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  1. Dunkanon

    Hunting Horn And 2 Whips

    Pics would be helpful mate.
  2. Dunkanon

    Gps Devices

    did you get the longer aerial with it? i am in n wales and find it picks up my beagles in most situations that the small one doesn't i also bought an aftermarket fold down telescopic one on ebay Yes we have the longer one but I will take a look at the aftermarket one. Cheers.
  3. Dunkanon

    Gps Devices

    we are using the garmin astro 320 with collars.I like them. but im not as impressed as i was at first use.. Once we realised that the tracking collars dont communicate with the hand set via gps but by radio signal. the gps is for pinpointing your position on the gps map. So basically just like any radio signal it can and does drop out when you lose line of sight....dogs go over the tops.. .. drop into a hollow...round the edge of a crag... etc..which happens a lot in our hunt country. Still they are a useful addition but not the be all and end all as some seem to think.
  4. Dunkanon

    Bushing Pack Or Sold As Individual

    A fully trained bushing terrier for that amount of money is a snip,you only need to look at the price of terrier pups now,then to train it up to a useful standard makes it an easier and cheapish option for the right person.Id not pay for a terrier,with 20 years of breeding,that failed to enter,to many bushing packs that type of terrier would be worth its weight in gold. a fool and his money are easily parted.
  5. Dunkanon

    Bushing Pack Or Sold As Individual

    not been on here for quite some time until recently...I see the hilarity is as good as ever....1200 quid for 3 mongrels original poster calls himself thecharlie...should be called "a propercharlie". good luck with that post mate....
  6. Dunkanon

    Buying From Gps4U Garmin

    It's comes in the post a few weeks later mate well if thats the case it wont be getting paid mate....i didnt sign for the delivery.
  7. Dunkanon

    Buying From Gps4U Garmin

    Ive just recieved astro 320 and T5 collars from GPS4us.com. Mine came via fedex but i didnt have any additional charges to pay at this end? Top bit of kit it is. Im very happy with it.
  8. Dunkanon

    Tracking Collars

    Ive just took delivery of the Astro 320 and T5 collars bought them online from GPS4US.com in usa. plus Uk all area map. expensive. but they work staright out the box as they change the firmware to work over here before they ship them. Ive got to say they are fckin brilliant and in my opinion its money well spent. They have already proved there worth the second time out trying them, guided us up through dense forest uphill to find the dog with his quarry almost 3/4 mile away....... We hunt hill/mountain and dense pine forests. these have really removed that worry when the dogs are gone out of site for lengthy periods of time. And lead you straght to them when they have overtook their quarry.
  9. Dunkanon

    Dog Pup

    Very generous of you, and a cracking pup someone got there, good on ya.
  10. Dunkanon

    Wildfowling Terrier

    Thanks for reply Mik. Im as green as grass concerning wildfowling hence my question. Ive just been asked if i would help control canadian geese numbers literally on my doorstep. So its the 38g 3s you reccomend. Cheers.
  11. Dunkanon

    Wildfowling Terrier

    What shot you using on the birds Mik? Was the goose still alive? not picking mate im just curious. Nice retrieve by the wee dog.
  12. Dunkanon

    Unusual Fox

    Not seen one like that...but i have seen a fox with 6 legs! ...lol....true tho, friend of mine caught it. i did have a picture of it on my laptop but my hardrive fcked up and i lost a ton of hunting pics.
  13. Dunkanon

    Bull X Wheaton Grey Bitch

    Good luck with the bitch hope things work out, be it in a new home or if you keep her. If i wasn't fully dogged up i would of been interested myself. atb
  14. Dunkanon

    Big Ozzy. Wheaten Whippet. Bad News

    Sorry to hear that mate. Like others have said always hard to lose a family favourite. Atb.
  15. Dunkanon

    Fox Earths......do They Exist

    Plenty sand holes up here that where originally dug by foxes according to the old timers. Problem now is they are being taken over by badgers weve checked so many this year that once only ever held fox to find badgers have taken over and starting there excavating.