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  1. Cardiff? Run by a nice old fella, hopefully he’s still about?
  2. They are great flasks, as has been said they have a life time guarantee so if you ever dent it and it loses heat send it back and they will replace it n problem. Well worth the money
  3. Perfect type of hunting that is, excellent bit of sport
  4. Almost definitely I’d say
  5. Brilliant work, nice to know some people still have the ability and confidence to build there own things
  6. Speaks volumes doesn’t it, if they wanted them out there’s loads of option to stop it from happening
  7. A good Stafford is hard to beat around the house
  8. Ideal to have a net that will really wrap them up if you preoccupied on the other side of a hedge or similar. That rabbit in the pic got a bad injury, was it like that before it got in the net?
  9. I’m no expert in this Keith but it may be over granulation or hypergranulation which is just your body healing from the lost nail. I wouldn’t think it’s cancer mate so try not to worry
  10. Really nice type ?? shame rabbits are so thin on the ground
  11. The kilted killer, there’s a good book about him. I have caught rabbits for his wife in there garden, she was a nice lady
  12. How’s that young cattle dog bitch of his coming on?
  13. Silly fuckers did the same in Dorset in the late 90s I think it was, similar results lots of dead mink
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