these vaccines are so safe,iyo, why can no supplier of any vaccine nowadays not be prosecuted if something goes wrong? Doesn't sound very safe or accountable to me,no thanks @Chris Jones
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