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  1. your meant too ring your insurance company when you get the points mate
  2. My company install the average speed cameras mate You could of contested that and probably got it thrown out. Depending when equipment was calibrated and tested etc. Rarely worth the hassle though. If you lose its a massive fine with the court costs. Certainly not worth it for 3 points unless you already have 6/9 points and then maybe worth it. aye that's what I was told had no points any way so just took it on the chin well tell every one too start pointing them fuckers towards the moon will ya there a waste of time all you get is folk speeding up then slowing the f**k down before the next
  3. I got 3 points for doing 53 in the 50 road works on the m1 they don't f**k about on the motorway some f****r needs too go down that m6/m1 and chop them fuckers down there a load of pished gaz if your bored at work I think the country would be happy for you too take on the job
  4. Can't see the problem my self it's not as if it's hardcore bdsm porn stuff it's just a model shoot half the woman I know have got profesianal photos done these days
  5. To right feel for the old yin but when I say old yin which one I mean the kids are 50 odd what the hell are they all still living in the same house Was watching a thing the other night about horders never knew how folk like that lived I mean how the hell do you keep so much crap that your home becomes a fire hazard her sons should of been helping the old woman out bloody lazy twats
  6. We'll that's it official they got what they wanted no f***ing holidays for me anymore unless it's bye boat or car f**k this for a game of soldiers
  7. Not surprised when I lived there bloody thousands of hares
  8. Lol we'll at least it will be interesting then socks was it a paid job you were doing or just mooching or just visiting
  9. Right lads any one been before all I can seem too find is there is a lot of goose shooting and such the new missus sister and her man live over there and have got a small farm and we got talking about taking a trip over there for a little visit /holiday thought I might take the dogs with us see there is a big hill too walk and odd things too visit but can't see much on the hunting side any one know if there is much over there and what's good too go visit
  10. f***ing God send I've known a few of the old lads that ploughed the lands with horse and plough before the days of tractors ask any of them for a look at the inside of there hands bet you they all agree the tractor is a god send
  11. Well it's not that far then I would say 20 quid a week is fair enuf if the lad is 16/17 and just starting out if he is older then 20 tell him half the fuel its about time he got he's act together and got he's own licence
  12. Speed is in the length of the back and the stride the longer the back the more distance can be covered = speed I think if you look at any of the non Peds there all higher then the standard whippet and longer in the back
  13. Fair rate half the fuel my thoughts I know if some one was giving me a lift so that I could get too work there would be a bottle of whisky after a couple of months at least I mean the lad is getting a lift from he's house too he's work how far are you driving every day
  14. Girls that can't make there own money or think the world owes them a living and think men should pay everything for them girls that judge every person they see depending on how the person looks
  15. Had altbergs field and fell for 2 seasons and that's them done wasn't greatly impressed if Iam honest the catches were the laces go threw have all broken off and I got a small leak on the seams after the first season and there is hardly any tread left on the soles for £260 I expected a bit more after all the reviews on here and the reviews online
  16. 5 month at a guess depends on the judge and there fettle how bad did the lad smack the police or was it just resisting arrest and the guard it's not grivious Body harm so it's not too bad why the f**k did he Nick a phone and a car though and why did your daughter ask him too do it
  17. I cNt see the problem it would certainly draw younger kids too think about science and there favourite boat how many folk would buy merchandise that could go too helping science what's the difference if it's called some other name any one actually think any one would be looking at the thing if it was called another normal name
  18. Sorry just re read that why don't you just run the eletric fence wire all the way back too your shed were you have the mains at and just connect it too were your fencing off
  19. You not get them new solar panels that keep the battery topped up all the time a couple of dairy farmers round here have them and rate them
  20. Never understood folk that don't do it it's the bloddy easiest part of the job
  21. f***ing skynet is coming quicker iam going too start buying ammo
  22. Lol seen a few like that seen some been brave enuf too try and fight with a quad before lol
  23. yes it is mate kind of looks like Aberdeen Angus but less hair No there called chinese black cattle. Aberdeen angus's arent hairy you may be mistaken for galloway cattle. i know one thing they have a thicker coat then wagyu you mean a belty and galloways have really long hair but depending on what you call hairy
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