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  1. wilbur foxhound

    Sad to kill rabbits anymore.

    My boss is always telling me to shoot any rabbits I see,but if you don’t have any rabbits you won’t have good dogs
  2. wilbur foxhound

    Ex forestry vehicle auctions

    Kinross motor auctions used to do them once a month,
  3. wilbur foxhound

    Seat covers

    Thanks guys Titan it is
  4. wilbur foxhound

    eBay woodburner

    It’s to near to the wood it will go on fire unless the flu is twinwall ,as canny says have a bucket of water handy ,just a wee heads up,and don’t have it airtight as the fire won’t perform as good but it looks good atb wf
  5. wilbur foxhound

    Black cat

    It will be the skull with a bullx lol
  6. wilbur foxhound

    Good 243 scope

    Schmidt and bender 8x56 £450 at the sportmans gun centre but remember that’s without mounts,wf
  7. wilbur foxhound

    Seat covers

    What seat covers do you guys think are the best, ? Wf
  8. wilbur foxhound

    Men’s pants in trees , what does it mean ?

    Is that you coming out the closet,lol
  9. wilbur foxhound

    Queen's Dog To Be Banned

    It states on Wikipedia that under a century ago springers and cockers were born in the same litter,am f****d to see how they came to that conclusion
  10. wilbur foxhound

    Number 40

    Are your dens being done with terriers,in the winter/spring time as forty is a lot for 500 acres,however well done,atb wf
  11. wilbur foxhound


    What a nice little stream for making shine,woohoo
  12. wilbur foxhound

    Queen's Dog To Be Banned

    He might be thinking of a puppy test not trial
  13. wilbur foxhound

    Hour with bacon and string

    What do they taste like
  14. wilbur foxhound

    Queen's Dog To Be Banned

    I heard the queens dog turned out right enough (it wasn’t a mongrel) and as dan newcome says about fitness levels,basically if you’re dog ain’t fit it won’t last a day never mind six days beating wf
  15. wilbur foxhound

    Who done it

    A female sparrow hawk will take wood pigeons,I would say it’s either a sparrow hawk or goshawk,but then again a goshawk is just a great big sparrow hawk,atb wf