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  1. also should add that im very new to working dogs
  2. HI all, been working my black lab x bull x collie for 6 months on squirrel and rabbit/hare for 6 mths, ill try to get some pics in some time.
  3. oh yeah im well aware of the 3/4 grey x 1/4 saluki but there are literally no working dogs bread anywear in the us that I know of.
  4. what breeds excluding lurchers can work deer in a woodland/plane area, (it is legal where I live btw). I have a Black lab x bull x collie bitch who is rapid on squirrel and rabbit/hare in extremely woody areas, on the east coast there are no speedy lurchers around, the lurchers in the states for the most part are just slow greyhounds with funny coats, no real footing or speed, I would love to be wrong about that tho. I was thinking of a track bitch or a borzoi but I really don't know so any info would be great.
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