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  1. Night Walker

    All most 12 month old now

    She's a belter mate, very keen and switched on. Just what I need
  2. Night Walker

    food inventory and others on rearing pups

    You only have to look at the picks you put up of your litter to see that all that time and money was well spent and worth it
  3. Night Walker

    food inventory and others on rearing pups

    Well said Phil, if your going to do it do it right, there's no excuse for not providing the best for a bitch and her whelps. It can be costly but it's the only way
  4. Night Walker

    Ferret stuck 16ft down

    Lucky guy, I bet that still haunts him now
  5. Night Walker

    Atherstone hunt ceased hunting

    Yes definitely, the wankers will get a right boost from that. Sad state of affairs
  6. Night Walker

    Granddad today

    That's great news for you all mate, some good times ahead of you
  7. Night Walker

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    That and the blue and tan are cracking types coat or no coat they look like they could shift a bit
  8. Night Walker

    till we meet again

    So sorry for your loss Keith i wish you all the best Dai
  9. Night Walker

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Can't wait to see these grow and hear updates from everyone that is having one, there's no doubt with the right owner showing these enough work they will turn into special animals.
  10. Night Walker

    Bushing litter

    Just a heads up to anyone who’s looking for a bushing pup I have 2 dog pups available, sire is foxpacks Brian dam is my own Russell bitch. These pups will be excellent grafters and be a pleasure to work if they follow either parents i have an advert in for sale section if anyone wants to view the pups
  11. Night Walker

    Bushing litter

    Your not wrong there mate the bitch pup I kept back from my Russell and Brian has been flying since she was 4 months, came very natural to her she will range out find and scream on rabbits she lives for it. Couldn't be happier with the bitch
  12. Night Walker

    The pup's coming on

    Nice little bitch she knows the game already by the looks of it
  13. Night Walker

    Pre Season

    The mince in the second pic mate where you getting that from?
  14. Night Walker

    Nearly there

    That pup looks like it's matured a lot, looks very handy. Good luck for the season keep us posted on how the pup gets on its a good cross for a hunting lurcher
  15. Night Walker

    That time again

    That spit looks spot on, great bit of kit
  16. Night Walker


    Great filming but putting a sort of humanised story behind it ruined it for me
  17. Night Walker

    Car boot find

    I can send you dogs just no deer, pm your address mate
  18. Night Walker

    Car boot find

    Don't buy it mate I got it here, will bang it in the post for you not a bad read
  19. Night Walker

    Car boot find

    Nice that mate, good find
  20. Night Walker

    Right or wrong .......

    If it was a woman manhandling a potential threat out the room that was a male,she would have been labeled a hero, the guy didn't do anything wrong in my opinion
  21. Night Walker

    Wtf is this

    Cougar in the states I'd bet money on it
  22. Night Walker

    Airdale cross lurchers

    Was thinking the same myself, be nice to see some better pic of the bitch. It's an interesting cross and a shame there's not a good few working Airedales in the UK
  23. Night Walker

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Cracking pic mate
  24. Night Walker

    NZ South Island 2019

    I think the fact that it was such a challenge to you is what makes it all the more special and worth while, it's the achievements when the going gets tough is what it's all about
  25. Night Walker

    NZ South Island 2019

    Excellent read mate throughly enjoyed that, Nz is a place I would love to visit and do similar things. The way you wrote that with all the excitement and enthusiasm made it a very interesting read, good on you for following your dreams I take my hat off to you