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  1. I’m no expert in this Keith but it may be over granulation or hypergranulation which is just your body healing from the lost nail. I wouldn’t think it’s cancer mate so try not to worry
  2. Really nice type shame rabbits are so thin on the ground
  3. The kilted killer, there’s a good book about him. I have caught rabbits for his wife in there garden, she was a nice lady
  4. How’s that young cattle dog bitch of his coming on?
  5. Silly fuckers did the same in Dorset in the late 90s I think it was, similar results lots of dead mink
  6. Spot on about these big bully types, once a dog of that size flips it’s top your going to have an absolute nightmare on your hands, the power they have and the damage and pain they can cause people just don’t realise. I think the same as most sane people when I see people with them “what the f**k are you doing with an animal like that!?
  7. I like the idea of a Mali x whippet for a knock about ferreting mouching type, they’d be very handy I’d think
  8. Same mate, real good thread going down the pan
  9. Was meant to read in the book called “we dared”
  10. Ch neilson isn’t it? there’s a good bit about him in the we dared if I’m thinking of the same fella
  11. Going back to diet maybe gnasher could talk a bit more about what was a normal diet for a bulldog then how did that diet change when in a keep. I’d expect plenty of raw meat fish veg etc but would be interesting to hear what was fed and benefits behind the diet. Definitely one of the most interesting threads for a long long time
  12. Deer culler in NZ back in the day, hard graft but what a job it would have been
  13. These pups deserve good working homes, both parents grafted regularly and are pleasure to see in action
  14. I got some young here at the minute and they are always playing with the water and emptying the bowl, they also love the hose sprayed above them on a fine mist, sends them bonkers
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