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  1. fecked if I know when I was off on the sick last year I was getting £75 a week bye the time I paid rent bills and the car I was left with £5 for food for a week I think every c**t is on some sort of sly or knows how too work the system cos I couldn't figure the dam thing out
  2. Used too go out with a little jack Russell when we were like 11 never had a lurcher up here back then but we used too get a few rabbits with her and the slug guns back when nobody paid any attention too two kids walking up the town with an air rifle on there back
  3. We have one at the local wildlife park here the c**t escapes from time too time and there more then capable of killing deer my pal scared it off a carcasses not that long ago
  4. you still got the England too win the football World Cup as we'll mate cos they will come back in fashion in a few years again
  5. it depends on the ground your digging mate or if your just digging too ferrets and don't need a lot of room but if your digging 6ft hole with that you'll be there all day a good graft and a round mouth will get you down quicker and neater
  6. ow shit I forgot how far did England get again
  7. It does seem a lot. But then when you think you pay £120 to have your bin collected twice it doesn't seem so bad you pay too get your bin collected ?
  8. f**k that mate get it changed best decision you will ever make
  9. hahaha this sounds like a lad I used too take with me he was standing on a banking done the same thing it hit full pelt he ended up rolling all the way down the hill as well
  10. Fecking worse then ferret bit it's the f***ing scratching that Usally gets me
  11. lads being doing that for years mate just don't put the hole too close too the edge or it cracks
  12. Sorry for your loss lad running dogs come with there ups and downs that's for sure I had some thing like it 2 years ago dog ran straight into a dyke was flat out on the floor when I got up too him dog couldn't get up or anything but was still semi conscious i was thinking that's it dog is done for ended up carrying that dog 2 miles too get of the hill got him into the car and straight too the vets at 5 in the morning luckily the vet was up and at the office just came from another job so as I pull up wiping the tears of thinking that's it he's a goner open the boot too the c**t jumping out the


    I've only had experince with 3 Akitas and every one of them has been dog aggressive on 2 seprate accounts dogs of mine have been attacked and it was Akitas the first time was when my nana was walking a lab of mine it came out of no where and ripped the dogs back leg open that lab was never the same round other dogs took 3 years for him too really trust other dogs again and the last time I was up in the woods with the 2 I've got and all I could hear was this woman screaming my big dog was having a piss and this thing cum bounding over and latched on too my lurchers face little did the big c**t
  14. I wanted too be a gamekeeper when I left school went too college done the whole thing got a job job paid sweet feck all I made more money when I was 12 working the nets gave it up and ended up going in too farming since then I've been round the world twice worked every job you could think off from welding metal worker labourer forklift driver tractor driver telehandler driver digger operator worked bulldozer factory line scallop boats dairymen courier driver printer operator bar work cattle drover stockman cockling picking whelks fruit factory and now driving tractors again hoping too save up
  15. I have both so it's halogen for me every time don't get me wrong the led are a k light even too the point if I wanted a handy cheap light led is fine but it's the eyes not showing up that does if for me but led have come a long way compared too what they used too be
  16. My step dad was the same had it done last Xmas no driving for 4 weeks and no heavy lifting for 6 weeks good luck lad
  17. But the thing is phones are not actually phones any more I don't know we're I would be with out this iphone literally with everything you can do with them order a hotel for the night book flights and trains contact friends in oz and nz with out it costing £30 for a phone call order a pizza with out speaking too some tit cheack my bank the weather the moon cycle they literally can do everything hell I connect myne too the TV and pick what I want too watch on TV with it as much as I love the old phones I'll never go back
  18. I looked for a long time mate I couldn't find one anywhere else so I just bite the bullet and get one from deben
  19. You got too go you've got too go as they say I can mind one day we were trawling in the Irish Sea and the lot of us had been on the drink the night before we'll within a hour of steaming out the harbour the lot of us needed shit not the nice pleasant kind either so as the lot of us are rushing outside and straight ass over the gunnels having a shit cos there was no toilet on the boat not till one of us is finished does one of the lads say they must be getting a view we were steaming past a f***ing sail boat a man and a woman looking at us must of been thinking what the f**k are that lot up too
  20. I was speaking too some lads a couple of years ago and they swore the best saluki cross they ever had and seen were with bull x but I've not had enuff too do with them too know
  21. My papa always told me chicken shit for tomatoes sheep shit for your cabbages and peas and horse shit for your carrots and cow shit and horse shit for your tatties just something he told me years ago surprised I remembered
  22. Load of pish they make good money I done it for a while all it's a f***ing shit job the only plus side is the drinking and not being at home with no bills too pay great for young men that want too know the feeling of having a £1000 in there back pocket but fuckking shit in the long run unless you go for a skippers ticket or the engineering side of it bye the time you count the hours you've been at sea you soon start too figure out your only on £2 a hour for the amount of hours your out there and then bye the time you clock in the bad months when you don't get out for weather your lucky too be
  23. Bitch chewed the tail off simple
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