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  1. I had a GSD/Greyhound X Dh & she was the best fox dog I have had but she had the habit of retrieving to hand & knocking me off my feet. But I would have her back tomorrow.
  2. Cracking looking pup & a very good price.
  3. I have been looking for a spaniel X for years. Last night I found 2 pups for sale. Springer X Grey/Saluki, great £1500. No way I could justify or afford that
  4. It can only be the pups that suffer, when they mature, have no training & become a problem the rescue's will be full of them.
  5. Good luck, I have been looking for a spaniel X for years
  6. All these pups look good but that dog has always stood out to me
  7. He hates fox & is very good on them but never puts much effort into other game. This is probably down to his father being a good rabbit dog. I will try to find a picture of him.
  8. I have one here he is out of a malxgsd & his sire is a bed/grey X grew. Not the best but a good dog to have around.
  9. My father always said that a Springer Spaniel x Greyhound was the best dog for Ferreting & trapping. Trying to find this X is a different matter, I have been looking for one for years.
  10. I can't believe you still have him, I would have thought he would be ideal to start in the coming season
  11. My father told me that during the war they were a popular x & were used mainly for ferreting & mooching. I have been looking for one for years but not seen any for sale.
  12. All the pups you produced are stunning but there is something about that dog pup that stands out for me.
  13. I thing you have it spot on. My last collie died on the first of December & was 19 years old. He came off a farm on Exmoor & was going to be put to sleep when he was 12. He had been kenneled all his life. I took him home & couldn't ask for a better dog. I only keep a few sheep to follow behind the horses & don't think I would have the work for a Kelpie but do wonder if a first cross would do the job of a lurcher & the occasional bit of work on sheep.
  14. I have spoken to a few sheep farmers around here who have Kelpie x Collie's. I'm not sure why they cross them but they seem to do the job. Perhaps the pure Kelpie is to much to train!
  15. If you ever cross him with your Dear hound x can I be first on the list for a pup. He is a cracking looking dog
  16. Do you have any DL120 in stock yet? Regards Kevin
  17. That has got to be 4 of the best looking lurchers on this site
  18. Cracking pups, well done to the bitch & yourself. Who ever has one should be proud as punch!
  19. I have only had 1 litter but we put a small bowl of milkey cereal in the run when the pups were about 3 weeks old & upped the amount slowly, to start they seemed to get more on there coat than they would eat but as they got older it did help the bitch.
  20. What a cracking litter, the new owners should be chuffed with any one of those
  21. We have 22 acres half was grass the rest was scrub. We fenced paddocks in the scrub and stocked it with Tamworth pigs, they are great at clearing it(&taste great). Good luck & I look forward to hearing about your progress.
  22. Just don't try the cream tea's you need to hop over the border to Devon for one made the proper way
  23. You will get plenty of advice on here, some will be very good & some not so good. You will soon be able to pick out the good from the bull###t. Pick what suits you. Personally I would say make the pup a part off the family, let her meet loads of people & other dogs, enter her to livestock ASAP & get a good recall the rest will follow. The only other thing I would say is don't enter her to hunting until she is mature enough. Most of all have fun she should serve you for many years to come
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