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  1. wilbur foxhound

    Ranges in central Scotland

    There’s a full bore range just outside Kinross on the west end of benarty hill,I’m not sure if it’s a members only one,wf
  2. wilbur foxhound

    Helion screen

    For my Yukon I use a 12 volt reversing camera from eBay it was only £20
  3. wilbur foxhound

    Motorbikes and Summer

    Weren’t those 2 stroke engines
  4. wilbur foxhound

    Ladder traps in Scotland

    Phone the police wildlife officer tell him you need a number to put on crow traps and he will give you one and ask him to email you the general license and if he can include control of blackback gulls in it for the protection of game birds,wf
  5. wilbur foxhound

    New Jimny Model

    Looks a bit like a fourtrak
  6. wilbur foxhound

    Old nuttall stock

    When I went down to nuttals kennels for a pup every terrier I seen had this stamp,they were all around 12-14 inches and all were smooth coated ,wf
  7. wilbur foxhound

    wish i was coming in from school to this

    Didn’t the 480 have only 4 gears ,one of my mates had one, another mate had a air cooled cr500 habby horse,I had quite a few motor crossers the first was the original red rocket cr250 air cooled I’m sure it was a 1978 model it was quicker than my mates water cooled cr 250 ,I was world champion falling of the 250,s I’m sure lol,wf
  8. wilbur foxhound

    Old nuttall stock

    And how would any of you lads choose between a nuttal and a parks terrier in the late eighties early nineties,wf
  9. wilbur foxhound

    Old nuttall stock

    In the early nineties,I got a terrier from Brian nuttal,and I was told at that time his old stuff was better,so when did his old stuff run out,wf
  10. wilbur foxhound

    Should I worm my pregnant bitch

  11. wilbur foxhound

    Rabbit cage traps

    Wheat does the job
  12. wilbur foxhound

    Pulsar Digisight fitting

    If it extended to far couldn’t it be cut off,I’ve never seen the extended ones extending past the eye piece
  13. wilbur foxhound

    Royal jelly

    Don’t worry about it am 52 ,but only 14 in the head,lol
  14. wilbur foxhound

    Pulsar Digisight fitting

    If it’s the one with the cut out won’t you just turn it around,phone Alan Rhône I’m sure he will know,wf
  15. wilbur foxhound

    Royal jelly

    Will gallop,you must be a right old fart,I watched him in a mk3 escort 4x4 I’m sure it had 900bhp,not sure if that was before or after the 6r4,wf