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  1. basic maths, 0.66 per litre, 5.28ml for 8 litres, use a syringe from your vet to measure small quantities
  2. impact damage, took 5 surures to close it up a bit, stung like buggery when they dipped it in iodine
  3. got to wait for this to heal and sort out a blowtorch before I try it out
  4. did he gently caress both of your shoulders whilst carrying out said procedure?
  5. petrol engines are, diesels not so much, 1.3 is fiat lump built in india, 1.9 is renault shit and the 2.0 is a pug engine, been out of it for 5 years now so don`t know if it`s improoved but with more and more emissions regs I doubt if they have got any better
  6. all down to service history and how you drive it, treat it well and the engine will far outlast the body, shame no one ever came out with a kit car body for them, bet loads ended up in scapyards with perfect mechanical systems
  7. making a small forge, just big enough to heat up 3" bearing outers, it is twin wall and want to fill the gap with some sort of insulation, should I go for vermiculite or just normal sand, do have a few pics on my phone of progress so far but have no clue how to post them, could send them to someone who knows how to post them here if they PM me their number
  8. thank you, saved me posting the same thing, if any immigrant wants to enter this country there are steps they can take to do so legally if they want to act as invaders then they are criminals and should get booted out, no ifs or buts and certainly not endless appeals funded by UK tax payers
  9. pretty much every one who is taken on a plane in handcuffs is a criminal who is getting kicked out, the raving idiots will then kick off blocking the plane taking off until the criminal is taken off that plane, want some links to look up how many foreign criminals use every dodge going fully funded by legal aid to stay here, I`ll stand by my scum comment!
  10. problem is not with her or any other previous home secretary, it`s the judges, solicitors, the human rights act and the do gooders who block planes taking off to take the scum home
  11. just looked at that amazon link, it does not say that the cable is rated for 8v, it says that it fits an 8v camera, if the plugs are the size you need thats the cable you need
  12. the difference between 5v and 8v is not going to be a problem with what you want, if the jack plugs are the right size then carry on, it is correct that for a given load the more volts involved the lower the amps but at that low level, crack on.
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