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  1. bob84

    leasing a car

    Once there's no mileage restrictions on your leas . over here you have the option to buy the car outright after 3 years trade up or hand it back once your not over your mileage
  2. bob84

    FAO Wilf

    Blue coon hound x red devil
  3. bob84

    Small Bushing Pup Wanted

    Tea cup yorkie
  4. bob84

    Garden Smell

    I can't run drains into the mains as it to shallow to get a fall on the pipe so I'm think of a soakhole for the kennels instead just not sure on depth and if I fill it with anything to act as a filter for the water if that make since.
  5. bob84

    Small Bushing Pup Wanted

    Seen the beagle/springer bit to big for me think I might be looking for something that ain't out there to be honest them cocker/ Russell are pets from what I've been told theirs a nice terriers on donedeal to in kilkenny. Bushing like mad but it a dog in my case it has to be a bitch as only keep bitches a dog would be tormented to death.
  6. bob84

    Garden Smell

    How deep would a soakaway need to be would you have to put gravel in the bottom of it .
  7. bob84

    Small Bushing Pup Wanted

    Thanks lads.
  8. bob84

    Small Bushing Pup Wanted

    Can't find The add was it on it long .
  9. bob84

    Small Bushing Pup Wanted

    Looking for a small bushing dog something around terrier size if possible and a bitch pup
  10. bob84

    Wheaten Workers ......

    Was that the donedeal add ??
  11. bob84

    You Reckon Its Cos He Got High Lol

    Why didn't that the lad that got on stage drop him .
  12. bob84

    How Often Do People Lamp

    As much as possible with having a pup to start but with no rabbits about and starting work at 6am it's a pain ill keep going and hopefully it will pick up .
  13. bob84

    Teenagers And Their Dogs

    Had my oldest out last night she was over the moon because she slipped the dog
  14. bob84

    You Heard It Here Forst Folks Lol

    Not spouting shite was just saying it would have been more interesting.
  15. bob84

    You Heard It Here Forst Folks Lol

    Be better if McGregor had 4oz gloves and Mayweather his 10oz gloves that would level it up a bit.