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  1. If it's the road Iam thinking off there that just comes out of the tunnel before you hit the roundabouts there is no emergency lanes there and only a dual carriage way if it's the bit with the mountains on the side and the sea too other side I couldn't see them getting the traffic stoped there in time too get it called out cos it's like a cliff face one side and the sea and rail way tracks the other if it's the course of action they had too take i can't see rather a dead dog then a family growing up with out a mother or dad in my opinion
  2. If it was heading toward oncoming traffic even stopping would be dangerous for the police,let alone running down the road after it. Better the whole pack gets squashed than an innocent person crashes and is seriously injured. read through the story. it was a deliberate act after they failed to catch itthe thing is in theory there could of been a load of things they could of done if they had time and I would never want some one too run over my dog on purpose and it's a sad fact but I'd rather they run over a dog then a crash happen could you take it on the chin if the dog caused the dea
  3. Why is there always one dumb ass on here
  4. The biggest thing that always bugged me about the farming sector is why we are not growing are own food and selling are own here and exporting the rest that's not needed when you start too hear stories of us exporting lamb but we bring in lamb from the likes of nz is the daftest shit I ever heard I can understand why we would need too import grain and such and the price varies so much depending on the crops from other countries but why the supermarkets are not buying as much from brittish farmers and importing shit is beyond my thinking of being greedy and always wanting a better price but cou
  5. Is there not a law that your not meant too brake if there is a dog in the road incase it causes an accident or some crap like that so I can't see them getting in any bother over it my self
  6. The funny thing about every one bitching about Scotland wanting too leave Britain has it ever came too your minds some folk in Scotland want f**k all too do with eu either here it is I voted for for Scotland out of Britain dint want snp in but snp took the bandwagon and run for the out referendum it would of still giving Scotland the choice too pick folk too represent Scotland's intrest staying in eu is probably in Scotland's intrest though with most of the commercial fishing fishing fleets coming from Scotland and a lot of the produce does go too eu countries like whelks lobster prawns scallo
  7. Deerhound x mostly laid back but my next dog would be first x collie grey I've never owned a collie cross but worked plenty of collies and my next dog I would like too get it trained to a higher standard then my other dogs too the point of being able too take it on a beating line and not have the dog running off chasing deer or hares and a dog that will work in water and actually listen and have actuall brains I do like the deerhound x are fine but deffo not the smartest beasts in the world
  8. quite simple it's called a gypsy warning any thing after that do what you want ring the police have it out with bats do what ever you want


    If I was having a honeymoon Thailand or bora bora just saying


    f***ing dancer http://www.primewire.ag/watch-2738392-Vikings-online-free
  11. Been with plus net for years and they used too be really good till I just moved I must of rung them over 15 times it took them an extra month too get me connected cos I decided too get fibre but I did get £150 off my bill so I was happy
  12. Done but I can't see it getting too 10 thousand
  13. Been using altbergs for the past 2 seasons and they have just not stood the test of time both boots leak and there is f**k all tread left on them and the eyes were the laces go threw have broken off so I'll be trying a diffrent pair next year
  14. You can just get the best policy that you want for your money they are handy things if your not confident in doing the small things your self or knowing how too do things I used too have a dog insured years ago but as you get older you start too realise you don't need the vet for the small stuff and it starts too become a waste of money in my eyes you could just stick a £10 a week in a jar and if anything serious happens break the jar open i
  15. Most farms have a hot jet wash or a food type factory but watch if you do use a hot wash most of them are a real high pressure and with the hot water it will strip paint pretty quick if your using it close too the metal better with a hot soapy bucket mate and sponge
  16. same with the scallop and quennie trawlers the French and Spanish rape the grounds round here and are in the 12 mile limit all the time
  17. Had every dog I've had done it's come in handy more then once for getting a dog back can't see the problem in it something that cost a couple of quid is better then paying the dog warden £150 and most of the local vets round here will hold the dog till you get there
  18. Pure honey bye the spoonful
  19. I think the hardest part of keeping any line would be keeping the shape size and stamina it really can be a lottery with lurchers unless your breeding first x
  20. iam not sure I agree up here on on the sw Scotland we have been catching more in the last 2 years then we ever caught in 20 years but we have seen a decrease. Of grey mullet though
  21. does that work with hobby Gil netters are they still allowed too take 1300kg a month
  22. Good post. Not a rant at Terry, like you say, don't know his situation. But too many are too willing to get in debt and just not give a f**k. but you still got too remember what is debt say the house your living in right now have you still got the mortgage on it what about the car you've got is it on finance there debts as well it's like saying folk get in debt on silly things aye your right pay off your debts but what happens if your circumstances change tommorow how much of a hit would the intrests on the things you own are going too be I know it too we'll the 3 k I originally borrow
  23. luckily I've not had a single visit from anyone plus there is not actually anything they could take cos I don't actually own anything
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