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  1. You never can tell,Chuck Berry and I would like everyone to dance to it,wf
  2. What was it then,my money’s on edge being right
  3. Has that dog in the third picture only got one lug lol,wf
  4. Jasper carrot was one of billy Connolly,s managers
  5. What did you think of jethro
  6. How many rabbits will they be able to catch on the lamp in one night
  7. Did any one on here have pups from two terriers called monty and Ethel ,they had offspring called Morris and jake,I don’t won’t to mention the lads name who owned them all I will say is he was a well known lurched man,I should have added it would be mid nineties onwards,Maurice ended up with a couple called bob and Sheila near to Nottingham atb,wf
  8. Do you ever go lamping with your birds of prey?
  9. I remember a lad called jock Scott from fife saw mine and said I like a single barrel baikal the steel on the barrel is so thick you can load your catridges with cut up six inch nails and are brilliant to shoot geese with,wf
  10. It looks like the same model I had as a first gun mines was 12 gauge,I remember the back of the trigger guard used to give my middle finger serious swelling after a day’s shooting god it was sore,wf
  11. Some Baikal shotguns done this depending on what catridge was used as some catridges have a slightly bigger base,the bottom line is it shouldn’t do it I would take it back to the shop and explain to them what’s happening and they repair or give you a new one if it’s brand new
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