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  1. neil82


    if they are standard width stick with the pressures in the handbook to start with, check tread depths across the width regularly, if wear is even the pressure is right, if centre wearing more, drop pressure, both shoulders wearing increase pressure.
  2. all these toys make cars safer, but the down side is young drivers don`t realise how much the car is doing for them, they think they are expert drivers and when things go wrong they don`t have the skills to deal with the situation, accident numbers are dropping overall but serious injuries are rising due to the speed of collisions, one real fact that they ignore is it`s not speed that kills, it`s speed in the wrong place, that's down to the ability (or lack of it) of the driver
  3. if you read the full article the EU hopes to reduce road deaths to zero by 2050, dream on you idiots, no matter how many toys and restrictions are introduced you will never avoid idiots and just plain bad luck (maybe their actual idea is to totally bad all travel, that could work)
  4. neil82

    Fuucking accident prone me lol

    next time your on a stair case use some safety lines or ladders
  5. neil82

    Toyota Hilux Recall

    the problem is not with any car maker, it`s the company that makes airbags for them so will cover many manufacturors and models, last major recall for airbags was something to do with the humidity in the factory altering the burn rates of the propellant making the firing off of the airbag too explosive, (bit like using the wrong sort of powder in centre fire cases) how they measure these things is beyond me, when the system works correctly by the time your head hits the steering wheel in an accident the bag is supposed to be fully inflated and actually going down
  6. neil82

    Quirky THL members

    The arguments and wind ups on here when I first joined made prime time entertainment but nothing beat the x-mas stories some of the headbangers came up with, try them now and I think the mad Cartland bint would rise up from her grave
  7. neil82

    Bloody Sunday

    and the f***ing paddy terrorist b*****ds didn't?
  8. neil82

    Dirty scummy bitches

    must have bought issue 1 for 99p and made up the rest from pop bottles
  9. neil82

    Dirty scummy bitches

    i`m no experts on WW2 aircraft but no way is that a spit, fuselage squared off, canopy totally wrong, wing tips wrong shape, flaps totally wrong, even if it was an early prototype it`s so far different to a spitfire it could not be called one
  10. neil82

    Knew this was coming....

    I presume you are stateside, over there hand gun ownership (legal and illegal) is so wide spread it is reasonable to assume any intruder might be armed so that response is sensible (as well as double tapping them to ensure there is no medical bill to deal with)
  11. neil82

    Knew this was coming....

    if someone "invades your gaff" and you think you or any others may be in danger you are perfectly entitled to use reasonable force to defend your self and others, if the cnut dies the only thing you have to persuade the court to believe is that the force was reasonable and the death was not the outcome you expected (lump hammer to the head to try and knock the twat out you might get away with, if we still had hand guns and you did a double tap to the head, not sure if that would count as reasonable ((fuckum, what they deserve)), plenty of cases where attacker/assailant killed and no action taken)
  12. neil82

    Migrants crossing the channel

    lets get one thing straight here, more than 99% are not refugee`s, they are economic migrants who think this country is the answer to their dreams, compared to the life they had in their home country, that is probably true BUT by allowing this flood to continue only drags the rest of us down. Time all this stopped, and it will only stop when they are sent back and someone with at least micro-testicals stops funding the never ending court appeals to try and keep them here, this is not immigration, it`s a f***ing invasion
  13. neil82

    Series 2 Land Rover

    maybe not but there will be plenty of landrovers using 4track engines
  14. neil82

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    think the performance of the 2 Fury clowns just goes to show that they should stick to pub car parks with the closest they get to PPV being youtube from someones phone, both of them talk a good fight, utter complete bullshit to promote it and when they get into the ring it`s either a spoiler to get the win or a complete shambles hoping for the "one punch" KO, for actual boxing fans the pair of them shame the sport
  15. neil82

    Watching the news tonight

    same when the MET brought out the stop and search policy, screams of racism, wrong, it was more due to certain ethnic group being more sodding responsible for the type of crime they were trying to reduce, b*****ds use race as a get out of jail card (or escape proper investigation) too often