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  1. Night Walker

    The pup's coming on

    Nice little bitch she knows the game already by the looks of it
  2. Night Walker

    Pre Season

    The mince in the second pic mate where you getting that from?
  3. Night Walker

    Nearly there

    That pup looks like it's matured a lot, looks very handy. Good luck for the season keep us posted on how the pup gets on its a good cross for a hunting lurcher
  4. Night Walker

    That time again

    That spit looks spot on, great bit of kit
  5. Night Walker


    Great filming but putting a sort of humanised story behind it ruined it for me
  6. Night Walker

    Car boot find

    I can send you dogs just no deer, pm your address mate
  7. Night Walker

    Car boot find

    Don't buy it mate I got it here, will bang it in the post for you not a bad read
  8. Night Walker

    Car boot find

    Nice that mate, good find
  9. Night Walker

    Right or wrong .......

    If it was a woman manhandling a potential threat out the room that was a male,she would have been labeled a hero, the guy didn't do anything wrong in my opinion
  10. Night Walker

    Wtf is this

    Cougar in the states I'd bet money on it
  11. Night Walker

    Airdale cross lurchers

    Was thinking the same myself, be nice to see some better pic of the bitch. It's an interesting cross and a shame there's not a good few working Airedales in the UK
  12. Night Walker

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Cracking pic mate
  13. Night Walker

    NZ South Island 2019

    I think the fact that it was such a challenge to you is what makes it all the more special and worth while, it's the achievements when the going gets tough is what it's all about
  14. Night Walker

    NZ South Island 2019

    Excellent read mate throughly enjoyed that, Nz is a place I would love to visit and do similar things. The way you wrote that with all the excitement and enthusiasm made it a very interesting read, good on you for following your dreams I take my hat off to you
  15. Night Walker

    It's time

    That would be my personal preference for what I do, that big dog just caught my eye as a handy looking "all game" type of animal