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  1. wilbur foxhound

    Kelt ?

    I would say kelt
  2. wilbur foxhound

    Pulsar n455

  3. wilbur foxhound

    Pulsar n455

    i read the 455 will be out in March ,but not seen any for sale yet,have they been delayed,also what guarantee will they come with,wf
  4. wilbur foxhound

    L200 pickup

    About six months ago I paid £7000 for a 2011 plate Trojan it had done 100,00 miles but had full service history with it so far it’s been good and had never been of road it has a locking rear diff and locking centre diff and is nice to drive,I had two off the older shaped ones and both engines were nothing but trouble so if you look there are good ones out there but I would stay clear of the older square shaped ones I think the engine in them was a k74 cylinder heads cracked in both of mine,wf
  5. wilbur foxhound

    Fresh Run Fish

    Where on the Annan were you years ago I used to fish warmanbie and hoddam beats,that’s a fine example of how a fish should look,atb wf
  6. wilbur foxhound

    L200 pickup

    What age of l200 were you thinking of,wf
  7. wilbur foxhound

    Photon xt

    Cheers for the reply,your diagnosis was spot on the bases had come loose and worn the thread so had to be drilled and re tapped,all good now,atb wf
  8. wilbur foxhound

    Avian vermin control?

    Would this include black back gulls
  9. wilbur foxhound

    Help Please, Plumbers/Anyone

    Try shower fittings
  10. wilbur foxhound

    Pulsar n455

    I read that the n355 is being discontinued and replaced with the n455 and at a cheaper price was there issues with the 355 that pulsar are discontinuing with it,wf
  11. wilbur foxhound

    Kelly kettle

    They are very good just remember when you are boiling the water to keep the cork off,
  12. wilbur foxhound

    got a call last week

    Well done,p.s.watch you don’t get all the shit that woman got for shooting a goat,lol
  13. wilbur foxhound

    Is this an otter?

    The otters in other countries are bigger than our otters,and a sea otter is the same as an inland otter they have smaller teeth than a fox if they had a lot of power in there jaws they wouldn’t have to use stones to break open mussels or oyster shells
  14. wilbur foxhound

    Is this an otter?

    I’ve seen quite a lot of otters over the years and watched them hunting mice,rabbits and ducks as well as fish,they don’t have a great deal of power in there jaws,ive seen them on mull using stones to break open mussels,they don’t seem to be afraid or bother much about humans,that one in the picture looks like one of last years young,they do take a long time to grow to a good size,I remember being in Brian Nuttalls house and he had the head and tail of an otter mounted on the wall with the weight stamped on it 33 1/2 pounds,he also said a fully grown dog otter would be four feet long including the tail,Lurcher and some terriers can kill young ones single handed but not a fully grown adult ,however these bull crosses I’m sure could do it very easily that one in the picture doesn’t look like a dog has had hold of it ,wf