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  1. March the 15th in Scotland,hope you get your dream fish,wf
  2. Nice fish,when does your season start down there, wf
  3. David hi,did you have the pulsar n450 a while back if so how would you compare it to the c50,wf
  4. I remember lawton evans having a terrier like that,his was Black and Tan great rock dog and could shift a fox,where it couldn’t be dug to,it was lost in a cairn in glen lyon ,wf
  5. A post about these terriers came up a good few years ago on here,most of the people who owned at least one said they were the bee,s nee,s I then offered them a days digging with there first class workers ,and would you believe it none of them got in touch which said it all for me,I often wonder why if they were so good back in the day why there are so few about today? anyway happy digging gentleman,wf
  6. First thing to do with them is cut and throw the string to f**k then they are really good lol,wf
  7. I’ve never in my life had anything worse on my feet 30 mins later I was gonna throttle the fxxker who loaned them to me,it was like having two broken bricks on each foot
  8. Decker, don’t you think it would be good to have it around feed it it might have a girlfriend or two it just might bring along sometime,lol wf
  9. That toilet paper was about as bad as using a crisp bag one slip and it was right up your back,lol wf
  10. I run a small shoot and can’t really afford to have foxes around however if I new there was hounds coming I would leave the place quiet for them as it’s a lot of work on the hunt day and I think it’s always better if they get a good hunt,wf
  11. A cheap one and that way it won’t matter a f**k if you lose it
  12. I thought it was an aniseed mix,or is that drag hunting
  13. I used wire wool on the end of an empty shell screwed onto a length of dowling to get the proper angle,soaked with wd 40 and fixed to a cordless drill I was told I was lucky as some guns are beyond repair,do a little bit at a time,if you know anyone with a bore scope get them to look at it first,good luck,wf
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