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  1. Don`t know what happened there but if a thread like that goes t*ts up whats the bloody point of posting anything thats not about dogs or ferrets. been on here quite a few years now and things have changed a lot, used to be a bit wild with the banter but it was mainly just that, banter, now too much just ends up with the same culprits getting into an arguement that goes on and on to the point where good people just end up saying sod it and leave. Might be time for me to do the same as I don`t spend half the time here as I used to, Mods need to have a good think on which direction they
  2. If your not 100% confident with anything that goes bang, give it to someone who is, gunsmith should not be that expensive to replace the pin if needed and give the rest of it a once over at the same time.
  3. using peanut butter in my cage trap, bloody slugs clean it off every night, was thinking of wrapping some copper wire around the trigger plate to try and keep the buggers off the bait, anyone tried that or have some other ideas?
  4. Thank you, been doing my nut in for days.
  5. doing my head in trying to remember where I bought stuff for Ann years ago, who where the big mail order companies, you had Ramsbottoms, sportsmangun centre and one other, it`s the other I want but for the life of me can`t remember who it was, any suggestions?
  6. in all the various factions being world champion is no longer about being the best, it`s about making the maximum amount of money and the heavies are the worst for it, IMO there is no-one with any interest in being anything other than the richest one out there, greed, at all levels has killed boxing.
  7. I would have thought that the only reason to investigate higher numbers of head shots by any American unit would be to try and figure out why they were using aimed shots rather than the usual tactic of spray and pray!
  8. Seem to remember it was the US who were instrumental in NATO adopting 5.56 as a standard infantry weapon round, changing to another calibre rather than improving weapons in use now to put rounds on target will only benefit ammunition suppliers
  9. your not comparing like for like there, milspec ammo is fully jacketed, hunting ammo will be expanding, think one of the reason given for choosing 5.56 was the round could tumble causing wounds rather than outright kills, dead man is just that, a dead man, a wounded man absorbs other men to look after them (and more ammo could be carried due to the lighter weight)
  10. one farmer around here lost 30odd lambs in one month, shooting foxes there is a bit more than sport to him, all depends on how much damage they are doing and whats sustainable, sport sometimes does not come into it.
  11. no good just blatting out pellets unless you can see where they are going, stick a sheet of cardboard out at the same range and see whats happening, if the group looks like it`s from a shot gun you might need a change of ammo, or you really are shit with a springer!
  12. absolutely buggerall to do with climate change, it is all due to the gulf stream which has directed warmer water into cardigan bay probably for centuries, over 30 years ago when out on a lobster boat in the bay I decided then never to swim in the sea around here due to the mnumbers of jellyfish out there, it also is the reason that there are probably far more tornado`s out there than many other places over the globe but as most are small they get no publicity (the Beeb have a video of one coming up the Mawddach estuary, probably 40 years ago now).
  13. theres a cast of one in the national museum of wales, caught off Barmouth years ago, over 500kg, was fun at the time with al the stories in the press about the "barmouth sea monster", they do get bloody big!
  14. they`ll get sued for "cruel and inhumane punishment" if they do that, you seen the teeth on those little besterds!
  15. Grandfather had his garden divided into quarters with the chickens fenced into one quarter, just rotated the fencing 90* each year, they did a grand job of weeding and fertilising a patch before being moved around again.
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