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  1. Night Walker

    im after a dog

    Fair play lads, nice to know there's decent people still out there. Glad you kept you head above the water Keith, this pup will so good for you all the best
  2. Night Walker

    im after a dog

    Really happy your thinking positive mate. Move forward, enjoy the future and remember the past with fond memories. There's thousands of people on here waiting for a hunting pic off you mate make it happen. I wish you all the best
  3. Night Walker

    Back with the deplorables

  4. Night Walker

    Available Mid-November...

    About time Phil, will look forward to getting a copy
  5. Night Walker

    till we meet again

    Good luck tomorrow Keith hope all goes well and you give Ruthie a great send off. I hope you get a bit of peace after this and hope your looking after yourself Atb Dai
  6. Night Walker

    Rugby World Cup ......

    Was a very tense morning for sure, hopefully the lads will be a lot more switched on next game
  7. Night Walker

    All most 12 month old now

    She's a belter mate, very keen and switched on. Just what I need
  8. Night Walker

    food inventory and others on rearing pups

    You only have to look at the picks you put up of your litter to see that all that time and money was well spent and worth it
  9. Night Walker

    food inventory and others on rearing pups

    Well said Phil, if your going to do it do it right, there's no excuse for not providing the best for a bitch and her whelps. It can be costly but it's the only way
  10. Night Walker

    Ferret stuck 16ft down

    Lucky guy, I bet that still haunts him now
  11. Night Walker

    Atherstone hunt ceased hunting

    Yes definitely, the wankers will get a right boost from that. Sad state of affairs
  12. Night Walker

    Granddad today

    That's great news for you all mate, some good times ahead of you
  13. Night Walker

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    That and the blue and tan are cracking types coat or no coat they look like they could shift a bit
  14. Night Walker

    till we meet again

    So sorry for your loss Keith i wish you all the best Dai
  15. Night Walker

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Can't wait to see these grow and hear updates from everyone that is having one, there's no doubt with the right owner showing these enough work they will turn into special animals.