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  1. I can’t believe that in this day and age there isn’t an electric vehicle which can charge itself
  2. One of my bosses has a 21 plate Land Rover hybrid he asked me to go and get it for him and bring the elevenses down anyway there was 62% in the battery’s which worked out to have 12 miles left in it
  3. Paulus thanks for correcting me on that
  4. The mot according to dvla runs out on February 22nd for this vehicle
  5. Tricky dicky davies I heard him called once,
  6. I remember a poof jumped on my back at a party one night,I didn’t know whether to leave him on or toss him off
  7. Did you have a sore arse this morning
  8. This happened to me once,years ago walked over a rabbity looking place,in dropped my terrier started,baying away out bolts 2 rabbits then the terrier,I tried to catch it but she shot back down and two minutes later out bolts a fox,since that day I always learned to trust them,but my father once told me if you don’t do nothing wrong then you’ll never learn,anyway good you got a result,wf
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