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  1. neil82

    This is all we need out here.

    thing is once they are accepted into any member state they then have free movement and can go wherever they want, this whole immigration system needs overhauling on a world wide basis but the first step should be kick out the ones who don`t deserve to be here
  2. neil82


    I've only just started reading through this and this may be answered on the next pages but, and this is a fact that no-one will dispute, the explosion in knife crime can be directly traced back to the rise of a certain African group whose first response in any dispute would be to reach for the blade, the others are now just copy cat crimes
  3. neil82


    couple of points, the UK has in total put millions into medical research, still regarded as a centre of excellence in this field, anti tax avoidance, yea right, put up all the accounts for euro MP`s, improved food standards, for the Uk how, by dragging some of the new entrants out of the dark ages, done f**k all for the UK, trade deals, f**k off, nothing that benefits us, just look at the NZ deal, farmers here struggle to sell their lambs but due to a deal the EU pulled off we end up with half the NZ lamb coming here, pay rises, try quoting what rises MEP`s have had before you use that as a reason to stay (also bear in mind that they get paid a hell of a lot more than UK MP`s and get far more expenses with no accountability for that money, as for the 66 billion that would have been far less if our elected representatives acted for us and accepted the vote, democracy no longer exists in this country
  4. neil82


    do you actually believe that that terrorist loving communist cnut would get enough support, his idea of a modern utopia is fukcing Venezuela, he`s the only one in the whole house that's a bigger idiot than Bercow
  5. neil82


    all this shit about a backstop is just that, a pile of shit to disguise a backdoor into the UK, if left to politicians on both sides to set up you can guarantee it will end up twice as wide as the front door and have a sodding great wedge holding it open
  6. neil82


    99,000 ton of beef is chickenfeed, the NZ lamb quota is over 230,000 tons into the EU, guess where gets lumbered with half that
  7. neil82


    seen it published that the EU imports 220,000 tons of NZ lamb and under the current deal the UK gets half that so no bloody wonder farmers here (N.Wales) are shitting themselves over losing their export market, nobody stops to think that when we leave we can refuse the NZ lamb and eat home produced meat, the market will only disappear if the politicians fcuk things up again
  8. neil82

    Deer and goat hunters out there

    there are some ferals about on Traws ranges but I have no idea if anyone actively hunts them
  9. neil82


    we get enough of that shit with the national socialist party of wales, even as a Welshman I would not inflict that Nazi shit on the rest of the UK
  10. neil82

    New uk slugs

    cost more than rim fire ammo, think you need a serious look into your pricing if you want any remote possibility of making a go of it
  11. neil82


    if they are standard width stick with the pressures in the handbook to start with, check tread depths across the width regularly, if wear is even the pressure is right, if centre wearing more, drop pressure, both shoulders wearing increase pressure.
  12. all these toys make cars safer, but the down side is young drivers don`t realise how much the car is doing for them, they think they are expert drivers and when things go wrong they don`t have the skills to deal with the situation, accident numbers are dropping overall but serious injuries are rising due to the speed of collisions, one real fact that they ignore is it`s not speed that kills, it`s speed in the wrong place, that's down to the ability (or lack of it) of the driver
  13. if you read the full article the EU hopes to reduce road deaths to zero by 2050, dream on you idiots, no matter how many toys and restrictions are introduced you will never avoid idiots and just plain bad luck (maybe their actual idea is to totally bad all travel, that could work)
  14. neil82

    Fuucking accident prone me lol

    next time your on a stair case use some safety lines or ladders
  15. neil82

    Toyota Hilux Recall

    the problem is not with any car maker, it`s the company that makes airbags for them so will cover many manufacturors and models, last major recall for airbags was something to do with the humidity in the factory altering the burn rates of the propellant making the firing off of the airbag too explosive, (bit like using the wrong sort of powder in centre fire cases) how they measure these things is beyond me, when the system works correctly by the time your head hits the steering wheel in an accident the bag is supposed to be fully inflated and actually going down