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  1. Wetherspoons is named after him I believe mate?
  2. Alway will have a soft spot for that blood, would have like to see one over a good greyhound
  3. Not a far from me mate varteg, bandit country for sure
  4. It was a great read Phil, you may not consider yourself to be a gifted writer but the fact you are writing from what you have done in the field comes out on the pages and makes the book what it is and that's a good honest read. Hope there will be more to come in the future, Atb best from the future
  5. maybe a saluki bull grey, keep that percentage of bull high but with the running ability of the saluki
  6. Good to see your back, good luck with your search I'm sure the coursing lads will point you in the right direction. Maybe something razor bred?
  7. Bull x whippet looks a good one, how's it bred if you don't mind me asking, pm if you like
  8. Just finished my copy excellent read from start to finish. Phil, John best first showed me how to long net and we caught a few pheasants in Eddie chapmans front field just for the crack. He's a good fella John always liked him also the zorro dog brought back memories, I collected the dog from Lincolnshire as a pup, he was a good little dog hopefully this won't be your last book as I'm sure you still got a lot to offer lads
  9. fingers crossed he's ok and gets back on here soon
  10. How could anyone brush this sort of thing under the carpet? You got to be some weak or f****d up individual to let this go on. Says a lot about the society we live in now doesn't it
  11. Vetbed is great for dogs and lasts ages, don't be tempted to buy cheaper alternatives
  12. Just about the perfect type in my eyes. Looks to have the brains and the running ability, that's what I'd be aiming for
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