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  1. wilbur foxhound

    Blue hare, mountain hare, white hare

    Ya dirrrrty man,lol atb wf
  2. wilbur foxhound

    Duck feeding

    If all you are hearing is a splash from the duck landing in the water without seeing them coming in then it’s time to go home,also remember that mallard are a b*****d for coming in at all different times of the night,atb wf
  3. wilbur foxhound

    Duck feeding

    You should try an evening flight,walk the ducks off in the daylight without firing any shots then have your days shooting then go to the ducks last thing into the dark,you will probably get a lot more shooting atb,wf
  4. wilbur foxhound

    Harkila wellies (FAULTS)

    Take a look at the price of everything they have for sale,whether it be boots,jackets,gloves,gaiters,hats,anything for that matter,it’s all expensive,I seen a smock last year £470 for a smock and £170 for a jersey,a mate of mine swore by Harkila until one day I had him out on the hill he looked like an advertisement for Harkila with over a thousand pounds worth of ther stuff on,by the end of the day he was soaked through,boots leaked trousers and jacket let in,he don’t seem to buy there stuff anymore there is a lot of waterproof clothing out there at less than half the price,I get the impression that some people think the dearer something is the better it is,happy new year
  5. wilbur foxhound

    Harkila wellies (FAULTS)

    The main fault with Harkila is the price of anything they sell they’re a f***ing rip off have a nice day
  6. wilbur foxhound

    Chickens and stoats!

    It looks quite light in colour compared to the ones we have up here,or is it the photograph,well done anyway
  7. wilbur foxhound

    Has anyone on here worked pure fox terriers

    Didn’t the huntsman of the lochaber foxhounds work a pure bred fox terrier
  8. wilbur foxhound


    Aye he seems to like his Henry ,I also watched moonshiners on tv and one of the lads on their had a rifle similar to yours seen him shoot boar running with it,quite impressed I was
  9. wilbur foxhound


    At what distance are these rifles accurate up to,a lad I know has a rifle similar looking to yours am sure he said it was called a Henry would that be right
  10. wilbur foxhound

    Boozey Sloes and Blackberries

    Aye make some more with the left overs
  11. wilbur foxhound

    Duck feeding

    Feed the shallowest end in no more than 7 inches of water,put one bag of food in and leave it a week and check to see if it’s disappearing if it’s not leave it another week and check the food again don’t put more food down until the first bag starts to disappear and don’t shoot it as soon as only 1 or 2 duck use it wait until there are lots and you will have a better flight,hope this helps
  12. wilbur foxhound

    Any brickys?

    There’s 10 blocks in a square meter but building it at 600x600 there will be a lot of waste
  13. wilbur foxhound

    Working border types

  14. wilbur foxhound

    Amazon have started catering for the welsh

    She’s from Alloa and didn’t know what it was ffs a no there thick from there but surely,
  15. wilbur foxhound

    Working border types

    I only seen 2 and they both did work one for 2 seasons and and the other for 3 seasons then they just chucked the towel in,however I wouldn’t say that they were all bad as 2 was all I seen ,wf