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Found 676 results

  1. View Advert One off hw99 .177 PRICE DROPPED. Very very good condition with one off adjustable cheek piece, extremely nice shot cycle. Face to Face only Cornwall or Devon, possibly Dorset. I'm also at the BBS bash at Nuneaton in a couple of weeks. Possibility I can get it hand delivered to other parts of the country by friends who will be there. 100% genuine rifle. £160 Advertiser mole trapper Date 10/10/19 Price £1600.00 Category Airguns
  2. Free to anyone who collects, good condition. Please ring Simon 07757701792
  3. Frodo is a 3 year old much loved staff/terrier.. He has bounds of energy, in fact too much energy and is getting too boisterous for our much older staff. He was brought in to our home by error as a pup and we just cant give him the time/attention he needs because of work commitments.would ideally suit a more active life than what we can provide for him..A great guard dog because of his alertness.. Not worked but he is game when out walking in the fieldsClean,strong, chipped, friendly, home/farm/working dog.Chester location
  4. Ferplast dog kennel for sale - will fit a medium to large lurcher - Liverpool. http://media.petsathome.com/wcsstore/pah-cas01//300/P221L.jpg
  5. Use NOV19 at checkout to get an additional discount of 7% on all traps at trapbarn.com. Valid until 19th November.
  6. hi got 2 jill kits and 4 hobs left if any body wants some off good working stock chears pm
  7. cragman


    I've a load of hunting videos here that are destined for the skip unless anyone wants them, free but postage will need to be paid if you want them sending. I can drop off locally, north west area within reason. Foxing, ferreting, ratting and hunting. PM me please
  8. 9 month old bitch Half whippet the rest is a mix up of wheaton grey collie bull Dam was a very fiery bitch very biddable 25tts good solid fast bitch . Sire laguna type whippet nice straight backed type around 21tts very nice solid type . The bitch has made around 22tts and has turned out remarkably racy very strong spirited bitch still a handful. She has made a rabbiting type unfortunately not what I was after considering all the other pups have turned out like the bitcg she has ended up like the sire . Comes out on the lamp hasn't ran anything on it looking for things in the day and is running every now and then I won't push at this age . Look it's an honest advert if you want a pic message me i will send them to you . Will make someone a cracking bitch in time , she lives out. Atb hubbs
  9. Ferrets ready for working free to good home I am in chesterfield
  10. A mate of mine is getting rid of a pup. He shouldn't got it in the first place. It is going to a shelter. I am just hoping to get it somewhere else first. I don't have any pictures.
  11. I have a large drinks chiller if any good to anyone , I have one I use for storing buckets of meat for the dogs , big unit aprox 6 1/2 ft high 5 ft wide 2ft deep , Gateshead area , pm for details
  12. My jill is ready to have kits within the next couple of weeks not sure on colours yet oviusly but will be good kits both jill and hob are mine awsome workers and have been breeding the same line of ferrets with a friend for over 10 years . Pm me if intrested
  13. Got probably 200 of these or more, all in well usable nick. West Kent yc.
  14. black and white bull greyhound dog 7 months old free to good home
  15. Don't try this at home
  16. 3/8, 5/8 black bullx dog 8year old 100% grafter. This dog has plenty of life left in him and still as game as when he was a 2yr old. He is a ideal terriermans lurcher and does anything u need of him involved alongside terrierwork evan marks to ground. Ive bred this dog and had him all his life and he will be only go to a decent genuine working home.. No chavs need bother ringing as u will get turned away soon as u turn up for him. Genuine dog and only letting go as he isent getting the work anymore and he is needing to b out more than i can take him now adays. Call 07427586829. Im based doncaster/nottinghamshire border
  17. Had 1 earlier.both wings here if anyone wants them. Pm me your address and I will post them to you.
  18. As above I have three hobs free to a very good home. All three were last year's kits,and have worked a lot over the season. Even though they were not world beaters. They did their job and never jacked or laid up.their handled daily and not biters.there all from excellent stock so should make the grade next season. But I have six hobs and need to think out over the summer. So if any decent folk would like them.please get in contact me thanks. PS there is two polecats and one white with pink eyes
  19. I have 3 6x6 pieces of 2" weld mesh, a timber door with weld mesh (chewed !) and a 6x4 timber frame with mesh on, also 2 pieces of board I used for separating pens. Also 14 pieces of polycarb (conservatory roofing) that needs a clean but is not brittle and has years left that I used as pen roofing. Bit timber and you would have a decent run. This all goes together, no picking and choosing or I may as well take it to the local allotments, free to pick up from NE31 postcode, you will need a pick up or tranny or a estate with a good roof rack!
  20. Not needed anymore it's about 2ft square and around 3ft deep collection Barnsley
  21. ive a larsen trap if any one needs one its old but still catches the maggies and crows,free in tyne and wear,if any one wants a call bird i can also supply that in a few weeks time
  22. just looking for a good home for this bitch I CAN NOT BREAK HER TO DEER tried everything so its not fair on her good rabbiter as i only work rabbit no problems with her every place i go i have deer so its not fair for the bitch always on lead 3 years old no injury's quiet in kennels great with other dogs saluki x whippet whippet x beddy 21 inchs iam in essex BUT IT MUST BE A GOOD HOME THANKS
  23. Free to pick up 840x540x540 cheers
  24. right lads i have a choc patt dog 2 year old fox only dog,he came back to me after a idiot ruined him by working him sore and you know who you are you will never get another dog of me again and the lad who recommended you will never get another dog either,he is great in kennels and like i say fox only he will only go to right person he is off my old bitch and old dog so breeding is second to none pms only and like i say will only go to right person
  25. Got to say goodbye to these two ferrets. They're brothers, will 2 years old this summer. They are both entire. Very playful and fun, well handled - genuinely never even nip I've got two jills now and can't breed this time as I'm moving house. Eat anything! They're are both great workers. Thanks for looking and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Best Wishes, Matt N. Yorkshire or Shropshire
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