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  1. It might get rejected but as I say, they just stick another appeal in using a different reason to stay, you might have stats on how many appeals fail but whats the numbers when it comes to actually booting them out?
  2. Easy, endless appeals until one of them is succesful, every bloody one of them will be made up by his legal team and the illegal immigrant will be trained well on what to say seriously would not want to know how much this costs the legal aid system!
  3. Whatever your smoking keep it to yourself, I don`t think the planet is ready for the average global IQ rating to suffer such a severe drop!
  4. more likely that THAT was Putins resons for going to war, moreso as the people who would be digging it out and selling it would have been his cronies giving him full kickbacks!, in the time Putin`s been in charge how many of what were state owned assets have been given to a select few, give you an idea of how things work out there.
  5. Some may call them loons but the countries they ruled are so feckin backward and tribal they need a brutal cnut to keep the people under some sort of control, notice how things have gone tits up on a global scale since they were both killed!
  6. With any luck the UK can block any attempts to re-enter the country, the cnuts cost the UK taxpayer too much as it is!
  7. Some I`ve got in large buckets are starting to wilt, think end of next week I`ll be having a dig to see whats there.
  8. Don`t know if any one else has posted this but I think he`s got pissed, lost and done a Mosely !
  9. most of the ones I`ve seen selling excess produce want more money for it that M&S want for their organic stuff!
  10. Got 6 containers of spuds on the go, these are about 4` tall, had to use canes to support them, never had them grow so tall before!
  11. Any one got contact details for Davy, PM only please, tried messaging him but no reply and he`s not been on here for a while.
  12. The cnuts are quite happy to live in camps over the channel waiting for the opportunity to come over here, round them up and stick them in the many old military camps we have all over the country (preferably northern scotland, sorry jocks), if they don`t like it fcuk off home, burn the camp in protest then they live in the ashes. One very big fact people forget is NO-ONE has the right to enter a country if that country does not want them, same for leaving a country, a passport is a privilage, not a right, I follow appeals that are posted on line and immigration appeals must cost 6 figure sums
  13. neil82

    Joe Biden

    you mean Trump is Putins best chance of wiping out Ukraine!
  14. neil82


    Personally I bloody hope it never happens in the UK, enough people with guns who can`t shoot for toffee think they can hunt, if idiots start with bows the papers will be full of animals with arrows hanging out of them, you get enough now with crossbow bolts!
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