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  1. when I worked in a local pub there was a couple of guy`s would call in after work, half of draught bass in a pint glass and topped with a gold label, 3 pints and they were stuffed
  2. bisley magnum`s are not hollow point, not tried the BSA pellets but still have about 5k magnums left
  3. suzuki petrol models are fairly bulletproof, the problem with them is they are lightly built, thin metal and are prone to rust, diesels though, avoid, either going to be renault lumps or india built fiats
  4. no way of telling, every barrel will have some sort of variation that will have an effect on what pellet it likes but as a general rule springers give higher power levels with light pellets and pcp`s with heavy, only thing you can do is buy a tin and try them (problem then is if it likes them and the shop is miles away by the time you get there it might be a different batch so not the same, pellet testing is a bitch)
  5. neil82

    22 April

    strong rumour that he was part of a group trying to take over the dope market after the one who ran that area got arrested, if that`s the case then it was part of a drugs war and he deserved everything he got but as we are all brainwashed into believing, all coloured people are paragons of honesty and virtue nothing like that could ever happen!!!!!
  6. nope, can`t be done, if it`s an MOT test it HAS to be done to DVSA standards, the pass/fail criteria are the same on them as for your car, the only thing is the forces standards might differ from MOT regs, NWP tyre limits are 3mm minimum and no more than that between tyres on the same axle, no repairs for puncture allowed, rest of it was standard mot stuff
  7. the BM might be a traffic car, when I used to service plod cars there were different specs for traffic motors, like I said earlier, they are all exempt but some are done only to have an independent paper trail showing that the motor was up to scratch, NWP were tested but the service schedule they came up with was something else compared to what ford said they should have had, think the only upgrades they had was different springs, never changed one on a cop car, ever, best motor they had around here was an unmarked skoda, fecking quick, very fecking quick, faster than the marked traffic 3.0l BM`s.
  8. police vehicles, like all crown vehicles, are exempt from the MOT regs, they don`t need testing, some forces do to certify that they are road legal but they don`t have to, police, ambulance, fire, used to be forestry commission as well, don`t know what others.
  9. just got to wait now for the fecking great big bang the first time you try making a bacon sarnie
  10. common mistake when frying any food is the pan is not hot enough, should be close to smoking, the idea is the food should NOT come into contact with the oil, it should float just above it, the moisture in the food boils off and that stops it coming into contact with it if you get food sticking it`s not up to temp and if you then buy a wok DO NOT GET A NON-STICK ONE, they are absolute shit, plain carbon steel, wash it, season it and then after every use bit of water and a brush, dry it off and give it a quick wipe down with a bit of oil, the blacker it ends up the better it will be, food never sticks to mine (but the mrs is banned from going near it, too fond of washing up liquid)
  11. buy a proper cooker, if you get new they normally come with the jets to run it on bottled gas, just make sure one of the burners is big, wok size, flamethrower grade, once you`ve used a decent gas cooker nothing else will do
  12. you`d get sacked for A, not making a product to spec for the one with extra meat and B, theft for making a product below spec and putting the higher ingredients in someone else`s product, your not Robin Hood, your a thief who is unable to do a simple task
  13. you ever tried stalking celery
  14. What`s shit is that there are idiots on every sodding forum that will start spouting political crap at every opportunity no matter what the subject, I expect it from the press but the whole f***ing internet is full of it
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