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  1. Rolling in shit, especially when you take the garmin off and the shite ends up on your hands. Love that
  2. There’s definitely plenty of genuine lads about, lads that live for the game and the sport rather than the coin
  3. Lovely looking dog that is Chris, going to be able to run by the looks of it
  4. That last pic is a stunning animal
  5. Fair play to you for giving her the graft and testing her. Sounds like a great dog to own, sometimes we don’t realise what we had until it’s gone do we
  6. Hell of a bag that is mate for 1 dog however they where caught, how’s was the dog bred and do you have any pics of the dog. Would be nice to have a bit more background on the dog
  7. Cracking pup, will look forward to you putting clips up of this working, good luck
  8. Guys got some balls, f**k that!
  9. You got one that you prefer or stands out more than the others?
  10. Seemed to have all settled in well mate, keeping you busy
  11. Nice litter that is, they won’t be about long. Any pics of sire and dam?
  12. Nice litter mate hope they go to tidy home, it a breed I’ll be trying in the future possibly in lurcher form
  13. Yeah I’ve seen other crosses than beddy cross whippet work, main reason I wouldn’t choose beddy whippet now is the quality of tested beddys ain’t about. Plenty of grafted bulls russells and pats about. Also I wouldn’t be using this type of cross in the same way as you would a big lurcher, they’d be used for ratting bushing ferreting etc, more of a fast buster that you could use as a dog that could do dual rolls if you like. I wouldn’t particularly class it as a lurcher as such
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