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  1. Buy rechargeable ones,I’ve had the same 4 for 6 years
  2. Don’t talk to it,Play with it and it will get bigger just like your lugs,wf
  3. Just showed this to mine and she said that I do that,this is coming from a woman who had put the polish in the fridge
  4. Mine reckons that boris trump is an idiot
  5. That’s them well done that man,and many thanks
  6. Hi,can anyone hopefully help me out,at a friends bird feeder there’s a finch sized bird turns up it,has an orange chest with white below and along its side is white,with some black on its head,it won’t stay long enough for a picture,it comes to the feeder along with blue tits,chaffinch ,goldfinches in fact all the normal birds you would have at a feeder,he lives in the country if that makes any difference or not,if some of you guys can put up a picture of what you think it could be,it would be most helpful,wf
  7. Probably snow geese,they do however have black wingtips which is hard to see while sitting on the ground
  8. Have you tried Ian openshaw
  9. If you’re not bothered about recording the get the axion key it’s £1150
  10. I no a lad who spent a fair bit of time with him,he says there was enough drugs went over his neck to nock a donkey out,
  11. First thing I would do is check her pockets
  12. Jesus,a ride and a see saw at the same time
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