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  1. Does anybody have a scrap (i.e completely and utterly fubar) mk1 box? I've got an idea but don't have one myself and only need it for making a template so complete with the dials would be great, the rest of the guts are irrelevant. If anyone's got one kicking about, please give me a yell. Thanks.
  2. Jax13

    Chicken coop for ferrets

    I have a similar hutch and I 'boarded' over the mesh 3/4 of the way up with the clear, corrugated roofing sheets from b&q and held them in with bits of baton. Kept virtually all the rain & wind out but still allowed it to breathe. The sheets I used were the ones about 1/4 inch thick and smooth either side, like a perspex version of corrugated card rather than traditional roofing sheets.
  3. Have a look for a cheap gazebo and alter it / remove the legs and keep the top nice and tight to the frame. You can fasten it to the roof of your court or shorten it and put it up inside it with the hutches underneath Putting a sheet of ply or even some tarps or similar on the sides that get hit by the sun will help a bit too
  4. Jax13


    Any old fence paint or even the garden colours stuff you can pick up. I've done hutches and ferret boxes in the paint and my big hutch in fence paint and they've had no ill effects (to hutch, box or ferrets) - just make sure it's properly dry before you put them back in if you paint the insides.
  5. Jax13

    mk3 ferret finder , anyone selling

    I've nearly left mine behind a couple of times after digs. What I now always do is have a set pocket for everything - phone, locator, knife, gloves & spare purse nets all have their own pocket and simply perform the 'Where's me keys dance after I've backfilled a hole.
  6. Jax13

    Baby bunnys

    We've been pulling pregnant (and heavily pregnant) does out since the start of December and I'm shocked I've not dropped on any nests of youngsters yet to be honest.
  7. Jax13

    How much bagging in a stop net?

    I only need them for cutting off hedges, there are one or two farms we work where the Warren's run the entire length which can be a couple of hundred yards minimum and we always tend to start at a gate and push everything down or flush it out as we work it. A certain amount can be purse netted but you are in the realms of needing around 5 nets per yard, per side which becomes ridicous over even a 50 yard stretch, couple this with now running 2 dogs (when one of them isn't broken) a d I'm trying to purse net less and less which is making boxing off sections of Warren more important to avoid losing them along the hedges which can be pretty thick and difficult for the dogs to get under on a bolt
  8. Jax13

    How much bagging in a stop net?

    I see what you mean now navek, cheers. It's a cheap project - 2m x 6m netting (to be cut down, obviously) was only a tenner, 9 quid for 9 tent poles, 3 quid for grommets and I've plenty of drawcord in the box to run them out.
  9. Jax13

    How much bagging in a stop net?

    This is for going through side to side rather than along so will probably only be about a foot / 18 inch tall (will adjust the height with the grommets to get it under)
  10. I'm making a couple of narrow, short stop nets to get through hedges to block them off and want to make sure I leave enough meat in them to catch but not to the extent of being too baggy so, how much bagging horizontally & vertically is considered optimal? I was going to go for +50% on height and width but don't want to be too premature in cutting down the sheet of netting I've got.
  11. Didn't you ask the same question last year?
  12. I bought a 7x3 bike shed from shedmonkey (https://shedmonkey.com/product/apex-compact-bike-shed-3-x-7). With the opening framed out for a full height mesh door on one side, top and bottom mesh doors on the other side, a few shelves / platforms and hammocks and pipes inside to give a bit more space it's absolutely ideal. The beauty of this is you can shut one of the shed doors over in cold / windy weather or in storms or really cold conditions you can shut the other door across to virtually closed (I put a concrete block in the doorway and lean another against the door to stop it closing completely.) once the weather picks up you can open up both doors and they get plenty of daylight, and fresh air. I'll post pics when I get chance
  13. Jax13

    Losing a worker

    Great stuff.
  14. Jax13


    We've been pulling out pregnant does since before Xmas. One on new years eve looked like she may have already dropped kits because she only had 3 inside and was milky - the ferret was also cocking about with her before it killed her in the pipe so I'm assuming she was trying to fight it off the youngsters
  15. Jax13

    Rabbit population

    While disease and increased predator numbers will play a factor, I believe the wet conditions we have had (above normal) for the last 3 winters is also a big cause. On one of my permissions, the bottom half of visible holes in ditch banks were underwater, this probably equates to half the warren being wet or flooded and not ideal for breeding or rearing young. A lot of bucks I was catching or shooting looked like they had myxi - bulbous, lumpy heads, missing fur but their ears were also all torn up / partially missing. When they were gutted, no tell tale liver spotting either. Were they simply fighting each other to defend their space / try and take another's? While the last 2 winters haven't been quite as wet, they have still been wetter than previous years.