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  1. I met an old mate the other day,and I asked him what he thought about the England game his reply was I would have loved to watch the match with a few beers and Alf garnet in the same room
  2. I wasn’t there due to my child being seriously ill,but offered my seat to someone who’s reply was no I’m going to the great Yorkshire show
  3. It can’t be up to much if it makes you pull a face like that,lol,enjoy
  4. John winch will be irreplaceable as men like him don’t come along very often
  5. Fireman,I take my hat of to you for that work,I’m fair impressed with it,well done,wf
  6. Regarding terriers that are called too hard,I remember being out with the late Lawton evans and a fox was to ground ,Lawton had two terriers with him one had an od scar the other was covered in scars,one man commented that the one covered in scars was too hard,and Lawton said it wasn’t hard enough or it would push right up to the fox and guzzle it just like the the one with only a few scars,wf ps I shall look forward to the comments,lol
  7. I have a wildcat on my tikka but it’s awfully heavy,wf
  8. 4 posts and some rylock netting,put the big squares to the bottom
  9. All his books are full of 1st class shite,I spoke with a lad who was writing in the countryman’s weekly for him,the lad told him I have no more days I can write about ,plumbers answer was just write lies,
  10. Theres a n450 digisight on gumtree at the moment
  11. Axion key xm 30;I would only account for between six and ten foxes per season but now it’s an average of thirty,wf
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