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  1. rickysdaystate

    New Knife

    Here's a photo of the knife I have been working on, now all finished. This is the first knife of its kind I have worked on. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but just something a little different to pass the time
  2. rickysdaystate

    Deer Antler

    I'm making a knife out of deer antler, it's the first time iv ever used it, I have gone for reindeer antler but as I'm sanding it it's turning a reddish colour, How come this is happening?I want a nice purl white finish
  3. rickysdaystate

    Wax Jackets

    Just got another 10 in large, this however is the last order
  4. rickysdaystate

    Wax Jackets

    Now all sold, should be having more in the near future, msg me to see if I do....
  5. rickysdaystate

    Whats The Best Boot

    I have had a few over the years, Altberg are very good, I had the defenders which I think are the best cheap boot around, I also had the gamekeeper which are even better. Hanwag sf are a nice boot too. I had danner boots but they were too tight for me so sold them to a friend, which he rates highly. Karrimor sf boots are good for the money too, but I preferred the defenders
  6. rickysdaystate

    Wax Jackets

    Only have them in size large now as they have sold pretty quick, it is made by British millerain
  7. rickysdaystate

    Wax Jackets

    Now all gone
  8. rickysdaystate


    What leather do you guys use for the pouches? Size ect. Thought about getting 2.5mm cowhide
  9. rickysdaystate

    A Few Natural Cattys

    I didn't take pics of these ones finished, here's some I cut down this month. Two are completely natural and the right one is bent
  10. rickysdaystate

    A Few Natural Cattys

    Just a quick post on a few natural cattys iv made. All different styles and woods
  11. rickysdaystate

    Fen Traps

    Looking for 2 genuine mk4 traps and 2 genuine mk6 fenn traps. Where is best to get them from?
  12. rickysdaystate

    Bushcraft Knife

    It's from 4mm o1 tool steel, cheap and widely available
  13. rickysdaystate

    Bushcraft Knife

    Made my first bushcraft knife, razor sharp cut hairs off your arm with ease
  14. Been after this very set up for a while now. Can't believe I missed this, if you ever sell it........
  15. rickysdaystate

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Not a very good pic...