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  1. Born hunter, that ticks all boxes!!! Thanks
  2. Id need to probably go and try a 20g to see what I thought!! The only positive this time round is, I know what I don't want. There is just so many options.. I'm spoilt for choice!!
  3. Thank you!! Will definitely go and do my research here.
  4. Hi all, I'm a beginner and own a 12G semi.. When I was researching guns before I knew I wanted a semi. I was reading on a shooting forum women being horrified that men were saying certain guns are too big for women to use. That women can shoot with any gun.. Yada yada.. This is where I strongly disagree now. I went ahead and Bought a budget semi so if the gun ended up not suiting I wasnt out a fortune (or incase I was sh*t at shooting lol) My problem is (being only 5ft2) the semi is Huge, It 100% if I'm just whacking clays all day the recoil isn't a problem even using BB's.. however my Mr and i head out on our permissions.. By the time we're an hour or two in I start to get frustrated.. It is heavy but not too heavy.. Its more so a problem that it's so long.. Even if I considered a 3point sling.. The gun would touch the ground. As I said, I'm a novice so getting out and doing it is still brilliant and I'm loving it, but I know the gun is definitely too big for me. I was hoping someone could advise me on what would maybe suit (something smaller), I love a semi.. I've tried an over and under and side by side before.. But I just like the semi best.. The escort semi was cheap enough so id just hold on to it also.. But definitely need something more practical... Any advice appreciated Thanks. A
  5. I am a "townie" and mine was granted surprisingly very easily.(northern Ireland) My FAO was female and really helpful tho!!
  6. not very lady like I'm only winding you up flip sake.
  7. your alright.. Not offended, I probably wear highheels bigger than your d*ck anyway!!! just kidding!!!
  8. That might have been a funny joke if I wasn't a girl!!!!
  9. I think that site is no longer running I have tried it several times. New to the sport myself. Also from Belfast!!
  10. I appreciate that. amber_murray13@hotmail.com is the email looking forward to reading through it for tips!!! Thanks a mil
  11. I am delighted to hear that!!!... I had read online of it taking 9 months for the whole process in N.I.. (which did disheartened me a little) but after hearing that and seeing how quickly the FAO was in touch I'm starting to get exciteddd!! Thank you for getting back to me
  12. Hey just reading this post and was wondering is there any chance I could get a copy of that!! I know that's a bit forward of me, but if I can get anything to help me in anyway.. I'm jumping at it lol.. Just new to the site today myself!! Thanks a mil
  13. Well unless she came to my house today for a laugh it was definitely a casual interview. Just asked safety questions, why i wanted the gun, experience, where I intended to store it.. Security around the house etc.. Told me on the phone that it was procedure!!
  14. Looking to get my hands on a decent pair of boots.. Buying them is the easy part.. But Choosing them is difficult.. Will be out shooting, and may want them to be suitable to wear out on the odd dig with my Mr!! Any advice appreciated??? Thanks
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