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  1. I have a collie/gh/Dh pup & I am delighted with her. 20 wks old this weekend. She is very collie like in her behaviour. So looking forward to years of fun.
  2. Been looking for one for years but no luck.
  3. Great looking pup. We all have to be a bit mad to be in this game
  4. Lurcher to Lurcher, if the parents are doing what you want, you will have a good chance with the pups doing what you require.
  5. Sorry to hear that, she was a lovely looking bitch. Good luck with the pup I'll be interested to hear how you get on with her. I have an 11 week old pup here similar to yours but with collie from both parents as well as deerhound, grayhound & American stag hound. Good luck.
  6. I look forward to hearing how you get on as this is something I am keen to try in years to come. I would imagine a lurcher with gun dog or herding dog in its make-up would have the best chance. Good luck
  7. In our area we seem to have lost a lot of fox & badger in the last 6 months. I haven't seen a badger in 3 years & only the occasional fox. There has been a lot of shooting. The only pests that seem to be growing in numbers are mink. I hope to see more in the coming season.
  8. Nothing wrong with being 65 & still at it (I hope)
  9. Well after a trip to Cumbria & back Myersbg was true to his word & it was a hard choice but the merle made the journey back to North Devon with us, has settled in well & pinched the Terrier's bed. To be honest I would have been happy with any one of the pups, they were in great condition & Myersbg has done a great job rearing them. Thanks again Brian
  10. Can't wait to see them, it will be a hard choice.
  11. Been looking for a springer x greyhound for years. Whippet x would be a good rabbiting dog as well I would have thaught. You could always put it back to a grew in years to come. Goodluck with it
  12. I also like the merle & the brindle with the white collar also stand out I think.
  13. They all look good, how are you going to pick the one you keep, your spoilt for choice
  14. I am new to any type of air gun & am looking for a recommendation for an air gun to shoot rats & the odd magpie. All help appreciated, thank you.
  15. Pictures of both parents on myersbg's previous post "pups due". Nice looking dogs
  16. Is that a dog or bitch?
  17. Collie / Deerhound sort of dog.
  18. 11 years ago I gifted a pup to some friends, I have just had a message from them offering me a bed whip pup (free). Not my sort of pup & I have my mind set on a larger dog. There are still good people around where the well fair of the pups is more important than cash.
  19. Congratulations, hope all is well
  20. On the edge of Exmoor, all types of hunting & easy travelling for North Devon & North Somerset. Not far from Sedgemoor livestock Market & good fishing in the Bristol Channel. Some of the best sheep rearing country around. When are you moving.
  21. Nice pair of dogs, should produce some cracking puppies & good all rounders. Good luck with them
  22. King, same here, pm'd a week ago & heard nothing
  23. I have 2lurchers & a Terrier that were rehomed by me. They didn't suit there previous owners but have done everything I have asked of them. 1 is now 13,1 is 12 in November & the Terrier is 9. They all live in the house & have the run of our smallholding mornings & evenings. I wouldn't change any of them. I retire next year & not into spending hours lamping & getting soaked on winter nights any more. If the dog is good with kids, other dogs & livestock is my main concern. Good luck finding her a home & well done for trying
  24. I had a GSD/Greyhound X Dh & she was the best fox dog I have had but she had the habit of retrieving to hand & knocking me off my feet. But I would have her back tomorrow.
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