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  1. neil82

    Cancer Research

    have to agree that most food produced in any sort of factory is sheite but FFS, we, as animals, have to die at some point, why try to live to be 100 years old without the joy of a bacon sarnie, a hot dog smothered in mustard in a white bread roll, enjoy life but accept the fact that at some point it ends
  2. neil82

    New MOT rules !!

    still going to be plenty of cheap motors around, thing to be aware about is some will be piles of sheite with dodgy tickets on them and others will be piles of sheite that comply fully with the minimum standards, buyer beware and all that crap, if your not mechanically minded find someone who is and take themto view any prospective purchase
  3. neil82

    New MOT rules !!

    no, there is no way they can stop you taking your car away, never has been no matter what they say and there is no way now, they are not able to stop you driving away after a fail no matter what they say, the situation is this, IF YOUR CAR FAILS ITS TEST THEN IT IS NOT FIT TO BE DRIVEN ON A PUBLIC HIGHWAY, IT DOES NOT MEET THE MINIMUM STANDARD, nothing more than that and this was the same before the new regs came in, the only bit that is different is the fact that it fails is now going to be an easily accessable bit of information for any to read, either your insurance company or plod so you could end up in the shit if anything happens, the only thing I would now advise is rather than have a test done early get your car CHECKED without registering it for test before its due, may cost you more as the check will be under whatever labour rates they charge then get it fixed and then do the test, mark this, this is another step towards 4-2 testing, a major step backwards in road safety as the current test is only to MINIMUM standards, the MOT test pass limit is way under what the manufacturers state as the wear limit on most things (as the only answer to your question, the only thing a mechanic can do is give you your keys and phone plod if he thinks your car is unsafe to be on the road, nothing more than that)
  4. neil82

    New MOT rules !!

    it`s allways been that way, if your motor fails it should not be on the road, the only bit that is new is there is a fully traceable record of what its failed on and your insurance company and the police will probably have access to it, as for ripping people off read through the new test manual (open to all through yougov), some things have been dropped from the test, some standards have been relaxed and newer rules brought in to cover modern emissions standards
  5. neil82

    Alfie Evans

    https://www.judiciary.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/evans-v-alder-hey-appeal-judgment.pdf hopefully this link works, a few facts on the case
  6. neil82


    if rangers do end up in the same league as celtic how long will it take for them to end up in the same position that they were in, overspending on players, trying to buy there way with money they didn't have and plenty of shady dealings to cover it then things go to sheite, plenty of the same happens with the English side of things but they have the cash to get away with it, not really bothered what happens, football is played by 22 overpayed poofs who pretend to be hurt at every opportunity to gain an advantage, rugby is the only game that has some sort of honour and pride in the way it`s played
  7. neil82

    Proud to be English

    FFS this thread is going down hill rapidly, COURT CASES BEING CHEAPER THAN TREATMENT IS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, some of you pious arseholes could do with doing a bit of research into prior cases like this before you start spouting the shit that this thread has started, if the Vatican really is involved how much f***ing help do you think prayers will offer, Italy has already stated it`s only palliative care they can offer, nothing more or less than Alder Hay are actually DOING, do some f***ing checking up on why cases like this end up in court then start spouting shit
  8. neil82

    Proud to be English

    your absolutely f***ing wrong there, no matter what your status is on this forum your f***ing wrong to post bullshit of this type, no matter what costs are involved with any case the NHS has the benefits of the patient as its first consideration, if your own beliefs are life at all costs then they are yours and its up to you if you want to stick to that principle, dragging out a life to continue suffering as medical science is capable of it to satisfy someones hopes or religious beliefs is the act of people who have no understanding of reality
  9. made a few boring bars and fly cutters, used to braze tips onto lathe tools, there again at that time I was in a machine shop so not a problem
  10. neil82

    The Political Compass

    if you honestly input your own details most of the population would probably get the same result, so why do we get the same twofaced corrupt b*****ds every time shoved into Westminster?
  11. neil82

    Ford ranger radio code

    the codes are specific, just because someone else has used one to unlock theirs does not mean it will work on yours, use the wrong code too often and you`ll lock the bloody thing, stop being tight and do it through either Visteon or ford
  12. neil82

    Parker vs Joshua

    probably more punches thrown and landed in the first 3 rounds that your idol threw in the whole title fight that he had, who is the better fighter, someone who turns up to fight or the one who turns up to dance, yes, he did win a title but does he deserve any sort of mention even compared to Bruno, no chance, when all the lovers on here extract their heads from his arse so he can get down to any sort of training he should stick to what suits him, back yards of pubs and public parks with all the rest of his admirers filming it all for u-tube
  13. neil82

    Parker vs Joshua

    OUTBOXED, what f***ing deluded planet are you Tyson arse sniffers on, what he did with Vlad was not boxing, it was a clever game plan that worked, the amount of crap spouted on here about him should be turned into a vid and stuck on u-tube, comedy or fiction section, someone run a poll on that and see what happens
  14. neil82

    Parker vs Joshua

    fury might have what, lasted one round with any of the fighters you mention there, how big is his arse that so many of you can have your heads stuck up it, he was lucky and had a good game plan to reach the level he did but a good boxer at world level, dream on
  15. neil82

    Free tidy up

    and this is the reason fuckall gets done without spending stupid ammounts of money on studies and assessments first