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  1. wilbur foxhound

    Fecking big spider

    Was it the spider or the thing on the left that was spotted
  2. wilbur foxhound

    Night vision??

    I have noticed that no one has thought about the fact that foxes can see in the dark whether you are using a torch or not
  3. wilbur foxhound

    Isle of Mull

    I too am just back from mull,went on Friday till this morning,I thought you would have seen plenty of red deer around loch don area not far from where you were it was rather wet yesterday morning,as for midges I never new something so small could have teeth so big,atb wf
  4. wilbur foxhound

    Tree felling

    I would be using a pulley system,try to get a rope as high as possible and pull it awake from where you are going to stand to do the cutting but I would also clear a way for safety in case of a possible accident and have a mate there to work the rope same time as you are cutting,they’re not big trees just awkward cut about half way through one at a time then check the tension on the rope and when you get far enough in put a wedge in each tree so the trees won’t come back and jam the saw,looking at it from the picture they will need to come down at once ,hope this helps
  5. wilbur foxhound

    Free stalk

    I will offer a free stalk on a roe buck ,for a young lad or lass,during the rut,it ight not be much of a head on it however the chance is there,must be accompanied by an adult an be between the ages of 14-16 years old,please no time wasters,I don’t won’t nothing in return as I’m only giving a youngster a chance he or she might not ever get,so think before you message as I don’t suffer fools based in the central belt of Scotland ,atb wf
  6. wilbur foxhound

    Funny Joke Thread

    That’s not fair my mum is called barbra,wooohooo
  7. wilbur foxhound

    The lucky once but not twice fox!

    Lucky once but not twice ,,usually when a fox makes a mistake it’s its downfall,good shot but can you pull a shot of like that all the time,wf
  8. wilbur foxhound

    Poor Maggie.

    Are you Cwistopher the fanny pwackam lol wf
  9. wilbur foxhound

    Beavers now protected in Scotland

    They were given protection at the start of may this year one was found shot in January not sure if they were protected because of that ,wf
  10. wilbur foxhound

    Ammo safe

    That I’m not sure of meece ,but if they have something that you want then you have to go along with what they require
  11. wilbur foxhound

    Old Photo's

    I’ve said this before,patterdale is a place in the Lake District it’s obvious that’s where they came from ,also some of frank bucks patterdales were rough coated,just like fell terriers ,the fells are in the lakes also they are most likely both the same ,crossbred, but some are from patterdale area,wf
  12. wilbur foxhound

    Ammo safe

    Scotland must be different as it is a requirement that it has so many levers in the locking mechanism and the steel is of a certain thickness,I’m sure if I’m wrong someone will let me no,wf
  13. They seem to be the hungry ones,by letting a day it would give more money to buy more birds and food,a bit short sighted ,I could never understand people that couldn’t give up a day to help out,but they would manage to be there on that day if they were getting to shoot,wf
  14. Why don’t you let a day,and get your members to beat and pick up on the day it would help towards the payment of birds and wheat,wf
  15. wilbur foxhound

    152 fox and 3 feral cats.

    Tom varney , is another big numbers man