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  1. Archi

    Fireplace design

    If you use an powerpanel aqua board to board out all you have to do is paint in. can it from jewsons or Travis at about £30/sheet this is what our fitters do and did on mine as well with no issues
  2. Archi

    New Artifical

    Put quite a few in years ago using just plastic grey plastic pipe into a brick den with concrete slabs top and bottom. they often held and were easy to break into and repair if needed.
  3. Archi

    JBluck dirt

    If true is fecking disgraceful
  4. Archi


    I had it done through my work so although quoted at proper job rates it was done through a building notice rather than planning permission so would have saved some £££ in fees.
  5. Archi


    Probably going to be around £25k will depend on if you have existing attic trusses. we had it done as had attic trusses and was £15k + vat without putting in toilet etc & not allowing for decoration and flooring.
  6. Tomato sauce is pretty good
  7. Archi

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Nice little Norfolk fox they eat well in Pheasant countrt
  8. Archi

    Let it snow

    Thought you might have a bit Is sport there on saturday
  9. Archi

    Extra Long (In Back) Shirts

    I found the shirts from Cordings in London very good, pricey but but wash and wear well and often have a sale in.
  10. Archi

    Log burner

    Seems too cheap be be any good but 5year warranty and 81% effeciency in wood would seem to say it ain’t to bad at all. even some of most efficient are at around 87%. i have bought a Charnwood C5 which is around 85% efficient I believe but they are approaching £1k I believe. It is a good well made stove
  11. Archi

    Terrier work offered

    Used to do a lot for them along with stopping and other work behind the scenes many years ago. dont have terriers now but wouldn't mind getting back out and helping once the game shooting is over. they have suffered big time recently with poor huntsman and loosing land to hunt over
  12. Archi

    Terrier work offered

    Is that the west Norfolk ?
  13. Archi

    Log / Multi Fuel Burner

    Chesney take some beating or Charnwood
  14. Archi

    Air Source Heating.

    The company I work for in Fakenham, Norfolk fit and supply these. We fit these to most new builds that out sister company builds. renewable plumbing solutions ltd Google search rps renewable energy should come up with the webpage They might well travel depending on work etc.
  15. Archi

    Clumber Or Brittany Spaniel

    Check out working clumber spaniel society and speak to one of the committee They will help you take a look at them working Have one and yes are slower than a springer but are methodical with good noses Go and watch them work There are getting more out in the shooting field