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  1. Always liked the sound of that type of cross would be nice to hear a bit more about them and the way they worked, for a mouching ferreting type of dog I’d imagine them to be very handy
  2. Your not alone, that’s the standard we got over here as well, a lot of the youth want top money for zero sweat and graft
  3. Mate of mine had a son of jack good few years back, very good dog on all sorts. Jack sired some good dogs. Good luck with your litter
  4. Terrier whippet type ideal for a young keen hunting lad
  5. Yeah it’s getting thin on the ground these days, I had a bitch bred from him myself back about 10 year ago now, mad keen for anything. You won’t go far wrong with your planned mating
  6. They will be handy mate, look forward to seeing that litter
  7. You thinking of breeding 3/4 bull whippets in the future mate?
  8. Nice little film, fair play to you, nice lifestyle you have
  9. Surely one of the lads on here could knock you one up? Worth asking the question mate
  10. Rolling in shit, especially when you take the garmin off and the shite ends up on your hands. Love that
  11. There’s definitely plenty of genuine lads about, lads that live for the game and the sport rather than the coin
  12. Lovely looking dog that is Chris, going to be able to run by the looks of it
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